Race mixing with the ayys

Would it hypothetically be degenerate or even bad to racemix with the ayys? What would the cultural ramifications be if only a small minority of a class could use telepathy and had an IQ of 120000?

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kek we'd be like the niggers of the galaxy to them

why would they want to mix with us?


how can ayy "males" compete?

It happens all the time.

Asians shag white all the time bro. Just go to Thailand or the Philippines

ayy lmales


Why does he get a cigarette in his cuck cage?


Ayyy where they grey women @


idk about race mixing but id fuck an ayy lmao just to say i did it

"Aliens" are fallen angels.



As if a white woman would go to the Philippines just to get laid.

Nope, not possible. The earth is covered in a dome.


>IQ of 120000
This giant IQ meme needs to die. The only reference point for IQ is intelligence position relative to other people.
If 50 people were left on Earth, including Stephen Hawking (and assuming he's the smartest person left), Hawking would have an IQ of only around 130.

I'll be honest, you will never find me fucking a black girl, but I swear I wouldn't pass the chance to get laid with an ayy lmao.

Probably Aays treat their women like shit and are subpar lovers with shrimpdicks to boot.
Pretty much the same reason American sailors get women around the world without even trying.
Japan, Korea, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, India, wherever. If there's a warship docked and you have an American accent you can't keep the women away.


but ayy women would go for that BHC, even Asian men would be at an advantage.

>t. 90 IQ "white" Spaniard from Mexico

Depends on the physiological differences of an alien race compared to ours. If they've got telekinetic brain powers and live a long time and brains work several times faster than ours I'd say we would be jumping up the evolutionary ladder.


fuck off we're full

you space niggers can crash on the moon

I'm 1/4 reptillian AMA

>Imblying an ayy would ever fug you.

Look at that complexion. Doesn't matter how white you are, you're a fucking charcoal shitskin compared to her.

consider the following.

qt 3.14 ayy gf in the kitchen building an anti-matter drive in an apron before you share your human seed

>Would it hypothetically be degenerate or even bad to racemix with the ayys? What would the cultural ramifications be if only a small minority of a class could use telepathy and had an IQ of 120000?

Hybrid here, AMA.

(By the way they have figured out how to breed in the telepathy and intelligence without the alien appearance. Extraterrestrial genetic engineering technology is a wonderful thing. Did you know we learned the procedure of amnioscintesis from ayys? We did. From Betty Hill's abductions.)


I would hope not

I'm not propelling humanity into space so we can do the same old shit and fuck the same old bitches.


I wonder if ayy-happas have the same identity issues as asian happas

Reptilians are literally the extraterrestrial jew

Greys were always the superior ones.

>always the superior ones.
they have a problem with getting roped in to lesser developed planets. people blame them for everything but all they wanted was trade. reptilians tell everyone that grays are responsible for everything yet the grays aren't even in charge.


>hes not down for fucking AYY bitches
>he doesn't want to nigger about the galaxy living off intergalactic foodstamps and pissing off the popo.

I'm the good kind of reptillian hybrid from the Orion sector

Hate to say it but they'll be the ones cucking us not the other way around

It would be impossible to race mix with them.
Arabs can't mix with goat no matter how much they fuck them, why do FAGGOTS think you'd be able to breed with an alien from another galaxy?
Best you could do is make some childish silicone jokes about the silicone based lifeforms that can't even breathe air.

>That feeling of a nice tight ayy cloaca

If they'd advance our medical expertise, then I'd give that female ayy a kid

>pic is 2spooky4me
race mixing is degenerate, species mixing is mega degenerate.

From what i'v researched... the greys are like androids... they are pretty much cultured by others and sent out to do things.

They don't have a male or female, they are born in a lab.



Don't worry, they'll force you to do it.

They're cloned slaves of the reptilians.

The Nodic Gods/ETs have mixed with us in the past though

Sweet I can get intergalactic STDs so now my dick can turn into molten skin after 2 days.

Nothing to do with how we treat our women, they're just promiscuous here. Scientific fact even.

>oy vayy

I don't think I'd fuck an alien unless they were the super hot game/movie pretty much human type, not a Communion/Fire In The Sky/Alien/Coneheads/E.T./Signs type

>women holding authority

Why does the shift in roles seem unsettling?

kek , sauce?

Yeah sure.


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It's not like you can breed with them, it would probably be kinda like bestiality. That's pretty degenerate though, xenos is for purging.

They make sure their hybrids can pass for human before they let them live here among us.

>ayy vey

We wouldn't be compatible with a different species.


M8 these female ayy lmao's could be like insects and therfore dominant over the males. Big ass female ayy's and little cuck male ayy's.

Why can't ayy women resist the BHC

I'd bang an alien tbf

>ayylien feminists land on earth and put women in charge and enslave all men
>this works for about a few weeks
>men rebel and massacre the ayyliens, put the women back into their place
>humanity proceeds to reverse engineer the ayylien ships and topples the intergalactic matriarchy, replacing it with the Imperium of Man
>humans are the true master race (except for niggers)

>implying we would wait and that wouldn't happen immediately

Humans are the barbarians of life.

>you will never be kept by an Ayy lmao qt 6.21 for the sole reason to extract semen samples to test our species in their 'lab'

>meanwhile in 1997

>tfw sneak out and poop in the cuckiest alien's bedroom then sneak back

Any advanced species would have to moved past women and instead create a homosexual utopia.

Oh fug now i have to read that again.

would you racemix?

>he didnt reread it during elections
Shamefur dispray


I was actually reading [spoiler]Hellblazer[/spoiler]

>mfw i was expecting guidobro was reading Bonelli comics
Oh well,good choice there

Underrated post

since I was a teen I would wish and hope to be abducted and have a qt ayy gf. the fantasies and day dreams I had were some of the best times I've had alive.

I read Orfani, bretty gud

In a heartbeat

Big Human Cocks.

Why is that Ayy covered in mud