This is British Television

This is British Television.

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pic related is television made with British tax dollars

>Implying the BBC is British.
You're a few decades late mate.

country files?
mmust be, that blue peter chap is on there.
black people should have some news relevent for them aswell, less they become nogs.

its a world service (globalist Shill)

it's hard to decide whether the BBC or the NHS is the worst organisation in Britain

I agree. Therefore it can't be British.

this is Jewish television

its british, its just not allowed to act british
its international propergander.

>black mesh panties

What a whore

They've been doing some sort of spade season on the BBC all November, I doubt anybody actually watches that shit.

It's a waste of money, still.

if anything it's counterproductive

the white marxists who make that shit make black people seem like needy crybabies

At least the NHS mean wells

not really

it's just a monopoly set up to siphon our money

it's a system where every extra patient is an extra cost. nothing more than a burden

Who else zoomed in trying to catch some slit?

>She finally leaves the BBC after work to go work on her real job.
>She puts on a tiny outfit and blushes slightly as she realizes that she wore the wrong panties for her BBC job.
>She walks into a bar that looks quite old fashioned.
>A group of White men are sitting around drinking and watching football.
>She is called over by a White guy.
>She kneels in front of him and takes his dick out.
>The slurping noise is audible as her co-workers arrive to work.
>Soon her panties are around her leg and a suspicious tattoo is revealed.
>On her left ass cheek is a white four leaf clover.

>black mesh
>Myopic canachink can't see properly

They're black with white spots

Haha man

Lets just set up the health care system like Americas and let people die of cancer because they cant pay for the chemo drugs

The NHS has many problems that need to be fixed but at least its better than ((privatized)) health care

The One Show. It's a terrible chat show on after the evening news on BBC One.

Cringe as Matt Baker asks Cameron "How do you sleep at night?"

>polka dot panties
this is seriously my fetish, more please

you must be a very silly person if you think that is the only alternative

Haven't watched BBC programming since they changed the TV license laws to include BBC iPlayer. Would be interested to see how many viewers they lost considering they used to proudly declare getting 12million+ views on some of their shows via iPlayer. None of their shit is worth paying for.

Literally Alex jones

you don't actually need a license for iPlayer because it is completely unenforcable

just click that you have one and it lets you watch

Whats an alternative then?

I can't tell if he asked the question to appear as it did or if he was just asking him nicely how he sleeps with all the work he has to do.

Yeah and when TV licensing are allowed to view your internet history via the snoopers charter they can see you've been on the iPlayer site, that'll be evidence enough to take you to court, where they can then request your specific internet history to see that you have in fact been using iPlayer to watch TV, and then they'll slap you with a fine equivalent to the cost of the TV license.
It's just not worth fucking about with. TV licensing are allowed to get away with anything these days.

there are numerous alternatives

consider the system they have in France for example

still universal healthcare, but no central planning

they can't see that you have been on the iplayer site

only that you viewed

ur a tard

You think they secretly named the BBC after big black cock?

at least read about things before spouting bullshit and insults

"The required data covers only the domain name of each site visited - or, for example - not the individual pages within them."

It was the other way round.

british tv is really good but very cucked. black mirror is amazing, but there's SO MANY NIGGERS

You can see her underpants.

please off yourself

right but how do they know which IP addresses are from houses where there is no license?


They've got to you mate. TV Licensing are just a BBC offshoot. They can't do shit. You probably believed in the detector vans too

the TV licensing people aren't on that list

they'll never be on it because it's contracted out to private companies

If we had a referendum on the licence fee we'd get rid of it by a landslide m8

What are you trying to tell us user?

I've been meaning to ask this, what's the deal with very colorful and "diverse" clothing/decoration? It's been a thing for like last 4 years. I absolutely can't stand it.

The latter, Matt is a genuinely nice lad

The government force passed the license fee extension for another 100 years though, mostly because they put ministers into the BBC board

Its nothing but a state propaganda wing now.

On the plus web based alternatives are utterly killing it since the BEEB cant afford to air any current trendy series.

God you are some edgy fags. Guess I'm the only smart person here.

>British Alex Jones
Nice, but does she sell waterfilters?

They've been pushing black history month on us for a while now.

Suddenly a few black centurions from North Africa who might or might not have been stationed at Hadiran's Wall means DAS RITE CHILDREN WE WUZ PENDRAGON N SHEET!

Thank God November is over.

what's her foot game like?

I don't see a problem.

BBC is worse.