HELP ME OUT Sup Forums. Trying to get redpilled

What are some of the best movies/docs on YouTube or Netflix that I should watch? I want to learn, so not some trashy shit like Iron Sky. Hit me with the legit stuff please. Conspiracy, history, war, shit like that please.

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The Matrix

Jordan B Peterson
Yuri Bezmenov

Zeitgeist on Netflix is an eye opener.. Just insert (jews) every time they say federal reserve.

This right here on Netflix Donald Trump portrayed by the greatest actor

Why is neo taking dayquil at night?

Collapse (2009)

Going to have to google these guys never heard of them thanks.
Wow 6 hours, yes, this is what I'm talking about!
Yeah? I have to check this out I've had it on my list but haven't watched yet. Wasn't sure if it was legit.

hilliarys america
indoctrinate U
Supersize me
dancing boys of bachi bazi - islam culture
black flag

greatest story never told

Theres more

Something lighthearted:

>mandatory redpill for any Sup Forumsack

"all wars are bankers wars"

it's an absolute must see.

Reptilian claw
Reptilian hissing

I trust you've already various videos on the reptilian eyes too.

The reason I bring this up first is because every red pill leads to them they are behind all the tricks; Jews, Saudis, literally fucking everything.

Anymore like this?

>YouTube or Netflix that I should watch

>Leaders are now declaring that world government has arrived and that the dollar will be replaced by a new global currency.
That 1st one is 7 years old. No global currency yet. Guess they were wrong.

>1 point out of a 2,5 hour docu

You're forgetting these Illuminati have incredible patience, and that we are constantly trying to stop them.

It was the premise for the whole doc. Like that one that said Obama would turn America into a police state by 2016, some of these guys mean well but they dont really have a clue.

Being redpilled is a painful and dangerous process. There is no happy fucking rainbow at the end of it. Are you sure that you want to go through with this? All we offer you is the truth, nothing more.

Stephen Coughlin.

>Short Intro:
"Red Pill" Lecture -

Remarks on Benghazi

>Long Form:
Introduction -

Understanding the War on Terror Through Islamic Law -

Abrogation and the Milestones Process -

Muslim Brotherhood, Arab Spring, and the Milestones Process -

The Role of the OIC in Enforcing Islamic Law -

The Boston Attack and Individual Jihad -


Burning Down the House: (imgur Album) -

(PDF version) -

>Books & Book Reviews:

>never heard of Jordan Peterson

He's the prophet of KEK you heretic!

Make sure to check the playlist on youtube for the rest of the series.

Pandora's Promise is also a another good doc about nuclear power. On Netflix.

The Century of the Self

It's a British documentary series about modern advertising and its roots in Freudian psychotherapy

While the subject may sound bland this is the biggest red pill you will ever take.

Everything comes back to this. Modern political, propaganda, modern society, everything

You'll also learn how advertisers basically destroyed modern democracy and human free will. It's truly terrifying. Once you see it you will never be the same

It's on YouTube

Holy shit how baby can one person be
Greatest Story Never Told is pretty much required to see

>The Century of the Self
Fucking (((Freud)))

You watched a wacky space Nazis comedy flick thinking it was gonna redpill you ?
Are you underage?
Do you watching anything with Nazis thinking it's gonna teach you something

here's a redpill. Sup Forums isn't the endgame. once you figure shit out. move on.