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>Newest Interviews with Assad

>new Livemap
>Live hohol with ticker
>Interactive military map
>Syria conflict map

>Fan maps

>Aleppo Nov28
>Latakia Nov25
>Mosul NOV23
>E Ghouta NOV22
>W Ghouta NOV19
>Hama NOV11
>/sg/ daily event map OCT 29

Developments NOV 28
>Large build-up of Hezbollah, Iraqi forces in southern Aleppo
>West Ghouta-is clean:Jihadistsurrender last stronghold
>Syrian Army advances in East Ghouta amid latest rebel retreat
>Water crisis in Aleppo ends after Syrian Army captures important water pumping station
>Syrian govt forces liberate about 40% of east Aleppo from terrorists
>Russia looks into possible chains supplying toxic substances to Syria from third countries
>Egypt denies its military is in Syria
>Iraqi forces liberate entire Nineveh Plains region from ISIS
>3000 civilians escape jihadists in east Aleppo
>>Liwa al-Quds commander Mohamad Rafaa killed

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1st for SyAAF can into space


“To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates…”
(Genesis 15:18)

First for the upcoming /tg/



>yfw this will never happen now that Aleppo is about to fall

Daily reminder that northern east Aleppo is still firmly under rebel control and that all your gains are strictly imaginary!

Turkey general.

assad right now

Also when do we think the rebel defences are going to collapse in south eastern allepo?

aka roaches containment thread?

Mods do something pls. Im pretty sure spam botting isnt allowed

Nth for Assad-Kurd Syrian Anal Merger

Ugh, it triggers me as much as thinking of monogamy.
Happenings in Turkey in /tg/ being containment threads for onurs. Blergh.

Who are these Syrian National Resistance fellows?

There might be a Yemen general as well.


He's a part of folklore, don't bother reporting it.
Nah, Yemen isn't big enough, there are almost no proxies and it's a regional conflict.
Not going to happen.

Ive mostly been following mosul and the kurds vs isis. Whats all this business with aleppo and al-bab?

>wake up
>brazilian soccer team's plane fell and all of them are dead

My city team was going to play the final against them and now they are all dead. Shit is unreal lads.


get out of europe.

How the fuck do they still have net access in Syria anyway to make tweets?

I swear it's probably better than what I have access to.

Pol-ysexuals are in an open relationship with Jan Pawel and the Trinity at the same time.

Reeks of Pablo

>ez win desu

Fuck them Mohamad Rafaa's dead.


Congratulations on 1st place, you deserved it.

Germans trying to bring war crime charges to Assad.

Dude, it's a joke.

SAA + SDF I believe

/tg/ was trump general and the Traditional Games board
How about /rg/? Roach General?

Maybe the Real Madrid's plane can crash too before the Intercontinental coup (?)

That's right

>Assad is a war criminal
>but not Obama and Hillary
t. Western leftist

Kerry BTFO
>Tfw no nobel prize

Colombian match fixing mafia is behind it. Case closed.

I didnt follow whole Syria war thing. Please, give me tl;dr why the hell (moderates) can't break trough from the western outskirts of Aleppo from sector 1070-artillery base?
It seems that they could make one leap at night, some sort of kebab blitzkrieg or something.


Syrian Gov has besieged Aleppo for months now. recently made huge gains and it looks like they will finally win the battle for aleppo. US Gov says whah whah Russia/Syria bombing and starving civilians but can't do shit about it.

Turkish backed forced trying to take al bab to stop kurds from linking up east and western held territories. Syrian Gov working with the Kurds to get there first

Dude, you're Russian but you don't even know which wars your government is fighting?

>Counterterrorism experts have long suspected Saudi Arabia’s “rehabilitation” center for terrorists does a poor job of de-radicalizing jihadists. But a Saudi detainee at Guantanamo Bay now reveals it’s actually a recruiting and training factory for jihad.


Who is surprised here?

they did once but eventually got kicked out.

They tried that in the past, all they achieved was mountains of dead bodies and some gains they later lost

sad thing is that's probably true. australian internet sucks

Same way jihadists upload their HD atgm videos. 4G mobile cards. Obviously a jihadist shill is managing her account .

It's too complicated. I gave up after YPG turned bad guys. There's like gazzillions of rebel groups, goverment spetsnaz and other shit.

i was joking too..

Thank you, friends.

I love the that Saudi's world is collapsing around them

hopefully Trump can finish them off

It's okay. I think that not all americans are aware of this stuff too. Who or why they are bombing etc.

Because your air force bombs them every time they try

Iraq partition when?

Part of the plan is to give them an avenue of escape, then when they're away from the civillian areas bomb them into the ground. Can't get away with that inside the city. Right now they're stuck until infantry comes in and wipes them out.

>from sector 1070-artillery base?
They tried it once. It didn't go well.

Tactical withdrawal.

>muh ethnic cleansing


/r/ing the guide on how to pick up girls the /sg/ way where it shows you to tell the girl about the thousands dead in the assault on Aleppo


Nice trap

It was actually a well-executed trap, something I didn't expect that from SAA (it's worth a mention that Republican Guards & Harakat al-Nujaba were there too).
Bodycount reached ~2000 in less than a week, rendering rebels incapable of arranging any further full-scale offensives.

SAA paid a price when they lost the territory for a while, but when rebels got caught in crossfire from 1070 projects and opposing hills it was a bloodbath.


wow gay much

Looks like they didn't hit every medical centre in rebel territory.


are the FSA rebels disguising as womens to try to get out of aleppo ? KEK

Best thing about current happenings is Jihadi Julian meltdown on twitter.

Here you go lad

Whats the deal with Aleppo? Ive not been keeping watch for a year or so.

no those are pictures of afghanistan
burqas are only worn in persian cultures

>Tries to pass as woman
>Doesn't shave beard

Nothing interesting


SAA stuck in airport, shit's looking bleak for ASSad

Second largest city in Syria, major stronghold for rebel forces in East Aleppo, western half under Control of government.

For a few months now it has been besieged by SAA, in the last few days the SAA has managed to capture a large portion of North-East Aleppo, around 40% of the city, leading to large scale defections and retreats by rebels and thousands of civilians leaving the city.

Tanks in 30 minutes

>Looks like they didn't hit every medical centre in rebel territory.
Wonder if they'll find an undamaged school or bakery.


>UPDATE: Facebook post made by Ohio University attack suspect before his attack - @jaketapper

Where is takfir leaf?
Has anybody seen him lately?
This exactly looks like his posts.

SAA made huge gains this weekend capturing 40% of eastern Aleppo.

What did he mean by this?

When I say around 40% of the city I mean 40% of rebel held territories.

We are weak, remember that

I will

What are the implications of a government captured Aleppo

Would the rest of the war be relatively easy for the Syrian government afterwards?

who cares?

>I'm the leader of islamic world

Rebellion pretty much becomes a rural insurgency, with only a few towns left. Victory inevitable.

>make peace with dawla al sham

yes , its the FSA Stalingrad , its the turning point of the war we see now


>a bozniak not shilling for Faggot Shit Ass faction
what a time to be alive
Poor bastard will probably get threats from other bonziaks

that's the point where external governments start moving in if they plan to
and possible WW3 after?

but yeah that'll mean the end of the "rebels"

it means the regime's days are numbered
they will regret allying with the k*rds


she blocked me.

I still find it weird that he focused on Burma of all places, why Burma?

OZ Analysis is much better than SouthFront

Saleh al-Maidan

it was a major headline in the past few days that myanmar was torching strafing entire villages with helicopters and doing ethnic cleansing



>Twitter: patiently trying to read about global affairs in a mosh pit of shrieking boys who live their lives through Middle Eastern warlords.