Congratulations Americans. you have officially elected a fascist doctator


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H-he's just trolling liberals

You wouldn't feel offended if someone burned your flag?
I think within America the statement should be embraced, can't do much about other countries.

As an American I have a lot of pride for our flag bc it represents me and all these people who die to come and live here. I don't want a liberal hippie to think their rage validates insulting our nation

You come here, to a board where most people are from the U.S. and worship Putin, and you expect remorse? Regret? Bewilderment? Bitch we're just getting started.

To be fair he has a point. Don't burn the flag, especially if you're a migrant.

I would solve this in another way though. Just force the producers of flags to add deadly chemicals that are only released when burned, so everybody who burns the flag dies. Technically it's suicide.

I don't see what's wrong with this?

Wtf I love Hillary now

holy shit guys I supported Trump and all, even made a frog meme, but this is too far. we can't let his fingers on the nuclear codes

Be careful Achmed.


B8 harder nigger

>Congratulations Americans. you have officially elected a fascist doctator
>b-but i want to burn and destroy

Daily reminder that Fascism is not identified as: >The existence of opinions I don't agree with

Dont you have other things to worry about? Like renewing your TV license?


Bring on right wing Fascism!

Uncuck the west

Fuck off m8 go adopt an EU flag Cuck.

Alright guys, I was for Trump first, but now that I've seen the Nazis supporting him like Spencer, I think it's for the best if the Supreme Court overturned the results.

People who burn the flag should just be shot. Trump is too liberal.

It is real my dude

It's against the law to burn the flag but the law has no teeth. He just wants to enforce something that already exists.

The fascist dictator part is pure b8

seems like a pretty reasonable statement to me, why so butthurt??

Oh lol, we can hope tho

We can only dream mate.

Fascism has nothing to do with blood and soil.

Fascism is control of government by corporate interests. ie: private wealth. ie: (((Them))).

De-programme yourself.
Dogma is a son of a bitch.

its contrary to your first amendment.
whatsyour problem with gun control bro its only contrary to the 2nd smendment?

Trump is right, you know. A flag is a symbol of a country and burning it is considered as an attack towards the country.

Is he tweeting this in context of something?Must have missed it

Prove where he's wrong. People who burn our flag are a literal cancer on our society rotting away our moral.



Americucks stop letting faggots hide behind free speech when they disrespect everything their nation stands for

you arent allowed to scream fire in a crowded theater

obama did nothing to change this

ergo obama is a fascist that wont let us have the first amendment

>technically suicide
kekked real hard here

But that's wrong leafo, it's perfectly legal as long as it's not done to threaten others or incite violence, like cross burning

Fuhrer Trump

>"free speech"
>except when we don't like it

>i-it's not free speech it's hate speech!

Literally tumblr


A cop took away our flag from a basketball fan who was causing trouble during a game and ripped it. He was hospitalised 10 seconds later by angry mob. If in america they do It publicly, i cant comprehend how they survive an attempt to burn it

I'm tired of these flag burners and I want policemen to beat 'em

I love this German thinking, very nice.

we're a demoralized people

Why use his bully pulpit on this? Why not talk about Trump supporters being attacked or how retarded feminism is?

He's going to get a lot of heat for nothing, not even his supporters want a ban on flag burning. If he's playing a 5D chess thing fine but ugh....

>you arent allowed to scream fire in a crowded theater

You are a complete and total moron.

Don't lump us in with the liberals bro. We just wanna smoke our weed.

it is neither free speech nor hate speech. it is simply your cucks hiding behind muh 1st amendment to get around defacing the symbol of their country

If you hate America so much you'd burn the flag why don't you leave?

Are you literally retarded?

comparing the act of burning a flag to free speech talking about burning a flag is just ignorant

> Uses free media for self expression
> Dictator

Go read our first amendment, come back here, and explain how burning our flag is protected under it? Youre basically saying anything any retard wants to do is protected by the first amendment and that is incorrect.

There's a difference between speech against politicians/the government and speech against the country itself.

Flag burning is the latter and shouldn't be tolerated.

You can actually get jailed here for flag burning

>yfw butthurt libs, like the edgy contrarians they are, start burning American flags en masse causing the moderates to turn on them
>Trump 2020 confirmed


If someone calls you a faggot retard you're allowed to punch them, it's called fighting words. If someone burns your flag you should be allowed to knock the cunt out

Debate me

You're not, if there is no fire. Enjoy prison for inciting a mass panic.

Goddamnit, why the fuck would he tweet that.

>imblying this a bad ting

You mean the EU flag?

>implying he's doing anything other than 30D chess

Remember that twitter feud he started with the cast of Hamilton? That was almost entirely just a ploy to distract people and the media from his settlement of the Trump U case, which occurred at about the same time. With Trump, there's always a deeper meaning to his actions, however silly they may seem.

Theres 5 fucking threads for this up and they keep going up. Sage in all threads for fucks sake.

Because America isn't fixed already we need to crush the anti white scum

First amendment. I guess talking about burning flags is ok, or protesting flags. Didn't see anything about burning in there.

knocking someone out =/= sending him to jail

>In Denmark, it is illegal to desecrate the flags of foreign countries but legal to burn the Dannebrog, Denmark's national flag

Sorry, but I have to let off steam here.

Everyone seems to be bashing European politicians for letting in refugees and not doing enough to stop terroristic attacks.

I've been living in Sweden for all of my life. Yes, there is inequality and crime and terrible things happening here and in the rest of Europe. Like everywhere else.

As to the refugees, of course they are an incredible burden for Sweden and other European countries. But what do you want to do if not let them in? You can't close the borders (see Schengen and the most fundamental elements of the EU). In my opinion, you can't send them back or just let them die on their own, because that's not only cruel but also selfish as f***. We have the capabilities of taking them in, the majority of these people are the most thankful and giving members in our whole society. And if other EU countries, or the US, or just anybody would have agreed to at least take in a fraction of the number Sweden took in, no country would have been in much trouble to give them a new home.

And what about the terrorists? First off, the majority of terrorists aren't refugees. Check that on Wikipedia or whereever you like. Most of them are radicalised at home or in the internet. And those who came as refugees would have found another way, no doubt. It's easy to get to Europe. This place is so open in any way, you just cannot give 100% security. As many of you might know, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.".

So for god's sake let these people live here, let us deal with islamistic hotspots and the real culprits, but don't blame an entire group that is 99.9% peaceful.

Trump is too liberal, crimes sometimes need swift beatings rather than jail sentences.

>burning a piece of fabric colored like my country should be a crime equal to assault or force them into statelessness
>this twitter shitposting proves The Don is a fascist
I don't know who's dumber, Trump or OP


This is going to be a huge story now.

"Trump doesn't understand flag burning is Constitutionally protected speech"

You dont think this is what we wanted?

ah you Germans, always trying to gas someone :3

Dumbfucks, flag burning IS protected under the 1st amendment, this was already proven in a supreme court decision.

Even fucking Antoni Scalia said it was legal.

>Libtards mad when they can't burn the symbol of our nation
Bet they'd get even madder if you burned a Quran

>you can't send them back
Yes you can.

That's what I was hoping for when I cast my vote.

>implying that is a bad thing

Yes violating the 1st ammendement is a good thing.

>I hate America
>burns American flag
>How dare you take away my American citizenship!

Liberals will defend this (((logic))).

Here is a crime to destroy or to outrage the national flag, leading 2 to 4 years of jail

Shitty copypasta, tbqh. Didn't make make me laugh or even crack a smile.

I dont know about imprisonment but a swift beating is fair. Or perhaps being made to volunteer and help veterans in some way.

> German solution is gassing people
Never change, Hans. Never change.

It's also boaderline treason.

So you're saying Trump shouldn't be allowed to express his opinion on the matter?

Fucking good, I've been saying for years these cunts should be fined or jailed for flag burning. Or at the very least it should be legal to beat the ever living shit out of them by classifying beating a flag burner as self defense.

Another classic Trump bait, CNN hq is stewing right now deciding whether to let him say it, or to defend flag-burning on national television all day

good germans still exist

At least they have a dictator.

Explain to me how Britain ended up a fascist police state without even having a dictator.

Your welcome

Intepretations :
1) Hes just shitposting
2) Hes baiting CNN into looking unamerican defending flag burning all day and losing more viewers
3) Hes actually an authoritarian

Your on the wrong board Mohummad.

He is free to day that people should be locked up for burning the flag.

But actually putting a policy that does that is straight up fascism. It violates the 1st ammendment. People should be free to burn whatever they want. Why does drumpf want to ban free expression? Scalia ruled that burning flags was constitutional.

>Liberals can spend all day wanting to infringe on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments, and want to introduce a new amendment to make it easier for illegal immigrants to vote

>Trump makes an off the cuff remark about human garbage who burn flags


Nah, we're finished with holding the moral high ground. The left just kept taking more and more as we gave and gave.

Now we're going to play by their rules.

Thanks for the identity politics and "post-truth" emotions over facts tools too.

They're working wonders.

>Hate Speech is not Free Speech

Whelp. Looks like Flag Burning falls under Hate Speech my friend.

Time to fix up BLM while we're here.

>Taking this bait
It's not even regular chess and you couldn't handle it.

Fuck yeah, it's about damn time.

>Hes baiting CNN into looking unamerican defending flag burning all day and losing more viewers

Actually this is probably what he's doing.

Anything that's not white can be burnt and destroyed.