Be Neurosurgeon

>Be Neurosurgeon
>Married to an uggo white girl but you're a shitskin so cute enough
>Remember you're named Mohammed
>Murder her

These people just can't stop themselves

>remember you're named mohammad, murder her

"They had three children together"
1 less white woman a net +2 muzzies in my country
>mfw we're still going to be cucked by him because our tax dollars will raise those children, pay for his incarceration, pay for the children's education, etc

what is your problem with non pigskinned people?

pigskinned didnt create civ and you got civ thanks to non pigskinned people

eat shit

Quick reminder that this intelligent neurosurgeon is worth more than all the pathetic and useless lives of all Cumskins on pol

> the children remember their father named is mohamed
>they explore killing everyone around

what set this muzzie off?

strangle and blunt force is a really passionate way of killing a person.

>she's got a big beautiful jewish nose and it's there three minutes early wherever she goes.

>you can't hit me! I'm going to stay with my mother!

Guy is clearly a pillow biter

No idea how women can't see this.

it's in his DNA

At first I thought this was the teenage girl in Germany that just got killed by a muslim migrant. I just can't keep up with these dumb white women getting killed by muslims

Just look at her face. I wonder what took him so long.

This sums up every liberal including the pig skinned ones.

We have a cold war happening against whites but we have stopped hunting and farming and being tough. We are watered down with fat lazy slobs who can't fight or start businesses.

RIP all cultures will die because of open boarders and replaced with "multiculturism" which for some reason ultimately means "muslim".

He's a shitskin that's called Mohammad. Do you even have to ask?

Muslim here firebombs bank and gets off on mental issues.

Muslim here stabs french tourist and is currently in mental facility.

Something is happening. But I can't ask because it's "racist".

that paints a picture.

this uggo white prob just married the shitskin cuz
>muh noorosergin
without knowing the allahu akbar within.

fast forward few years of putting up with each others shit, arguments and physical abuse escalated until shitskin hates her
>muh liberated
guts and ends up sending her to allah.

>Muzzammil Hassan
>Paki living in the US who starts a television station in attempt to show a positive side of Muslims
>later beheads estranged wife

While originally finding himself in a state of bliss with his luck at attaining a white wife, Mohammad started seeing many warning signs shortly after they married.

"I'm just going out with my guy friends."
"I'll be back in a few hours after I go to the beach with my friends, I bought a new bikini."

These got worse and worse, until ultimately a white girl straw broke this desert camel's back. Her utter lack of morals had devastated this faithful Muslim and left him with no choice.

>I haven't been to the club since we got married! It's Danica's bachelorette party and I am going, and YOU CAN'T STOP ME!


>White women.

>This is what a poo in loo with AIDS looks like

reality is different from the race mixing PR they push and push

Racemixers deserve whatever bad things end up happening to them