Growing Trumps Economy! Job by Job!

>be me
>looking for an active internship in the world of finance
>in the meantime, take a part time job at Little Caesars
>promotions exploding, people can't get enough of our delicious food
>hot and ready's always flying off the shelf for $5.00
>cheese is fresh and sauce is superb
>decide to forgo finance search and pursue advanced customer service programs

I'm damn proud of what I've learned from Little Caesars and you should be too. I've met people from different parts of town and we've never been robbed. Plus we offer a terrific product at a moderate price!

I think Trumps economy will be a soaring success! Thanks everyone!

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Thanks almost trips. Things are going well

Wtf is the point of this thread?

Looks like op is pretending he didnt flunk out of finance and wants to be a assistant manager at little ceasers.

Why am I in this thread?

What is it for?

What the fuck am I doing with my life?

Are product placement threads now a thing?

Little Caesar's gives me and everyone I know diarrhea but congratulations on your success and inspiration.

The worst pizza you can get.

Amy's got some big titties.

Damn Amy what you feedin them milkers


>Little Caesars
>terrific product

It's like 95% bread

I like little caesers


the only time i ever tried little caesars i was baked off my ass and it tasted bretty good, so it's a good company in my eyes.

i always wondered what secret ingredient is giving me the shits from diarrhea.

Pizza is bread with toppings....

that doesn't make sense. i wonder what is in lil ceasars that give me the shits.

How has Little Ceasers been able to keep the pizzas $5 for the past 20 years?

How have the ingredients changed?

_ ____ __ ____ ____ ____.

Viral marketing threads?

There is a place right down the street from my little Cesar's called pizza now, that is infinitely better for only 5.29 each and has a much larger menu.

I won't touch anything at Little Caesars now since for only 30 cents more I can have a much better pizza in just as much time.

Also y'all niggas need to get you a pie 5 pizza, shit is so fucking cash.

OP here! Thanks everyone for sharing in my success. The good news is that soon they will offer Sausage as a topping on the $5 hot and ready pizzas!

Looking forward to exploring new highs and creating new paradigms in customer service in 2017!

This thread sure has given me an appetite, and there is a little caesar's just down the road. the staff is always friendly and the service is very fast. Also the parking lot is very clean.

I miss the "pizza pizza" commercials though. they used to be the funniest thing on tv.

They haven't they have only sold it that cheap since maybe 05-06ish. They used to be a regular priced pizza chain that fell into obscurity with k Mart since most Little Caesars were inside of k marts.

They started doing the $5 deal as a last ditch effort for relevance.

Reviewbrah said Little Caesars is good.

I also eat there at times. Its good.

I asked a manager once and he said each pizza costs about $2.60 in materials and labor and he moves about 700 per day. Breddy good margins.