Why do the krauts hate the polskis?

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They steal stuff.


That's all?
The roaches steal your woman and you don't seem that mad at them

Something to do with Poland taking part of prussia after WW1 many germans still living in the now polish and then the polish started killing the Germans on mass. One of the man reasons WW2 kicked off.

Treat it as part of reparations. Still waiting for all the stolen art.

my spelling is shit had a long day sorry!

Slavs are subhuman shit. Niggers of white race.

>Something to do with Poland taking part of prussia after WW1 many germans were still living in the now polish areas and then the polish started killing the Germans on mass. One of the many reasons WW2 kicked off.

German genocide by the polskis? Ayy lmao

we dont really, unless they steal which is the common prejudice

i think they actually are the most tolerated ones, atleast in my area, because they actually work and dont behave like the sandnigger

Polish people are hard workers. i don't get why people shit on them all the time.

Roaches mostly stick to themselves. Polish people, on the other hand, are fucking everywhere.

The good thing about the Polish is they are white i'd rather have more polish and less sandniggers

They really dont. It`s just that polish people usually feel very inferior towards Germans and have a bad conscience because they stole big parts of our territory.

Lebensraum. They've competed for land and resources for awhile. WWII was just another phase of a very old on and off ethnic conflict.

It also doesn't help the average Kraut is arrogant and the average Polak is dimwitted.

An Anglo actually speaking the truth?!

Don't get too excited Hans. The Anglos are just salty about the Polaks slavsquatting all over England.

It is rare haha but some of us anglos seek out the truth my German brother


The Polish people are the most powerful race on the planet.

Also, the Witcher 3 is the best game.

We don't. There is just not a lot of sympathy. I personally like Poles, I had only good experiences with them.

Hitler and Polish Hitler Pilduski were best buds.
Then Polish Hitler kurwa'd and the guy who got in power chimped out at the germoneys. And then the germoneys chimped out on Poland with panzers.


Enven this forum Sup Forums is named after them.
Suck on that!

Because western Slavs are the true master race

The barbarism and brutality of the step with the cunning and beauty of aryans

Germany and their ancestors oppressed slavic people for centuries in the east. The Polish state managed to compete somewhat. The Poles and Lithuanians oppressed the Ruthenians in the east (Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Cossacks) since they couldn't get land in the west. After WWII Poland was given western territory back in exchange for the east parts that formed Belarus and Ukraine today. No one got better off in the end.

Big A pouring a shot for his #1 main bro who got (((taken))) 2 soon, 1935.
Pretty much the very point modern history begins.

>No one got better off in the end.

Au contraire. I much prefer we have the nice German industrial clay like Silesia, Stettin and Prussia instead of shitty eastern wasteland full of hohols. Territory wise Poland came out of WW2 on top, any Pole who says otherwise is a dumb memer that doesn't realize how shitty our eastern provinces were.

Well they got this joke in Krautland, 'Come to Poland, your car is already here'.

>we have the nice German industrial clay like Silesia, Stettin and Prussia
>Territory wise Poland came out of WW2 on top

>netto polish wage in 2016 - 677 New Eurabian Dinars

It's because Hitler was in fact polish and all his holocausting actually happened in Pooland, committed by the racist, sexist, antisemitic catholic ultranationalist poles.

I mean jeez, who doesn't hate the poles? Haven't you even seen "Generation War"?!

Learn to read rape baby.

>TERRITORY WISE Poland came out of WW2 on top

It's the massive death and destruction during WW2 then 50 years of gommunism followed by Soro's clepto capitalism that caused today's shitty wages, not our borders.

So basically the equivalent of inheriting an empty palace? The Germans that lived there and built and maintained the regions have been either killed or forcibly deported. Was it worth all those partitions and millions of people that died in centuries?

Oh Estonia, if only you knew....

>Was it worth all those partitions and millions of people that died in centuries?

Obviously no. It's just small consolation that we at least finally got good borders. Ironically we have mass murderer Stalin to thank for that.

This very morning, the rising suns rays still revealed to be Poland to be a smouldering shit hole.

I know you curry turk gypsies love your rape just like your cousins swinging from tree to tree in dark africa.
Last male western slav in Poland ran to Czechoslovakia after he beheld your kind gaining control.

I don't even hate polskis. wtf?

>This very morning, the rising suns rays still revealed to be Poland to be a smouldering shit hole.

Learn to read and write in English then we will talk Russianbro.

Who /Breslau/ here

>Poles start killing Germans from Prussia.
In what, fucking chav school, you took your education, britbong?

My whole family is seisian Polish/German Jews

Left the old country back in the 1920's

>They steal stuff.
This is rich coming from a germ
>At more than 200,000 victims, occupied Poland had the largest proportion of children taken.[2][5] An estimated 400,000 children were abducted throughout Europe.[1]
>A 2010 estimate gave a figure of 75% for the percentage of cultural heritage lost by Poland during the war[3] (though that estimate covers both destroyed and lost cultural heritage).[9] The looted art included 11,000 paintings by Polish painters; 2,800 paintings by other European painters; 1,400 sculptures; 75,000 manuscripts; 25,000 maps, 22,000 books printed before 1800 (starodruki); 300,000 graphics, and hundreds of thousands of other items of artistic and historical value.[14] The number of looted or destroyed books is estimated at 1.5 million[14] to as high as 15[9] or 22 million.[10] Even exotic animals were taken from the zoos.[15]

We don't poles are total bros if you know how to drink and don't Take shit. Goes for most slavs.

kurwa ja pierdole kys yourself filthy pole

FILTHY, smell of turk lingers in your land forever
SIMPLE, take long hard suck of (((Merkel's))) benis for no great amount of zloty and like the taste and promises
CORRUPT, for 5 dollars of greasy burger, Abdullah Ahmedinijad has free access to your female cousins and brother who garbs himself in traditional polak skirts

Geez I mean c'mon
Im Polak myself and still hate Polaks

That doesn't change the fact that I consider germs as subhumans

Put in a shift during the battle of Britain too.

to be fair it was poles AND Bolsheviks. but were taught hitler was an evil man who wanted to kill anyone not "aryan"

Jealousy that they can't get a qt polish grill and Jamal is fucking all the kraut women.

Butthurt pole detected.


Eternal Anglo strikes again.

We should put ((())) on you too.

Don't forget the Czechs and Lithuanians. Poor Germans, everyone was killing them.

All the Polish girls I've met are either fat or have an unpleasant face or both. Especially those big noses.

>homosexual numale detected

Well I don't hate them. I can imagine it's because they got a lot of germany after ww2. But it's mostly Ivans fault

>they stole big parts of our territory.
Great b8.

Sage stupid Kraut.

Poland wanted a war, Germany gave her one.

Why are you so mad?
Did germany ever do something bad to poland?

you sound mad

Nobody expect for ultra skinheads does that though.
Jokes about Poles being thieves are still around but they're nothing more than jokes

It really funny that we don't have to do anything while all our enemies basically commit national suicide.


Im not mad, am amused, watching your country die and witter is my new hobby.

When caliphate flag will rise above your clay and you will be coming here as a refugee begging for scraps, and your women will suck dick for place to live...we will be stealing your watch. Have fun, dont die to easy.

Why does Sup Forums constantly berate krauts, celebrate Hitler, call Krauts evil when they want to support their own people, and call them cucks when they don't? It reminds me of Americans who say "we shouldn't have to pay our military to be stationed in Japan and Germany" well guess what, they weren't the ones that asked for it.

>Generation War
I've yet to find a critical review that doesn't bitch about how the pollacks being anti-semitic was "historically inaccurate"
As if a Jew openly hanging out with ethnic Germans wasn't.


A lot of Poles in Germany are thieves.

I work with Poles and confirm them absolute bro-tier. In fact they tell me they feel more like the real east Germans. We drive over once a month (work related) having a good time.
But Anglo-Polish betrayal leading to WWII will not be forgotten.

Why do Brits hate Poles?

The first historical mention of Poland in German sources comes from Thietmar chronicle and it describes a battle, that happened in 972 near a place called Cedynia(Zehden).

The sides of the battles were as follows:
Germans with Margrave Odo(Hodo) the First and Count Siegfried von Walbeck vs Poles, led by Prince Mieszko the First and his brother Czcibór.

Odo and von Walbeck were lured by Mieszko into a trap prepared by Czcibór, which is where they've got beaten.

What is important about this event is that the first historical mention of Poland in written history comes from 966, just 8 years before the first historical battle with Germans. You have to understand that the Polish-German conflict is deeply rooted into both our histories, cultures and traditions as we were enemies since the very beginning of our contacts. Later history only proves this rule.

Oh look, its another episode in which immigrants in germany try to shit on poland in the name of the german people.

The truth is probably that most germans dont really care about poland. The average german thinks that poland is poor and leaves it at that.

Yet Ive noticed that especially turks, kurds, persians and russians in germany somehow do care. I guess they are all trying to find their place in our society lel

Because theyre white and it is legal to hate white people.
But without the meming. Poland is a way better place to live with nice people. Got many friends there. Only east-germans, bavarians and people of the countryside are worth knowing. Fuck, i would join the IS, if they would nuke Berlin out of existence.

Nothing wrong with Poles

I do not hate them any more. They are white and Christian. They are 1000 times better than the Ahmeds and Aishas and other Muslim and negro economic "refugees".

If Poland could invade Germany and run it, I would be cheering for them.

Rare flag? You guys are almost as cool as Latvia

How come I never see Russians or Ukrainians post here?

Western Europe was the birthplace of more "influential" people than Eastern Europe. You have Hobbes, Descartes, Gauss, Machiavelli etc. and it has earlier formed stable, strong countries. So when you feel you have an advantage over somebody, you tend to neglect somebody. Germany is more successful than Poland - simple as that

When you mix that with the german proneness to violence and the neglect of an individual human person and his/her instrumentalization, then you get a very passionate hate. But I think it's the attitude towards Eastern Europe in general - Poland only borders Germany, so the longest conflicts were there