Posting roaches because some fennoswede doesn't understand /mämmi/ memes

>posting roaches because some fennoswede doesn't understand /mämmi/ memes


they're in their own "category"

out of curiosity I went to /i/ only to find a thread for jigglypuff porn

what the hell

Holy shit I feel bad for /out/, they were combined with /soc/ and since they're such a small board it's like they werent even mixed. It's just dick rate threads all over the place

Nothing is to stop me from making abhorrent posts and not namefagging them you dumb cunt

asuka is best girl


a shit

a best*

good post


>I watch anime

do you actually visit that shithole

Tell me why you like this literal autist.

It's unfortunate I can't enjoy American humor/tv-shows like all of you can. My understanding of English isn't quite on that level where I can fully understand the jokes that are told. :(

listen to this user he seems to have good taste

bud got me haribo from france



>implying i'm not beta and submissive enough to want to be Asuka's bitch.

i don't enjoy humor

Why would you ever want to enjoy our media?

because she's cute, has a voice like snow, and because she doesnt have autism

I can't either and I'm an American.

>american humor
>tv shows
I got some good news for ya because it doesn't happen often


>being asuka's bitch
>not giving her the good dick to ease her hormones then conditioning her to be a good, obedient girl

rei is the definition of aspergers

what show in particular?

List of boards to exterminate
Sup Forums
Sup Forums
Sup Forums
thank you

she's not even close to aspbergers

t. thinks King of the Hill is a liberal laugh at rednecks

[audience laughter in english]


Asuka is the best girl.

I want BEAT Asuka's hot bitch face

>she's not even close to aspergers

did we watch the same show??? probably eats glue and takes the short bus on the way to school

good taste

Reply to this post and you will get a qt gf.
(Only applies to Canada, Usa and Mexico)


tell me how she acts like someone with aspbergers

because I think you're just confusing being an introvert to autism


>The dick dilema


>tfw it works



>Sup Forums burned out in two hours
Like babies

>tfw thats my steam profile picture right now

was a good scene

>be rei
>never smile
>talk like a robot
>dont know how to socialize
>cant into hygiene
>literally only good at one thing and thats piloting unit 00

sounds pretty autistic to me desu

There better not be a catch like that last time I went down to Cancun

If this fails I'm finally going to kill myself

she does
doesnt even sound close to a robot
again, introvert != autism

>planned out an april fool's prank for my boss today
>he wasn't scheduled for today

please give emily gf


it doesn't matter anymore i am beyond the point of no return. nothing will ever be enjoyable again


I think we're the last general left


nigga she talks so robotically and weird. all her dialogue is short she uses big ass words in place of normal words normal people use to communicate. a 14 year old girl clone doesnt talk like that. asuka doesnt, shinji doesnt

Nope, /brit/ is still there

a seasoned vet


The Anglosphere wins again

So either 90% of Sup Forums is underage or absolutely retarded in foreign affairs

Probably both

>paha "Im not gay, I just enjoy dicks in my butt" Sapa

Don't really wanna go on an arranged date desu

Mmm I can't wait for thick chicano cock stuffing my tight moorish boipucci mmmmmm yummy yummy cummy in my tummy hmhmhm

kys yourself

Read my blog please, I'm daddies special boy

at least you dont deny it anymore

*kiss your neck*
thats daddy's little boy

Who started the Moor meme? I like it.

My dad hates me though



these cross board things are cancer.

so much anime

gonna have a stroke

Go and post it, so /cum/ can help you to get laid


>made a comment over 3 hours ago
>still on the same thread
rip /cum/

It would be fine if we had redditflags.

bump limit is like 500 now or something insane like that

love that high bump limit

where do gf's come from?

is the bump limit Sup Forums's now?

The gf store

>none within a 100 mile radius of me


im really drunk rn

Order one online

You can also go to the 2hand gf market

Stop posting controlled opposition