The last bastion of Christianity

Are Argentina, England, Denmark & Greece the last hope for our civilization?

>tfw the rest of the world is a neutralcuck

God doesn't exist and there is no proof for his existance

What is the color code?

>No proof

Your right there is so much proof the universe came out of nothing and everything le evolved perfectly to the way they are now.

Nice try fedora.

I'm sure your ancestor who fight and die for the greatest of all cause are very proud of you

Dude. C'mon. Which God do you think exists? They're fucking tons and there is no proof for any of them. Good thing religion is declining as the people become more educated. Christians will be remembered like people who worshiped Zeus and Poseidon.

>your ancestor

Northern Spanish Catholics who fought the moors. Glad they did it, but they didn't need a religious reason.

Red are states with a state religion. Blue have no state religion.
Why the fuck does greenland have a state religion tho??

And where are Zuess and Posedin now faggot? Yet people have always believed in God through many generations.

There is proof of both God and Jesus for that matter.

Also simple logic did your device that you are shitposting on come about by accident or was it creates by someone using reasearch, science, and careful design.

You athesists are so retarded it is almost sad. God's day is said to come when more people are not following God.

And the future people will be worshipping Dawkins and Hitchens ?

Idolators will burn in hell

If all of our ancestor didn't have a religous reason then Europe will be part of the big Ottoman Empire right now.

> There are tonsof gods
> Over half of the human population worships the same God

> Good thing religion is declining
> Less than 5% of human population is atheist

You just can't argue with an Atheist... They're dumb, that's why Canada and Sweden have so much social crisis.

>And where are Zuess and Posedin now faggot?

They're clearly fiction? People will laugh at you if you tell them you think Zeus is real.

>There is proof of both God and Jesus for that matter.

There isn't.


They will not worship anyone.

True, but does that mean God exists?

>a lot of people believe it so it must be true!!!

All the smart, western, and white countries are becoming more atheist. The people who are pushing science forward. Who cares what third world hordes think?

>All the smart, western, and white countries are becoming more atheist.
What are you talking about? All Atheist countries believe in massive immigration and most of them are leftist.

England has the Church of England. Same with Denmark(Greenland is Dane protectorate) and Iceland. That's all that gets them on this list. They are some of the most secular societies in the world. Map just trying to make them feel weird for having people who feel saying Church of Country. It cant even attack religiousness just stateness of Chrych of Country

>there are many Gods that have been worshiped
>therefore God doesn't exist

really poor reasoning, famalama

Yeah, i'm sure they got it right this time~

the semitic religions are the only ones that acknowledge a single God that created all things, of which there are no other gods

the other religions you mention i.e paganism or Greek mythology have gods in the form of men as demigods and are polytheistic

there are also unique theological problems that Christianity addresses and actually solves that no other religion does

More to the point, even if every religion "gets it wrong", it still does nothing to disprove the existence of a God. My point was that it's faulty reasoning to assume God doesn't exist because there have been many religions. It's literally not an argument.

why the FUCK can I not escape leftist

>US education
Greenland is Denmark dumbfuck

my dude im an atheists but there are roman census of jesus and he is written in a few roman papers for the period, he diid exist but that doesn't mean he was the son of god or those miracles happen, if you want to debate his divinity go for it but don't be the retard that tries to say he did't exist.

> All the smart, western, and white countries are becoming more atheist.
> Who cares what third world hordes think?

In other words
> We don't care what third world hordes think but we do invite and accept them in our country because we're smart.

Atheists, yet another cult.

Wtf does tony phantino have to do with peepie, pitutin and makimaki?

>Red are states with a state religion.
That's a bit of a stretch, m8

>Section 2.- The Federal Government supports the Roman Catholic Apostolic

We have separation of Church and State.

>Last hope
This is the same England that, despite being a theocratic nation, had a "bishop" propose the Qu'ran should be read for the coronation of the next caesaropape.

Then why is the Argentine Federal Government "supporting" the Roman Catholic Apostolic religion?



coe and catholicism is cucked as fuck

That's the thing, you have to be Catholic to be president but it's more traditional/ceremonial. The Church has no saying in the domestic affairs of the country, not legally at least.