What's Sup Forums's I.Q?

What's Sup Forums's I.Q?
Take the test, state your race, post a pic.
Well, guess im sort of retarded, but still well above average.

falling for the iq test meme.... good goy...

127, feel like a retard every day.

Post a link goyim. I don't have time to look through the 1000+ sites that offer this.

iqtest.dk is the site btw for those who dont know.

Ive score the lowest on this one, compared to all the other online ones ive taken, some ive scored 130+ which i know cant be true, however, this is all pattern recognition.

IQ is literally the only statistic that we have on blacks that proves their inferior intelligence. (((They))) are trying to prove that IQ has nothing to do with race or success

This. For accuracy, I want to take the same one that OP took.

I only scored 104. Should I be concerned?


Don't jews have the highest IQs?

That's why they have all the money. They're smart as fuck. IQ doesn't mean everything, but it's definitely not a meme.

iq tests require professional administration

This is too hard

What's that picture from?

Only if you are hired by shapes.

>tfw when idiot

I dont have the time to do it, but I score 124ish. I dont feel like Im smarter than...no wait, I actually do feel smarter than the most

>mensa level

The Danish Girl


Ive gotten 130-135 fairly consistently. Feel retarded most of the time tho, and have difficulty learning tasks requiring dexterity

I scored 145+ last time I took it, but switched PCs and didn't back anything up so I no longer have the screenshot. Can't be assed to redo it because pattern recognition is gay.

prove with pic from above test faggot


>state your race

136, whytt boi

Just mashed the last 5 though cause i gotta take a shit and go to work.
White skin with brown eyes & hair. I dont know what race i am. Probably A lot of russian heritage.

Opposite. High IQ caused by parental attention and wealth.

Jews aren't rich because smart, they are smart because rich.

The most recent test I received a 125.

Like that means anything

Oh yeah I forgot to state my race. Arab.

>My IQ is X
>Online IQ test
>K Y S

Its just for fun. You don't have to be so mean to him.

Online iq tests are bogus

I am a smart and nice guy. I love watching Neil degrasse and I want to tip my Fedora while I MAGA.

My IQ is a measly 125 but that's higher than most sheep around the world

Here everyone, have my actual results

great, now take the test and show us its potential accuracy.

Well mine is 140 and I watch Richard Dawkins debate and read Stephen Hawking.
Take that. *pushes up glasses*

>Everyone on here has an above average IQ
>Everyone also happens to be a NEET with little to no life achievements

Really gets those neurons firing.

I just looked it up, and 110 is superior intelligence. *tips fedora*

Will do, gimme a few

This tbqh

>IQ is socioeconomic
>Blacks are inferior genetically
Pick one

My IQ used to be about 140, but it's dropped to 130 after doing too much meth.

European, but I don't trust iq tests

IQ is socioeconomic


Just finished. This is bullshit

126 official test by docs and shit. Half slav half sicilian.


How do you even score that low?

did u go go horizontally for each pattern, or vertically?


Fucking leaf, most people here score 120 or more, so almost 80 is not that bad taking in account the variance is 120-80=40 I could be a fucking genius.

When I was in the 3rd grade I was IQ tested at 138 by actual-for-real professionals.

In high-school I was tested again, this time at 142.

Today the internet says I am 122.

I don't care about any of these numbers because at least I'm not a nigger.

I'm not sure this is accurate.


>get above 100
>entire test thinking what the fuck am I doing

>not 150+ iq

most were horizontal, some used the whole field

BTW, white and guessed on last three

I suspect you might be duping us.

pretty sure those last three are to determine if ur a like 140+

Race: mixed (mostly white)

Tbf I could school you niggers on most fitness tests so I feel ok about being a normie.

Deviation is supposed to be 15

IQ? 136.
Race? Human.

Highest verbal IQ. They rise up because they can verbalize things a lot faster than people who understand the same thing.

Asians are best at spatial reasoning, Jews best at verbal reasoning, whites tend to be worse than those two groups but not as bad as niggers, and niggers are actually the best, believe it or not, at memorizing strings of information.

suck it Sup Forums
>schizoid personality disorder, no AsPD or autism AFAIK

Pretty high IQ here, must be my bloodline or genetics

almost 80+15=95 leaf then I'm not a fucking statatician but i know there is something in my head

Test results for accuracy

compare to

Possibly. I remember seeing the patterns and wondering if this was going to be easy bullshit. Then I hit my wall and had no clue lol. Maybe it's BS, or maybe that really was my limit. IDK

There was a time on this board where most people had these scores, leading me to believe that normies have infiltrated since the election



White, german


white with a little bit of native american BTW

That last one was hard as fuck, just guessed on it too. Saw no pattern

this is kind of a stupid post

jews are smart because they've practiced eugenics for thousands of years

Is this IQ test website for perceptual reasoning (PRI)? Your score of 112 is fairly close to your PRI score of 115 (High Average; 85th percentile)


The pattern was something like vaguely-triangular patterns of each shape, and vaguely-L-shaped patterns of each shape. I just kind of guessed as to which one fit those criteria, but the fact that only one of the shapes "wins" tic-tac-toe kind of led me toward my answer (the letter of which I forget)

Scored a 115, so...

~125-130 "tested" IQ based on the results of your other paper?

No way I'm actually that smart.

Also white, german.

Im sure a lot of normies have.

I would consider myself a "normie" of sorts. Been on Sup Forums for like 8 years, but that was Sup Forums. I came here the day the guys from /k/ shot at the black lives matter rally. This is the board I had been looking for forever

you fag you actually made this collage about yourself

>tfw no ultragenious

It's unfortunate that they don't publish the correct answers, I wanna know the last one and the
Square — horizontal squish — oval
horizontal squish — clover — squish
oval — squish — ???

In this test, your argument is retarded. No amount of parental attention or wealth is going to make you better at pattern recognition (and some of the questions were pretty close to what I would call "language", i.e. / vs \ and what they mean, so it makes sense that Ebonics speakers would have a hard time on this test). An IQ test that is like word problems or something, maybe having people talk to you a lot and do so intelligently might matter, but THIS test is all about how your brain is wired.
>tl;dr: back to facebook with you

I was trying to see if each shape filled each spot or something. I'm not going to do the test again, it was mentally draining


if I remember that one correctly it was essentially "pushing" the sides through each other, like forcing a ball through which bent the lines and pushed out on the other side.

I got 135 and also thought it was bullshit

The worst movie ever made.

Saw it on a double date. They said the """siblings""" who made the matrix did this, so I figured there would at least be cool fight scenes.

It's literally 2.5 hours of the rich girl from that 70's show having a crush on channing tatum while they battle rich WASPs from outer space.

There were a few good visuals actually, but the story was probabally the worst I've ever seen in a movie not intended for children.

This also says to me that perhaps there are more than one correct answer to the last question, based on how your brain processes the patterns, of which I believe there are many. I guess the test has to assign a certain weight to each choice in that case? Like, thought process A is worth 10 IQ, while thought process B is still correct, but only worth 8 IQ, or something.

You're fucking retarded, seriously. It's genetics. It's been proven it's genetics. You can train an eskimo all you want, but you will never teach him to beat a kenyan in a marathon. Same with brains, you'll never teach a sub-saharan african to out smart an Ashkenazi

There's nothing wrong with being stupid.

It just means you have more new things to learn!

I got 83 from an actual IQ test conducted by a psychologist back in the day, but I still somehow managed to complete a Master's degree on CS. IQ's just a number, bit like penis size. Not necessarily an indicator of success.

Also I got this from the online test, clearly it inflates the values in order to take the actual thing so you'll have to pay shekels for it. Wouldn't recommend.

I think at the begining it said that the correct answer was the simplist one. But yeah, they might assign a weight to each answer

yeah link a test that has all of the answers readily available online with a simple google search hurhrurhrurhruhrurhgruirh

that's proof OPs real IQ is 85

Wise words, thankyou.

It's entirely possible that you have about 130 IQ. Remember, 100 IQ is the average person's intelligence, and you know how fucking stupid the average person is.