Why does it seem that most of social media is left-leaning? Is it just a microcosm of America as a whole?

Why does it seem that most of social media is left-leaning? Is it just a microcosm of America as a whole?

The media is controlled by ((()))

>fags with liberal arts degrees

self important people are generally leftists
self important people need to constantly voice their opinion on social media

Because majority is silent.

Conservatives are working.

Conservatives are mainly old people and people with a general dislike of social media. Millennials on the other hand...

Leftists are talkers, they never shut up but they are mostly worthless, the right are doers, they don't really talk much but they get things done

Leftists are the gatekeepers of what can and cannot be said. Even if the owner of a website is a centralist they still have to play by their game, either through government mandate or corporate sponsorship.

Social media is jobless 20-somethings. Jobless 20-somethings are liberal faggots. The End.

Because the national pasttime of liberals is virtue-signalling and they take every opportunity to remind you how much better they are because of their retarded beliefs.

People who actually contribute to society generally don't spend most of their time on social media.

I'm too busy working and shitposting here for social media.

I did have a facebook once but then that tagging shit started and I'm in everyones photos so I quit because divorcees of friends kept messaging and I'm too polite to say fuck off my schedule is full.

lmao fucking LEANING he says.

Virtue signalling

liberals need constant attention on them at all times.

Right-leaning opinions are heavily punished. I don't talk about my social conservatism, for example, but the left talks about their liberalism.

Social media like twitter is mostly used by woman, minorities and hipsters. There is our reason.

Most people keep quite because of virtue signalling. It's hard to speak out and inject reality because it makes you look bad. I personally don't care and I speak out but I am in a small minority.

Yes, mmm quite.

Oh, a typo on Sup Forums! Incredible.

It seems like they are everywhere but in reality its a few cities and vocal minorities of fart huffing virtue signalers. They are some of the same people who take pictures of their food and think other people care about how good their food looks or how "tolerant" they are as they degrade themselves and their entire race.

They are also totally oblivious to the idea that cultural marxism, which created the tools of political correctness and identity politics, is brain washing their kids - with too overt sexual education, asking them to choose their gender, teaching only about the Holocaust but not other worse genocides, stopping competitive sport, dumbing down their education and so on.

The media, as well as entertainment, and much of academia, is controlled by Semites.

republicans are slaves that dont express anything except wanting the system to keep raping them.

but 90% of social media is SHIT