Why aren't white men able to satisfy white women?

Why aren't white men able to satisfy white women?

dick too small

>giving a shit about a woman's feels

They are.


I didn't know white women shit out niggers

My dick is 5.5 and I make my gf get off several times and she squirts.

we just can't compete ;_;

White women prefer their own race more than men. The feminist that are brainwashed into hating their own men are a minority. The problem is they have too much power

Sage, report and hide.

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for the same reason black men can't. because they're whores

White women can literally shit on the floor and a black man will clean it up for her. Congratulations niggers

That is it, muh nigga

So she's only being able to fake a few times to make you proud instead of all the time like my wife?

> that projection

teach me senpai

>Why aren't white men able to satisfy white women?
>how to spot a cuck 101 (besides you obviously posting cuck shit)
A real men doesn't give two fucks about satisfying a woman. It's the woman who must want to satisfy the men. If you fail to let that happen, you get into cuck porn and become a fag like op.

>white women

Porn stars get paid to fuck, they fuck anything.

The females blacks get are stupid trash with daddy issues no white guy wants. The left overs.

>Casey Calvert

My dick is about the same size as half of those black porn stars.

The mental gymnastics is getting too complicated

Every once in a while, there is a post that is first class win.

> MMA is a sodomite conspiracy

That chick has an awfully Jewish face

If she need two apes the fault is not men obviously.

My dick is just under 7, and my girlfriend left me long ago and never told me the truth.
So my health failed and i suffered some psychological brain trauma which has caused permanent damage.
Since then I've fractured my leg, become practically impotent, and my emotions have chemically flatlined.

Life's a funny old thing.

Mods discussion and where to move

Mods discussion and where to move


can niggas buy jewels and shieeet to white woman?

You want a dick in your ass?

niggers are animals with sexual power
>produce more testosterone
>bigger dicks

women love being dominated, somen even orgasm during rape

What the fuck are you talking about?