Oreos move to Mexico, now TASTE VERY BAD!

>Be me, 24 White Male Wage Cuck
>Buycott Oreos because they Moved to Mexico
>Breakdown after 7 months and buy a pack
>Literally Shit
>Plastic wrapping all fucked up
>Logo on Cookie spelled wrong
>Mexican Cockroach
>Inconistent Creme, probably mexijizz
>Never eating Oreos again

Seriously Pol, WTF happened and why did Hillary do this to such a great brand?

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>buying food from mexico

there's your problem. just buy the off brand.

Tried the "Nice" brand Oreos, gave me cancer

Hydrox are the original and the best


why settle for second best?

my man

Where do I get those, I want them now?


fucking kids these days man, i swear

These are good and I know the name has history but it's really hard to get past it Hydrox sounding like a drain cleaner product.

>Claims to be made in the USA
>Parent company is literally called LEAF

Is this how Trudeau funds his racemixing propaganda?

What the fyck


>Made with REAL SUGAR

kek, burgers and their (((GMO CORN SYRUP)))

They're terrible. They don't taste like oreos.

Wait they moved to Mexico? When did this happen? I haven't had an Oreo for probably a year.

made with real sugar since 1908

Have mom whip up a bunch of home mades and deliver them to the basement

cause Oreo's are a counterfeit product, and have been since 1911

Oreos don't even taste good to begin with

Stop eating sugar you faggot.

But they taste way better.

Yes, it's bad man, here's a link:


Stop watching porn

Oreos are disgusting

>had Oreo's the other day
>tfw didn't even notice

>ate oreos an hour before this thread

Whole Foods 365 Brand Oreos coming in. These are literally better in every way.

2.99 per box

What did they mean by this

and you dont think you use the same? or estrogenize your water and food sources extra?

I haven't bought oreos since they moved, if I boycott something I mean it. Pepsi, Kellogs they can all get fucked.

Haven't had an Oreo in close to a year now probably

Loved the mint ones. Anyone else make those?

How can they be Americas favourite cookie when they were only invented 7 or 8 years ago?

Good for you dude, props!


Oreos are fucking shit, fuck off with trying to make everything here Oreo flavour
Also American chocolate is fucking shit



I bought the "Peppermint" ones, there were mint ones on the shelf. Be careful, very unsafe to eat!

hol up hol up, you be sayin' we now cookie masters n shiiieet?


This shit sounds like a fucking bleach component

Hershey's is garbage because they use spoiled milk.
Honestly anyone who eats any chocolate with

But "Milka" sounds like Grandpa's jizzing in it, not eating that shit for sure

They probably are better. I hate Whole Paycheck but they do sweets and baked goods extremely well. Lotta fat-ass yuppies shopping there, kek.

I ate Hydrox as a kid and preferred them to Oreos. I probably still would, but I have no idea where to get Hydrox as I haven't seen them locally in decades.

Oddly, enough Walgreen's "Nice!" line makes some cheesecake/caramel sandwich cookies which are surprisingly delicious. I try not to buy sugar but when I get offered some, I usually accept. They're vanilla type sandwich cookies with cheesecake frosting in between and in the middle, a dab of caramel. Hella tasty.

>Hydrox Cookie Retweeted
what the fuck

Wtf I hate hydrox now.

topkek, now I want to find some just to reward them

yeah duendes are cheaper than elves

>Almost all big brand foodstuff is made in Poland
>As are most knock offs
>Cost 1/3rd the price

Such is life in the Isolation that is the Baltics.

Anyone remember "Mystic Mints"? Basically an Oreo with peppermint frosting, dipped in peppermint milk chocolate. Fuck, they were good. Melted in your mouth. I miss the 80s.

I want to believe that Hydrox is a pure cookie and they simply arent aware of furries.

can someone tell me when the off-brand became more expensive than actual oreos?

Yeah, I member

This is probably quite true. Most people still don't know about the horror that is furries.

>Whole Paycheck
then get a bigger paycheck.

a lot of their prepackaged goods are expensive but if you buy ingredients to make shit from scratch it definitely is cheaper than their prepackaged goods

when i was in eastern europe, i noticed your grocery stores suck. and your "healthy" groceries really dont have anything on ours.

then again it seemed like everything was cheaper

>Build a wall
>all the nuts
I'm conflicted, I don't know if they're mocking or supporting Trump. One way will lead me to go buy some right now, the other will cause me to boycott them for life.

That's disgusting.

Oreo's were the most miserable excuse for a biscuit on the planet even before the Mexicans got hold of them. Hyper sweet and made you feel sick after eating one.
If you're going to eat something sweet make it count and don't eat shit.

First, where were you, second, what do you mean by suck?

If you want fresh farmers produce, you have to go to a legit marketplace.

Hard telling. They'll retweet anything with the name Hydrox name in it (even furries)

same thing happened with Hershey's chocolate. They moved their factories to mexico, stopped using cocoa butter in favor of PGPE and vegetable oil, and no the chocolate is absolute garbage.

I grew up near Hershey, PA. We used to go to Hershey park once a year. The whole town smelled like chocolate and it was magical. Then I went back one year when I was 18, and it didn't smell like anything. I wondered what happened, and looked into it only to find out what Hershey had done. It's been almost a decade since I've bought any Hershey products.

I hope Trump brings Hershey's factories back to Hershey, PA.

Just give me cookies with coconut oil and sugar instead of ((corn syrup)) and ((vegetable oil.))

Prior to 1950s:
>coconut oil is a "natural preservative"--just never goes rancid
>so associated with good health and lean physique that it's marked up 10000% and sold as a health food
>the way white sugar is produced ensures it's 99.9% pure

After 1950s:
>big US agriculture needs a market for all its seeds and weeds
>starts grinding them up and extracting oil and syrup
>new foodstuffs never before consumed
>university studies bribed to paint them as "healthty"
>seed oil is omega 6 and goes rancid in a week and so needs loads of artificial preservatives
>even that doesn't stop it from going immediately rancid in your body and becoming giant free radical factories in your gut blubber
>corn syrup is contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides because it is an unfilterable liquid
>also has a much higher calorie count than sugar of the same weight because polysaccharide contamination

((Coincidentally)) the rate of all degenerative diseases spiked and continue to climb after introduction of those shitty foods.


> a fucking leaf


>I grew up near Hershey, PA. We used to go to Hershey park once a year. The whole town smelled like chocolate and it was magical.
Like a nostalgia kick to the nuts. As a kid growing up in Baltimore I used to anticipate Hershey Park visits more than Christmas itself.

The Hydrox brand is older. Oreo was a knockoff. Yes, there's even a red pill for sandwich cookies.


Can confirm. 365 are great. The chocolate biscuit actually tastes like chocolate. If you get them on sale it's a good deal too. $3 for over 300g of cookies.

E Ger. Pooland, Hungry, Czechia.

Rare OG Trump meme


When I was younger my father used to take the family to Hershey park. It was about a 2 hour drive for us.

I remember going through the little ride that tours the factory. The rides were pretty damn cool as well.

That's fucked they are gone now.

They're like that because in 1900 when he invented it people couldn't really afford chocolate, so Hershey made a chocolate bar with a smaller amount of chocolate and was mostly made from old milk. And because of that he was able to sell it at an affordable price and it became the most popular chocolate bar here.
There are a lot better chocolates, pic related is usually the size a normal 3-4$ one will be.

Sounds like name for some dish washer liquid m8

I could've sworn hershey chocolate tasted better as a kid. Now I know.

I gagged when I tried the chocolate syrup topping for ice cream. And the regular candy tastes like ass. The ones with nuts taste worse. You'd expect the nuts to mask the bad taste, but no.

Is it true the hershey bars taste like puke? I swear it's what i've heard here. Also why the fuck do you guys sell 1 POUND bars? It's crazy.

Hydrox is the real Oreo. And I know they still make them because I saw them at the store last week in Spring Hill, TN. There is this drama behind Hydrox and how Oreo fucked them over. Wikipedia doesn't tell the whole story. A whole lot of shady shit went down and Hydrox got robbed by Oreo slick advertising, going as far as to claim Oreo was the original. Look it up if you care.

"Hydrox is the brand name for a creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie manufactured by Leaf Brands. It originally debuted in 1908, and was manufactured by Sunshine Biscuits for over ninety years.[1] The similar Oreo cookie, introduced later in 1912, was inspired by the Hydrox. However, the Oreo eventually exceeded it in popularity which resulted in the Hydrox coming to be perceived as a knockoff, even though it was the original.[2] "


>stopped using cocoa butter in favor of PGPE and vegetable oil
It was terrible even before that change. Just admit it, Hershey's has always been shit. You just didn't know the difference when you were a kid.

Cry more, bitches.


Yes, it tastes like vomit now, because they replaced the cocoa butter with fillers and vegetable oils. I'm fairly certain one of the fillers is butyric acid, which is meant to give a creamy taste and mouthfeel. Unfortunately, butyric acid is also the chemical that makes vomit smell like... well vomit. So when yuros say Hershey's taste like vomit I completely agree with them, because there is literally the chemical constituent of vomit in the candy bar.

>without HFCS
>made in America not Mexico

Hydrox master race

>Leaf brands

Kek Sup Forums has ruined me

how can a simple package of cookies invoke such a strong case of patriotism? very impressive

Not everyone on Sup Forums is still in college. I was old enough to remember when Hershey changed the recipe.

BTW Hershey's Symphony line does use cocoa butter. But not enough to make it taste like not-shit.

I think most Americans are so familiar with it that it doesn't taste like vomit to them.
The 1lbs things are just novelties, almost no one actually eats them like that.
Maybe I would buy a 1lbs kit-kat though.

>Get boycotted for supporting LGBT
>Decides instead of fixing themselves they move to mexico to save cost because they are getting boycotted
>Get boycotted even more by moving to Mexico
Holy fuck this is funny.

Comes with a free gun and diabetus.

Oreos are shit desu

who the fuck is that guy, that is not my image reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I just saw one in a store that imports your sweets, you've got massive cans for your drinks as well. That doesn't look healthy at all.

>made of detergent and Canadians
I'll pass.

Fucking furries have to ruin everything.

I've seen this happen a few times to other posters.
Dont know what causes it.

Nip oreos > Hydrox > Whole Foods 365 oreos >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Oreos (TM)

Back the fuck up gayboys.
Finnish confectionery magic coming through.

I mean Scotland deep fries milky ways, I think it's just that a lot of people in every country just like to eat and don't give a shit about their health.

The CEO of Whole Foods hates Obongo and unions so he's okay in my book.

These are the best though.

God Bless America

>Domino is Finnish
So this is what it feels like to have been born in the Mecca of sweets, the Baltics?