Is this real?

I saw it on KC, a Turk claimed it.

But I did not believe it. Then I googled it and found it from a espectable media source? IS it real, any Turk who can confirm? I do not believe it still.

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he just talking shit and acting tough usually.
he won't dare to fight with assad.i can be wrong,too.

Can you translate, does he say what it claims?

yeah it's true pal, I didn't believe it at first too. here's the original snippet from NTV (,5IbRVRAqjkmV6JTegApMAw) (the same paragraph quoted in the op image). The translation of the highlighted part: "We entered Syria to end Assad's rule and state terrorism, nothing more."

Bump this is important yet hard to believe.

it's the same quote, see

Is it just a quick skirmish like in Cyprus. Or an actual invasion to topple Assad in Damascus?

I`m really starting believe in that End-of-the-World Meme.

with russians there I don't think it's actually technically possible to be an actual invasion

We just need to wipe everything out. Commie assad, ISIS, rebels, kurds, everyone. Everyone are shit. Syria is a country of millions of inhabitants, I'm sure there's going to be one Western-minded educated person we can install to lead the country from this fucking mess.

Russia retakes Constantinople when?

>middle eastern nation building
never works. if this futile exercise must be attempted again, I just hope American taxpayers won't be made to pay for it. (but of course they will)

But they shot down a Russian jet... So what if they will shell Russians too?

Details to follow bois, is it happening? What did he mean by this?

I've heard they want a new Ottoman Empire. Not really nation building?

>Slovenia under Turks
Wishful thinking

If this is real it`s the beginning of WW3. You guys know that, right?

if the Turks want to rev up the Ottoman Empire again, fine. I just hope this country doesn't get involved, let Russia deal with it.

He's trying to pick up American support, faggots

>implying anyone wants to conquer sand dunes

wouldn't it be kind of nice if someone could use nuclear weapons without triggering some kind of armageddon? middle east would be a prime candidate

ww3 began years ago mate, it started when Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US began fucking around in Syria.

And he's also trying to distract from the fact that what they really want is to prevent the formation of a Kurdish state on their border

it's real, but come on man, erdogan does this all the time.

Does what? Invade another country? Turkey is Nato member. They cannot just attack another country.


Great. Now the turkroach infestion has spread to another country

talking shit."you can't do x there are laws on this planet!!" well guess what, we've just attacked another country.

How is this different than what we already know?

Russia nuke Turkey when?

Digits confirm WW3

Fuck u kek

He also threaten us with war and we organized a massive scale exercise next to the turkish borders and he fucked off.
He's basically like a bully who only threatens weak-looking kids.


what exercise? I honestly don't think turkey is interested in you komshu, sorry, perhaps in the future.

>it's real, but come on man, erdogan does this all the time.

So it is all talk/threats and not an actual invasion?

war with turkey soon. russia will use armenia as a base to move forward. armenians may join in and reclaim rightful clay. shit show imminent. doubles confirm

by the will of kek

Edorgan is the anti christ.

Turkey hasn't been directly supporting the rebels. Only supporting with supplies.
Erdogan is talking about putting boots on the ground. Probably because he knows Trump isn't inclined to depose Assad. So Turkish infantry fighting in a legal war changes the dynamic of the conflict. If Russia continues to bomb Rebels that could be seen as an attack on the Turks
This is a YUGE step towards WW3 man its very serious

>talking shit."you can't do x there are laws on this planet!!" well guess what, we've just attacked another country.
Yeah, a country that is being backed by Russia. Seeing Turkey is the aggressor its not certain you will get help.

>invasion from the east
uh, user, that won't be a good idea, the geography is just too shitty, nothing but mountains. russia would stand a better chance with aerial strikes + cruise missiles

well sheesh, I just can't see that happening with russia. but fuck me if it happens, then yeah ww3

There are turkish troops on syrian ground, some of them died in that airstrike recently, they treat wounded FSA-Soldiers, they supply them with weapons and tanks, they give them military advice and a good military position, as the FSA in the north can't quite get besieged without entering turkey.
If that isn't directly supporting the rebels I don't know what is. So far turkish soldiers mostly only shot on ISIS, but that will change once there is a well established frontline between SAA and FSA in the north.

Yep, but they are somehow not as succesful as I've expected.