Wildfire general #01

>What's happening?
Due to strong winds a fire that was 50 acres in now out of control and likely over 1500 acres.
Gatlinburg Tennessee, the fires are spreading towards sevierville due to strong winds despite rain in the area. The national Guard is currently deploying but gatlinburg is probably silent hill at this point.
>live stream link:

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Did you hear about the fire at the shoe factory? 113 soles were lost.

why the fuck are they deploying army men, shouldnt these guy deploy fire men that fight fire instead of army men that fight men.

National Guard in the US usually deploys to help with disaster relief, like hurricanes and tornadoes. In this case they'll probably transport water and set up relief tents to assist the local fire departments.

That's mighty nice of them, here in Turd land the big Turd uses it as an excuse to bring in 100 Africans who soon disappear from base camp never to be seen again!

I know most states will activate their Guard force before anything else, plus this is happening in Tennessee, which is nicknamed "the volunteer state" so I bet the relief effort is gonna be yuge.

It rained here but not for very long.

Stay safe tourist trap bros!


Couple of videos from people trapped in one of the hotels


I live an hour away from this in Loudon, you could see the smoke from here before it got dark

Heard reports earlier that someone went around setting fires, probably just the religion of peace mad about all the Christmas lights. I grew up there in the 90s and I heard that it's since been largely bought out Pakis, so that's my first guess.

Imagine the comfiest place in the world, then double it -- that was Gatlinburg in the 90s.

>pic related, arrowmont

I went up there earlier before it got real bad, glad I left when I did, here's a picture of the park entrance at about 5:30

I visit Gatlinburg at least once a year, sometimes twice. Pisses me off to see the fires down there. It's truly a beautiful place.

I know at least one hotel has burnt down, the Sidney James lodge, park vista has severe fire and smoke damage, the aquarium is nearly on fire and the fire has spread all the way down the mountain to wears valley and dollywood

That's crazy to think about. I helped build some of those houses on Ski Mountain. Went to school at Pi Beta Phi. Later on I lived in Wears Valley as well.

Here's a video with some hispanic guy who apparently doesn't know what "evacuate, this shits on fire yo" means. Gets crazy about 15 minutes in.


I have no idea how they plan to contain this without helicopters, even with a little rain.

yeah fuck man it's not like we have water dumping shithooks being used continually or anything

kill yourself idiot i have people passing out from working as ground crew for 36+ hours at a time

Oh shit, is that a picture from the time Hillary got shot with sniper fire?

no but have a pic of when I saw them taking the logo off her plane

>what are 70 mph winds
>what are smoke plumes
Yeah even if flights aren't grounded good luck being accurate with that wind and shit visibility

I still can't believe Arrowmont and Pi Beta Phi have burned down. So many great memories from there.

t. unaware of the massive brass balls of aerial firefighting pilots

Burn mother fucker, burn.

Dollywood has animals as well unfortunately guys. Heres the live eagle cam.

delet this

If the rain doesn't put it out by Thursday I bet we'll see C-130s loaded with fire retardant

>423 area
>chilling outside in the morning
>smell smoke

Reminder if you are afraid of fires you are fucking faggots.

>muh no rain for 2 months
>muh baby winds

Yeah come say that to my fucking 1.7 million acre fire's face.

Nooo, this and the aquarium

GUY FROM PREVIOUS THREAD POSTING PICS FROM FB: Post the vid of the guy, his friend, and his dog driving through the firestorm and getting stuck.

That was the most chilling 5 minutes I've ever watched.

>watching eagles burn on livestream
well fuck


if the fire gets too close im not gonna watch
i cant bear to see that shit
its almost hard to watch even now knowing those eagles are probably going to be dead soon

Try 5 months without rain and tropical storm force winds

What aquarium

If it did the state would be buried under ash and I would be comfy on my families land in Mississippi.

>five guys

is this zoe's revenge

filter the tripfag, he's just trolling

save his trip tho eventually he'll slip and leave one detail that will let my autisms figure out who he is then i'm going to tell all his friends he tries to fuck 13 year old girls on snapchat

I don't know about you guys, but if that fuckin fire came near MY property, I'd shoot it just like I did that faggot tornado last year. He didn't even wait 5 seconds before moving on to my neighbors lawn.

>5 months


Go to Google news. Search wildfire
Literally everywhere is on fire

Why didn't smokey the bear stop this bros

so all news coverage is done?

Holy fucking shit

It's starting to rain here in Knoxville, I hope it pours for hours. I'm afraid im going to wake up to total destruction of Gatlinburg and my beautiful Smokey Mountains.


Please someone, this

hope my cabins are ok

Fuckin awesome. Faggot tornado can fuck right off.

Only slipping I do is into your mom bitch.

This is emotionally painful to watch. Growing up going to the smokies to hike and fly fish. Gatlinburg can burn. But it'll be 50+ years before the forest will recover.
>See Yellowstone fires

There go the pearl harbor artifacts

This is terrible. That is one of the largest eagle sanctuaries in north america.

Insane video! Driving through hell. Godspeed G'burg!


Aww looks like I hurt the meth head's feelings.

Rip Independence and Franklin

>>chilling outside in the morning
>>smell smoke
News guy said one of the weather people at a news station in Michigan reported to him that they already smell it there.

It's been sprinkling the last half hour here in McMinn. I hope it gets way thicker than this in your area because this isn't enough.

When did Sup Forums become Sup Forums


Holy fuck. This is the most insane video I've ever seen. What a fucking experience. This is tension that hollywood will never be able to capture.


Thread music youtu.be/8SCnNehiFrA

They are using the scorched earth tactic to smoke out those cabbal members that have gone into hiding to deep underground bunkers. Isreal was burning last week and week before then a bunch all over the usa mainland ie Georgia,Carolinas. Once the smoke overwhelms the air filtration they come up and are subsequently terminated or captured, how they killed hillary and got soros.this is why the have soilders on standyby.

That's the one. It's been cut though. There was about 3 min before this one starts in the vid I saw.




I'll be on my death bed before it will recover. Feels bad man

Literally driving through hell.

oh man if this was the religion of peace

they just pissed off allot of already angry rednecks

>Insane video! Driving through hell. Godspeed G'burg!
Fuuuuuccckkkk that shiiiiittttt

Smoky the Bear on suicide watch

Shit man, that was intense



That vid also cuts before the end of what I saw earlier. He runs over a fallen tree and gets stuck. The guy talking gets out to push and the vid cuts

We failed him boys

It's picking up, I can hear it outside. Best sound I have heard in a while.

Jesus fuck.

Where's that pic taken? Gatlinburg?
Place looks super comfy to live in!

Wow a lot of Sup Forums seems to be around my area. It's a comfy feel.


Sorry, only version of the vid I have.


God, please save the distilleries

TN/pol/ is real

Surrounding area is amazing if you like freestone rivers and forest.

Why did we betray smokey bro?



What in the mother of fuck were they thinking?

the twitter version is cut from the FB copy, but I can't post the FB vid. It'll go viral, I'm sure, though. The guy said he survived though, so he must have gotten it unstuck.

Someone put JUST hair on Smokey

Some of the best land in the world

God help any tourists trying to get off the mountain in the dark. The roads wind and twist like nothing you have ever seen. I am from here and have literally gotten lost on the mountain before and GPS won't help you. Can't imagine doing it damn near on fire.

YES, this is the one I saw

Thanks for posting

That was fucking intense

Why the hell did they drive INTO the fire?

During the canadian wildfires there was a video like this but even crazier. Too lazy to look for it though

Thats the full version. They were blocked by fallen trees and powerlines. They had to go back down the mountain.

I saw the full version first, they started out in a clear area around people and then drove INTO the flames


They were running for their lives man, they were trapped. This shit happened fast.

So the people they were near at the start of the video are dead then.

60 to 80 mph winds...not a lot of ways into and out of Gatlinburg. Dry as dust here, old growth forests...you drive or burn at that point.

Holy fuck that's intense. More intense than any thriller I've ever seen.