Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Bulgaria to establish combined airborne forces

>Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Bulgaria to establish combined airborne forces

Well, thoughts?

gib back istrian clay, pizda

Why US tho? Haven't we had enough problems with their air force in Beograd?

recently we had presidential elections where a former pilot / general won. he wants to remove sanctions on russia and buy military equipment from them, so the deal may not take place
(not to mention trump will prob ask for money which we don't have)

also parliament elections in a few months, it's possible the former communist party gets into power

Keep 'em commies at bay pls

All you little countries should form a Confederacy.

It would sound cooler.

Konfederacija Slovanska

Official attire is Adidas tracksuit and test of citizenship is squatting.

pro-eu party recently voted to criminalize communism

i prefer closer ties to russia tho

pic related is how the election went

Thats really cool man, nobody gives a shit.

Yeah, that wen't well the last time.

The Ultimate Kebab Crusher

No thanks. Communists are only good dead.
There needs to be a way of having a similar US and/or Russia relationship that Tito had. Being a business partner with both instead of subservient to either.

It went well for as long as there was a charismatic leader. Tito dying was what blew SFRJ up.

What would you like to see? We don't have the bargaining chips you guys have.

it's a testament to those countries' geopolitical insignificance

Most of your states aren't either, not alone. Being UNITED is what makes you guys great.
It's a shift in the right direction at least.

Now invade Turkey

good idea

You have an airforce?

Let's just stop uniting into any unions for a while, it always ends up bad for us goddamnit.

They found a Cessna in a ditch while on vacation

I am all for a united EU front of nationalistic countries, however those aforementioned countries aren't equal in GDP, manpower and there is not a unifying govt looking out for everyone's best interest. SLO and CRO have a petty bickering history, while hungaria used to be a bigger power player than it is now. Bulgaria is pretty much lol. It's still too early to tell, I definitely wish it works out in terms of budget, command chain, equipment and bases

We finally found the missing Malaysia airline's plane!

>our entire air force
>two propeler planes


So what is this gonna be? A brigade under a single commander or what?

I like that these four countries are expanding their friendship btw.

hey where can i find original waffenfett used for swiss K31 rifles, I head there is an improved mixture called gewehrfett I believe? Do you have any links where I can purchase that my good swiss sir?

All good points. I'll think about this some more.
Remind me, how exactly did USA get around the problems you listed? Was it taken care of at the start?
Land disputes werent't a thing obviously but CA and WI have quite different GDP's, don't they?

You're all just mad jelly of our Gripens.
In a few years Hungary will have the greatest airforce in the region, as soon as we learn how to land our jets without breaking them in half.

I don't know if Rumen is a commie, but im glad he won, he is gonna build good relations with Trump and Putin, EU cucks are old news. Plus finally someone who wants to do something about the deteriorating quality of the army and the migrants.

The pilots are job providers for mechanics. Nothing to fix. MABA

wtf now I'm happy we didn't buy the Gripens.

I will have to let an other swiss answer to your question, sorry.

Gas the kikes, race war now.

when do we declare war on you

>lost every war they've ever been into
Whenever you want Serbro, whenever you want.

what kind of a malfunctioning swiss are you, I though you all mixed waffenfett with your oats in the morning. Back to the maintenance bay medkit!

Hehe, good goy!

>The Ultimate Kebab Crusher

Croatia assisted them, Slovenia harbors them to this day, Hungary armed them, and Bulgaria was afk.