Can this bitch be blackballed from conservative news outlets?

Can this bitch be blackballed from conservative news outlets?

She got destroyed on liberal news media and is an inch away from becoming another dumb race traitor bitch. Sup Forums doesn't believe in this bitch right?

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She's fine and better then Lauren Southern.

I believe she can get on my dick

This chick is the definition of controlled opposition.

>She got destroyed
But almost everything she said was correct.

Conservative soccer moms love her and she's just experiencing a jump in profile after the daily show

And she still pisses off left women

which one is that and why do all American tv bitches look like blonde barbies?


>She got destroyed on liberal news media
No she didn't you fucking moron.


she has been BLACKED multiple times

>she got destroyed

you mean she demonstrated the hypocrisy of the left?

>got destroyed
Did she ? Huh.

She's currently dating a Navy Seal

"Got destroyed"
I see you're caught up with all your Huffpo articles.


Shut up, retard.
>grrr she didn't say kill all niggers to the nig from the daily show
>grrr she was polite to the nigger

She didn't get destroyed she reemed them

She chocked on his BBC backstage, I can basically guarantee that. TMZ told her to get blacked.

> coal burner

She got dumped by her Navy Seal Chad white Adonis boyfriend. It seriously fucked with her Barbie Doll mind. She even did a video about it.

That is why she us doing that.

The only thing she faltered on was when he asked what a better way to protest would be. She didn't even answer the question.

I thought they were the same

Why are you so upset?

As with all white, conservative women, she takes nigger dick. Ann Coulter, (((Lauren Southern))), this whore, they all choke on nigger dick.

Saddest thing is that they don't even do it for the muh diversity, they want brown babies.


>"John Oliver just DESTROYED Donald Trump on immigration"
>t. Bernstein

>takes a picture with a black guy
>automatically a coalburning whore


>white female takes picture with black guy

Yeah, that's pretty much how it works. Any white female with a black male that close to her is fucking him.

Can't deny it, can you faggot? Yeah "muh jews" when white conservative women all have brown babies.

I'd black ball her if you know what I mean

Relax you silly bitch.

You got your (you).

>she got destroyed
>this much cognitive dissonance

She gargles black balls already.


She fucking obliterated trevor shoah

>being an insecure beta faggot

Oh shit looks like Taylor is sucking of Psy. I guess they just cant resist the BAC

Obviously a butthurt nigger.

Stay mad my friend.

I don't even know who this is.

Well it depends on who the nigger is of course. I have no idea who the nigger on that other bitch's pic is. Maybe you do.


Loterally who?

>likes monkeys
welp, now I can't think of her when i masterbate now. thanks slut, you can keep the STD's the negros give you, and the single motherhood to your mixed offspring too

yeah but who is she fucking in front of him?

Yes she did.

What the fuck are saying? I take pictures with a lot of people, doens't mean Im fucking them

She actually didn't



For a white woman to take a picture with a black guy, it means she's fucking him. No white woman can be close to a nigger without fucking him. She's tainted trash, it's that simple.

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She did. And she likes to roll in a bed of coal.

>got destroyed

I assume you're talking about the interview with Trevor? Have you actually seen that?

She won by a mile. Ignore all the shills whooping in the audience. Her points were spot on on every topic. Just watch how the host failed to address any of her questions and kept moving the topic away.


I think you have a fixation on black penises my dude.

She's not a coal burner, she just enjoys rap music, and her boyfriend is a blonde white marine.

She wants her kids to have black skin, black hair, and black eyes. She wants that black sperm.

Concern shilling, nice try trevor nigger.


good video. I had the same take away when I watched the show the other night. I've never been a fan of the Daily show, and know fuck all about Trevor Noah, so when I watched him state his bullshit as fact, it pissed me off. The guy is a retard, and fucks like that on TV are the reason I barely watch mainstream anything anymore.


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Why do niggers try to turn every fucking thread on Sup Forums into some bullshit cuck thread? Neck yerself boy! Save us some time.

Sounds like he's seen a few up close.

>Sargon of Mossad


>She got destroyed

Because when she says she doesn't see color an unfunny foreign half-breed Jewish comedian "destroys" her with the question "what do you do at a stoplight?"

She fucking wrecked Trevor Noah, and the audience was completely disgusting.

>she got destroyed on liberal news media
when? where?

That's my thoughts as well. In had never heard of her then she's all talked about due to her daily show appearance so I looked her up and found a video of her outtakes while delivering news and political commentary. She's an actress with a pretty face reading lines. She's not an intellectual of any sort, she's an obvious idiot and she's a convenient whipping post for the left. Add in her date with Trevor Noah after she played the idiot conservative for him and I'm pretty convinced she's controlled opposition.

Decades of (((propaganda))) aimed directly at getting white women to race mix.