baka = s.m.h. without the dots

surprising absolutely nobody

Starved version of mad max

My sister's boyfriend made a few trips down to Mozambique to work on their hydro powerplant. Good money.

Ended up getting some weird disease every time, final trip got him malaria, and turned him racist in no time.

Yearning for a maternal fulfillment, but they've essentially been told never to have kids because of 'how awful it is'. Most women just get cats, the more extreme ones get niggers.

>She said Ms Warren was travelling in Africa alone.

so this is the power of bbc

rest in peace

They want exotic BBC.

Burn the coal.
Pay the toll.

>White women willingly risk their lives only to get BBC

How can white bois even compete?

let me tell you a story

>american girl comes to town
>not even a month later she goes home because she caught something from a local man

let met tell you another story

>recent college graduate (obese white girl) comes to town to teach
>gets 'boyfriend' within the week
>ends up moving somewhere else because ayy lmao her boyfriend beat her because she wanted him to wear a condom

let me tell you another story

any girl you've met whose been 'backpacking' or staying overseas is being dicked by some kind of colorful penis. I've even met an american married couple who came here because the wife wanted to have an open marriage and 'experience africa'. It was such a Sup Forums stereotype I couldn't even believe I was having a conversation with them.

>What the hell is wrong with white women?

Education/indoctrination, TV and entertainment industry, politics.

Whatever, burn the coal, pay the toll. Nothing of value is lost.

Guilt riddance and insecurities fueled by double morale (feminism) is what a normal white grill consists of nowadays. They want to get rid of that, so they throw their pussy at someone they feel sorry for i.e nigs. I could go on, but in a few words they are fucked.


>ba ka.com
Kek m8

>South east africa
>"We never have something like this before."

Women in that region know are probably so used to rape they just accept the rape but this uppity cunt thought she could scream and fight and get justice for it resulting in death.

No doubt this Melbourne retard put herself in a dangerous situation for the sake of not appearing racist.

Australian women are naive but they don't tend to fetishise nigger dicks like american women. That's why this rape became a murder. The monkey brain nigger who raped her probably thought she wanted it and simply chimped out smashing her skull in shock when she started resisting.

I bet she was the child of helicopter-parents, who had no idea, how the "real" world really is.

protected and guarded until she turned 18, and then she wanted to discover the bubble-marshmellow-wonderland out there.


>the wife wanted to have an open marriage and 'experience africa'.
What the fuck senpai?

very nice flag senpai

People are going to miss out on an early morning Liberia