How did trump recover?

How did trump recover?

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Amazingly enough, if you call people retarded, racist, bigoted, stupid, fat, rednecks and poor they tend not to vote for you.

He was never down to begin with.

He had that snake Comey cover his ass with more fake email conspiracies against Hilary 10 days before an election. Comey should honestly be in jail for rigging the election.

He didn't. The polls were, being generous, egregiously flawed, or, being realistic, entirely fictional

Eh, he never had to recover. Polls are different from voting.
When people are asked directly and they don't really know what to answer(in this case because they don't care about the election anyways...), they will mostly answer what people expect them to. And because of the maynstreem meteor, it was Hillary.

The polls were all lies. They used bad metrics to "adjust" response to meet expectations. The raw data would have shown Trump ahead the whole time.

you do knwo those "polls" are put out by shillary and her tools right? I mean if you are running a election, and you knwo you are lossing, would you admit that no one like you or would you put out some fake news and numbers just to make you look better in hopes that some sheep is dumb enough to fall for it and give their votes on you?


But I thought the election couldn't be rigged and anyone who doesn't accept the results is a threat to democracy.

Polls these days are made to sway public opinion rather than show it.

He was never down in the first place.

>implying legitimate data was ever involved

Didn't need to. The "Undecided" were Trump voters.

The polls weren't wrong. They predicted that Trump would get raped in the popular vote, and that's what happened.

Honestly, I blame Obamacare. It blew up right before the election.

What did you expect when the polling data looked like this?

He barely lost by 1,5% you idiot leaf. Rasmussen had it right actually in the popular vote but the state vote got it wrong too.

polls were garbage in garbage out.

they adjusted them based on 2012 numbers. not realizing that Obama's stellar voter turn outs were an exception.

It's predicted to pass 2% once they finish counting the votes.

All the above, plus the liberal media convinces people Hillary was a shoo in and Trump was unelectable, so a lot of lefties figured they didn't have to go to the polls. And Hillary didn't motivate the troops much anyhow. Not like Obama, who really brought out the vote. Hillary had a really low turnout at the polls.

a lot of obama voters didn't show up because of the democratic candidate's complete disdain for them and refusal to address anything they gave two shits about

There was no recovery.
Trump was never going to lose.

It's been immolating itself since its illegal conception and unconstitutional "fixes".
Barely 1.5% in the prediction.
We should thank Obama.

People answered polling people like


Then they went and voted for Trump on election day

sounds like climate """science"""

The two big factors are:
A) Trump's demographic tends not to respond to polls, as seems to be consistent with brexit and many other right wing people. The polls are just a small sample taken then assumed to be proportional to the entire population which they obviously arent.

B) the media and general pop culture made supporting trump a taboo thing, and demonised anyone who supported him as bigots, therefore if directly asked most would say they were undecided or going Hillary.

Good example is this old guy I met on a visit to Virginia in august. My dad asked his stance, the man said he felt trump "was bad news." But I noticed a look in his eye and got a gut feeling he was pro-trump. Obviously can't prove that but its the principle I'm demonstrating. Probably saying it so left wing foreigners didn't get in his face.

>Then they went and voted for Trump on election day

No. Most people voted for Hillary.

We are truly lucky he was so lazy and incompetent.

It was literally rigged.

he didn't, he lost the popular vote, he shouldn't have won desu

>being thus assblasted

>Brazil lecturing anyone about politics


It's not so much recovering as showing that oversampling certain groups of voters didn't reflect reality.

Media ran a desperate campaign to try and get undecided voters to stay at home and not vote so Clinton would narrowly run away with it. How do you that? You try to convince them that she's already won.

"How do we make the dems look good?"

"Let's just exclusively poll college campuses and inner city areas, should be fine"

>implying i'm an entire country.

this board is retarded.

hillary didnt win the majority of the popular vote

if we allow candidates to win based on popular vote, we shouldnt allow them to win based on a minority of national opinion. that would mean fragmentation, which could mean a no name candidate could be elected by one city, one that no one else has even heard of

you have to win popular vote to win the election, in popular vote system. it has to be that way. hillary may have had more votes but she didnt have the majority.

>implying your country even has a functioning federal government


Shy Torry Effect, that's what happened

it really doesn't, but thats not my point.

You should tend your own garden before giving advice to others.

haha, i can do as much as you, thats about literally nothing.

>He didn't. The polls were, being generous, egregiously flawed, or, being realistic, entirely fictional

or simply LIES

>most highly populated states are safely blue because of urban libshits
>everyone knows this, including right-wingers who don't even bother voting
>trump loses popular vote
makes u thnk

Yeah like those 60,000 ex cons who were suddenly given voting rights by democrats or the groups of people who democrats admitted would be bussed to multiple voting locations or the illegal immigrants who were told by Obama a few days beforehand that there would be no repercussions for committing voter fraud.

If you count groups like those then yeah that crooked cunt was more popular.

You could get into politics and become dictator
but you won't because you're a pussy bitch

Hillary won a plurality of the votes, not the majority.

it was all planned from the start
the illuminati lizard men are never wrong

He knew the art of the comeback

The polls only take popular opinion into account and Trump did indeed lose the popular vote

He never recovered. Hillary won by 2 million +
American electoral system is rigged

These models took into account the polls in each state as well. Nate Plutonium had the most accurate model and he was still way off.

>I have no idea how the electoral college works

He didnt. He lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. But the electoral college is a retarded system

US Presidential elections is not a popularity contest.

Now if people want to turn it into one, they have until 2020 to do so. Complaining after your favoured candidate lost is poor form and makes you look like a spoiled baby.

I'm not even a fucking conservative, but I'm an adult.

Yeah, because letting LA, NYC, and Chicago decide the election would be so much better....

Because nobody besides fart-sniffing urban liberals actually liked Clinton, everyone else lied about liking her or lied and said they would vote Bary Benis or Egg McMuffin to keep the heat off.

>US Presidential elections is not a popularity contest.

Yeah because if it were, Hillary would have won in 2008 and 2016.

He paid off The Man.

Cause he was never down to begin with. Fake polls. Plus the left just looks so shitty by it's own merits today.

Now subtract illegals and dead people voting due to the DNC. He beat the shit out of her.

>He beat the shit out of her.

No. It's reached the point that even if you assume that many illegals voted for her, she still beats him.

How did he ever recover lol. They even rigged the election and had illegals vote.

This, all polls except LA times oversampled democrats with no explanation, as if the dems would come out and vote with enthusiasm like they did Obama.

Also, certainly didn't help Hillary.

>she still beat him

Give it a rest. You're like a child playing chess who argues that he won because he had more pieces on the board when you checkmated him.

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