Is oversexualizing women in sports degenerate...

Is oversexualizing women in sports degenerate? Shouldn't we be encouraging women to better themselves physically without objectifying them?

Red pilled high test women shouldn't be subjected to ogling.

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Women are primarily sex objects. They know this. When they start wearing unitards I'll start to take this post seriously.

Kinda, yeah
I would be fine with objectifying in photoshoots but find it in bad taste that most sportswomen clothes seem to be made for our pleasure

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They can't perform at the same level as men, so might as well make women's sports worth watching.


The only women's "sports" I will watch are track, gymnastics, and beach volleyball. Because they are sexual. Women cannot compete physically

I dunno m8, you tell me

Fritz gets it.

Where did you go wrong, Ameribros?

She's free to wear a burqa if she wants, but if she wants to win she'll get with the program. You faggots are retarded if you think women are forced to dress like that. Look at male boxers, Thai boxers, MMA fighters, etc. They wear tinier amounts of clothing than your pic, because it's not restricting to movement. Which is also why the gi is so unpopular in the US these days, at least part of the reason. Even BJJ schools often advocate no gi training these days because the elite opponents fight damn near naked, and the non elite opponents are simple when you're at that level.
No one wears sweat pants and a sweat shirt to hide their fat ass when they fight. Even fatasses will get down to wearing nothing, look at Roy Nelson. Go fucking exercise for the first time in your life and you'd understand that those women choose to dress like that because it WORKS, not because it's fashionable.

The fact is women are inferior athletes. Female track, volleyball, tennis, etc. fucking suck compared to male athletes. None of those women want to be judged solely on thier athletics because if they were they'd be failures


tight fitting clothing is more comfortable and does not hinder movement as much as loose-fitting clothing. women have sexy bodies by nature and this 'sexualization' comes along with the process. enjoy it and fap.

No, women are subservient to men, and their athletic-wear should reflect that.

When the Confederacy lost to the Union.

>implying women don't sexual male athletes

This, it was the end.


prove to me this doesnt exist solely inside your own perception, then we can talk

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>Women at their physical peak, at childbearing age
>pls dont sexualize them, stick to the ham people
Old (((women))) are the worst

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>This survey may contain sensitive questions that you may not wish to answer, you may choose not to answer any questions, or close your browser and not participate.

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women in sports are shit anyways
as long as a woman doesnt eat like a cow and lounge around all day she is fine and better to have sex with and marry and procreate with

athletic women are for betas

Sweden yes


>>This survey may contain sensitive questions that you may not wish to answer, you may choose not to answer any questions, or close your browser and not participate.
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get gassed you stupid fucker. every man naturally will check out attractive and fertile women. all animals are designed to do that. it's one of the most primitive instincts.

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they have more clothes on than the men
yet the men don't count as being "sexualized"?

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You mean how women sexualize men in sports?
No. How else would we find these weaklings interesting?


>Im a weak shor little skinn/fat cuck boi
this is quite literally the kind of "men" that jerk off to athletic females(who might as well actually be men) rather than going out and actually marrying and procreating with submissive feminine white women who understand how to properly take care of themselves

enjoy your fat women who "lift" and eat like pregnant pigs and carpet munch on the side though i guess

A woman's most valuable asset is her body.

The 'degenerate' part is when they destroy it.

Everyone sexualities everyone.

People like dicks, tits, ass and pussy when will humanity just fucking accept this?

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Women that better themselves physically will be sexy whether you like it or not, unless you wanna force them to wear burkas all the time

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Read couple interviews a while back that said pretty much the same thing.
Some female Olympian were asked about the clothes and they said they'd do events naked if it improved performance.

All sports should be nude like in Roman times.

How do you deliberately sexualise a scantily clad woman who'se spent years becoming physically perfect? They sexualise themselves, inherently.

jungle fever desu lads


Wtf i love sweden now


No, strong athletic women in sports should be objectified more (and sexualized more, preferably by me), because it makes physically lacking women envious, and when physically lacking women get envious they become focused (or aggressive), and when they get focused (or aggressive) they really get things done. It's the kind of steroidal autism women need to give them something in common (and bring them together) with autistically steroidal men (basically any man who isn't a nu-male).

>Womens sports
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Look how tiny their hips are ... the entire booty thing is a scam black women have the smallest hips while asians have the largest to accomodate larger head sizes yea maybe their gluteus maximus is large but that is just the actual muscle.

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>being attracted to hips and muscles instead of fat that is stored in those places means you are a woman.

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They choose to dress slut because they know they look good and dudes are watching. And it's less constricting like others said

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Women shouldn't be in sports. It's too masculine and makes them think they're equal to men.

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the one of the far left is actually hot and doesn't sound like a idiot when she talks.

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>Is oversexualizing women in sports degenerate?
Yes, obviously.

>Shouldn't we be encouraging women to better themselves physically without objectifying them?
Yes, but in terms. See and .

"Better themselves physically" means "take fucking care of your body and health in order to be a god-tier wife".

Long before I had access to porn, I was unloading the contents of my nutsack to images of firm athletic female asses in sports mags.

I own that degeneracy, but at least I'm not fapping to gay furry porn. Degenerate behavior is a spectrum, and I try to stay on the shallow end.

It's senpai. Their naming scheme involves two adjectives and a noun.

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>>>Women cannot compete physically.

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