Check this ideal white specimen

Check this ideal white specimen.

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wonder if Barbie in this film will be a spunky, self-deprecating feminist who don't need no Ken

But barbie only has one chin..


What in fuck

Sony literally cannot make a hit movie. Ghostbusters should have been a huge mega hit but they cucked it up. Barbie should be a mega hit but yet here we are again.

She probably cucks Ken in the movie

Fuck this kike!

She was chosen because she is the antithesis of what Barbie stands for.

They're trying to put a feminist spin on it, no joke.
It will flop like their other feminist films.

and the decay continues.

Sony, one step closer to bankruptcy, one shitting movie at a time.

>live action barbie
>just as the toy sales fall
What can go wrong?

i hope they're filming this in vancouver and trump revokes her passport then

>Ayy yo
Like a fucking caveman yeesh.

Well, specimen sure is the right word.


Honestly this is like that huffington post or buzzfeed of movie studios. Just stay away all they make is feminist clickbait and pure and utter degenerative filthy shit. Don't spend your money or time on anything they make.

izat chloe

Waiting for Sony bankruptcy to be honest
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This bitch is offensive to all five senses.

I think she did fine acting at kermit movie

Is that shopped? Where's the disgusted mexican?

When will this bitch go away?

>Ideal white specimen

Guess again faggot. Chloe will always reign superior

I'm laughing so hard at this

my bet is that Ken is just outright retconned to be black himself

When you man up and put a ring on her finger, bro.

Ken will be black

screencap this post

Good thing she's a comedian. Casting her for a hot chicks is a joke.

More like the role of the monster who ate Barbie.

End of the movie will see barbie being played with by an effeminate little white boy in conjunction with a black ken.
This will be pushed as a happy ending.
(add to screencap)

Pretty sure Barbie is made of plastic, not play doh.

Pick one, (((Hollywood))).


Is that her? That honestly looks like male trans who eats as many Twinkies as genders they think exists.


I see they'll only be using cheaper, Chinese plastic molding then for the new Barbie dolls.

I hope she takes her men like she takes her coffee. BLACKED.

Amy Chewmore

>I'm a size 6.jpg

is she almost naked so she can pull her panties down quick when the coffee shits hit?

She's a big guy

She's a Barbie girl
In a sharty world

Now check these ideal specimens

For Jew

Fucking spastic
Pants elastic

What the fuck is the POINT of a live-action Barbie movie? The animated movies were only made to sell more toys.

Who the fuck is going to want to buy a toy of Amy Schumer?

That ogre is "ideal white specimen" ?

Are the fuckheads at Sony financing this?

Probably little fat girls and exceptionally queer little boys

>What the fuck is the POINT of a live-action Barbie movie?

If I had to guess, I'd say Sony is trying to pull of a Springtime For Hitler. Nobody wants or asked for a live action Barbie movie, and even if somebody did, the last person they'd want to play Barbie is Amy Fucking Schumer. They're probably planning on a bunch of free publicity from people talking about how they cast a seacow as Barbie like the whole "Feminist Ghostbusters" thing. Then they release a shitty movie, but everyone goes to see it anyway because they want to see the trainwreck (no pun intended) or are liberal cucks that think they're winning some kind of political victory by seeing it. Sony, Schumer, and Hollywood Jewry make millions and laugh all the way to the bank.

I bet they'll even try to involve Amy Schumer calling out Trump for extra attention too. Just watch.

>What the fuck is the POINT of a live-action Barbie movie? The animated movies were only made to sell more toys.

Speculation; An animated Barbie movie could not allow a fatso as the starring character without drawing criticism more freely since it would be a CGI image. Using a real woman in live-action makes criticizing her more "realistic" body less acceptable in a PC public because she is a real person.

This effectively becomes the lure and the trap, guaranteeing that those that might be critical about their "body positive" message regarding fatsos will think twice before speaking publicly, and those that go ahead and criticize are derided while she, the producers, and her community of supporters can further leverage victimhood.

Maybe she is going to take over the gambling operations on Tatooine.

Guarantee ken will be jacked. They arent gonnaa get a male schumer

I have no idea who Amy Schumer is. 4 months ago I barely knew she existed, people just randomly started to namedrop her.

What does she do?



No, Ken will be black

Ken's going to be black. Check 'em.

there will be two kens:
>black and jacked
>white and autistic

guess which one she fucks in the other's bed?

she's so fucking ugly, who would even hire her for this role?
i would be more inclined to believe shes a tranny than not
jesus christ

Sony should stop making movies, its getting ridiculous.
who in charge is the one their with these dumb ideas/agenda/missing fingerspitzengefuhl?

is that supposed to be that guys wife on Game Grumps

B-but she's fat and repulsive

>have you seen the new barbie film, i always wanted to see it, but it was different, a modern babrbie
>hey user hopefully you don't disrespect women, just because they got wider hips, i think she was stunning
>no ma'am (pls no alimony)

>the producers, and her community of supporters can further leverage victimhood.

Because that worked so well for ghostbusters

I bet this photo is still digitally postprocessed in her favour

things were wrong from the start on that one


getting real fucking tired of people not checking trips

so is kek


Back off her, guys. She's actually very funny and very smart which is something I can't say about you people. Get over yourselves.

She's a shitty feminist comedian that gets a ton of work and publicity thanks to Senator Chuck Schumer, who she's related to.

Their kind doesn't learn from failure, they just beat dead horses and expect things to move.

is she the one that's involved in a netflix series? or am i thinking of another feminist?


Sesame Street LA: Kermit meets Ken


its true. something has happened to sony in the past 4 or 5 y

the post-modern ideology seems to have crashed hard into that company.

I just don't see this movie happening, what with Schumer's already busy schedule of three shows daily at Sea World.