Guy we need a little more money if you could donate

Guy we need a little more money if you could donate

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I wonder what the


Really stands for in




Lmao this jew

Is this shit real? haha.

Wisconsin based state? Trying to earn money out of this shit.

Oy vey, we need more shekels, goyim

>Shut it down

>asks for 8 million
>expects it to cost 1 million

Jew whining they didn't get 7 million profit?

>Green party wants to shut down our most effective source of clean energy

whats the matter jill? isnt the integrity of the election worth the price?

she is just mad she couldnt keep most of it for herself

>Jill will never be your milf gf and scam millions of dollars from butthurt liberals only to run away with you to Alaska and to live innawoods

>you will never warm your toes by the fireplace while mommy Jill bends over to take cookies out of the oven while wearing nothing but an apron

>Mommy Jill will never clean your wounds and care for you after you were mauled by a grizzly bear on your way to take out the trash

>donate to Bernie
>he forwards it to Hillary
>donate to Bernie again
>he buys a summer lakehouse
>donate to Stein for recount
>she more than doubles the initial donation goal
>donate to Stein again
>she still needs more money!

when will they learn

Kek Scott Walker jewing her


Whats the jewish form of gibsmedat?

This is why liberals are always broke. They spend their money on useless shit.

I actually have some respect for this level of honest, outright jewry. Anyone dumb enough to fall for this deserves it

Nigga, have you seen those smoke stacks?

democrats getting scammed out of their money, I see no problem with this


>Remember the 1.1 million!

Oy vey


If you give her any more of your cash, you deserve to be robbed.

>nuclear reactors produce smoke
2/10 made me reply


>guaranteed replies

Is she new at this? She's gonna get sued big time for all kinds of fraud

Oy vey more shekels.

>We need about 3 more gorillion dollars goyim

Didn't they (the state) always say the cost was dependent on the result -- i.e. if the result doesn't change, you pay more money for wasting their time?

All I see is Trudeau when I see Castro now.


Jillanne the Scammer

Wasn't her fundraiser a series of outrageous increases? Glad she know how it feels now.


I couldn't guess she was capable of this much chutzpa based on her looks.

Jews never know when to stop.

Why even live?

muh shekels ₪

oy vey it will cost 1.1 million to fund the recount. if only you could help us gather the 2 million we need. but we need to act fast, so please help us with the 3.5 million shekels we need.


Fuck off Jill

Muh 6 jillion

Top kek, fucking liberals. Welcome to the real world.

Never, that is the best part.

To be fair, that is a ridiculous amount for a recount. I don't know who is Jewing who anymore.

>Oy vey, remember the seven million

>why won't these people work for free

literally communism

go back to Moscow, Yuri

> Burgers in charge of education
Those are thorium vapor chem trails and they cause ghetto cleansing rain.

goyim gold

>Nigga, have you seen those smoke stacks?
Nope, nor do want I see smoke coming out of a nuclear power plant, ever.

>hey, I know you already did your job, but I don't like how it turned out even though the results have nothing to do with you
>can you do your job again and more carefully this time, even though no matter what happens, the end-result will be the same?
>I am prepared to offer you 1/3 of your regular hourly rate


jew jews again

im certain all jews are born with innate +5 to gold finding

Need mo money for dem recounts

>"Just need a few million to do a recount. C'mon guys! Hillary could win :D"
>Idiots donate millions
>Jill Stein opens a door to a warehouse filled with ballots
>"Yeah, no. Fuck that, Trump won"
>Make off with millions for herself, will probably lay low while she buys some new mansion and retires early from politics

Does Jill Stein have a hate boner for trump or something?

no, its just that her love for money > any feeling she has for trump

she actually hates hillary more than trump

she is literally scamming hillbots of their money

She said get rid of nuclear weapons, not nuclear energy.

wheres the new comic chapter?

I would donate my semen to her dusty jew box


I'll bite. Those aren't smoke stacks you moron, they are evaporation towers. Nuclear power produces 2 things steam and electricity.... And well radioactive waste but that stuff can be reused for more modern reactors, if we would build them.

This. He's the spitting image of Castro.

Fucking grabbler


Tanya Song in case anyone wants sauce on this.

>goyim will fall to that
kek every time


Emotional blackmail


This bitchbis literally channeling Bernie. Fool the cucks once, fool the cucks a million times.

You're one of the reasons why we don't have nuclear powered hover cars.

Fucking liberal cucks impeding progress.


If Nuclear energy is clean how come nuclear wastes are real thing? How do you deal with that?

>Supports $15 ph minimum wage
>Supports increased pay for poll workers
>Complains tasks requiring huge amounts of manual labour is too expensive


she is a stupid fuckhole, who didnt know this?

They were apparently more than friends too.

Lmao how are jews so smart at this

How'd they get so good at scamming?

>Yfw she asks for 6 million

Wait wait wait

It's okay. We'll get it all back when we sue Wisconsin for racketeering and put Walker in jail for sedition.

anyway, Is she going to pay for recount?

This is the most transparent money grabbing trick I've seen in a looong time
and it's working.
This is 1D snakes and ladders, people.

uh huh...