Would you rather

Find out your gf fucked a dog, or a nigger in her past?

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Dog, at least they're kind of like people.

>your gf

What kind of question is that? One of them is dirty, disgusting animal, and the other one is a lovable dog.

>dating a degenerate

Dog, at least they're cute.

Ummm, an African American obviously. What's wrong with having sex with an African American?

They have cooties

What the hell kind of question is this?

Of course a dog.


No Question about it. If I were to find out she had fucked a nigger we'd be through.

You have to go back
>To Canada

Niggers are some of the worst animals out there. At least Dogs are amongst our species's greatest friends whereas the nigger is amongst our greatest enemies

Dog. Not even kidding.
I'm half black btw...

It'd be the same thing.

Dog, easily.

dats my fetish man id watch her fuck a dog

Dog, because then you could ask her to do it again.

>tfw not sure penis is bigger than either of those

why is that Sup Forums threads get so many replies?




if she looked like that i wouldnt rly care


Dog. At least I would know she doesn't have AIDS


3rd option: dump her

Dog because that's every stormtard's fetish.


Dog I'm 100% serious.

What's the difference?

Bestiality either way


in fact it's a requirement and she must do it before we're married

A dog
Dog are cute niggers are not

>my gf
if either shes not my gf anymore

t. dog-hating muslim

Dogs are loyal and are capable of empathy.


Would you rather she fucked an emu or an abbo?

Look at the one canadian poster before your post, you fucking hispanic sub-human

It's a filter for all the underaged retards

They're more likely to have STD's.

i know a few good black people who are alot like us, but def dog..


>that pic


Niggers are animals.




Dog. Preferably this one

i could laugh about it if it was a dog and stay friends if it doesn't work out. would drop her if she slept with a nig.

Dog, without question. I didn't even need to think about it

Dog, without question. If she fucked a dog it means she was sitting around super horny willing to fuck anything that moves - but had too much self-esteem to go find some random fuck.

If she fucks a nigger she loses all value. It's like she's become a piece of trash at that point.

hot white bitches might fuck a dog but not a nigger

Doggo doesn't have AIDS

What if she took the knot?

It's been fun the_donald but seriously the election is over and it's time for you to go back.

We'll do this again in four years for Trump's reelection. Seriously it's been great.

What kind of dog?

Dog. At least dogs are likeable unlike niggers.

Not even kidding, that's a fetish

Dog is man's best friend.

Niggers are man's pet ape.

Dog! In my life in only met one niggerfucker, and she was a fat liberal. Girls only does natives here, therefore all the rapes.

As long as she recorded it I don't care. I'd tag-team my lady with a bro-tier pupper.

Definately a dog, it's not even that uncommon among girls who are single yet have a dog.

Australian shepherd

>letting your gf fuck a LITERAL ANIMAL
are you people out of your FUCKIN MINDS?
Absolutely filthy. I know this board is full of 16 year old idiots with small, malleable minds but honestly, letting your girlfriend, LET ALONE WIFE, fuck a black?

Dog. At least I know she won't suddenly produce half-breed babies. Besides, that she is hot. Yiff!

insecure dicklets itt lmao

white bois know they cant compete with the bbc


These people get it. It's hot as fuck.

Dogs are lovable. Niggers are not.

what a trick question

Still dog, dogs aren't STD riddled parasites. I could laugh about it, and keep her secret. I even knew a girl back in highschool who actually had her dig fuck her. I would still bang her, if she had fucked a nigger, then all respect is gone, and I want nothing to do with her.

Bbc = aids = noty

MAGA Doggo
ether way the whore is gettn her skull caved in 2bh


Arnstad och Helin har ett och annat att tala med dig om!


dogs are bros, if i had a dog-bro I'd go out with him and try to pick up women for him to fug


Dog for sure. Doesn't really need an explanation if your not a retard

We created the BBC myth you fucking nog. It's a negative stereotype but you niggers latched onto it because you have nothing better to offer the world.

I'm a spic that fucked a white girl who's fucked a nigger
I don't know if I matched up because she could be lying about the orgasms like bitches sometimes do but I wasn't afraid of throwing my hat in the ring



Still dump.

What if she liked to suck that dog dick and drink its piss too?

dog and im not even meme-ing


Search Cupcake.

Enjoy your night.

Dog because that means she is probably as big a degenerate as I am.

>tfw 4 inches long

A dog could be kinda hot, a nigger is a NO GO.


sure, whatever

meanwhile your women sneaking out to the hood to get dicked down on the daily, leaving with babies in the belly

>muh 5.3" bbc
lmao, even asians are bigger than blacks, blacks only have a bigger flaccid average, not erect. The only group of people smaller than you is canadians

dog easy

rather a dog
and then I would go buy a dog

I'd much rather fuck a dog myself than find out my gf fucked some low iq nigger criminal

you niglet dicklet


She'll be a freak in bed but loyal