How should society deal with the bullying problem, Sup Forums?

How should society deal with the bullying problem, Sup Forums?

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Harsh consequences for physical abuse in school.

Embrace and encourage it. Weed out the weaklings

Handguns in school.

This, /pol need to be taken out

there should be no "schools", why are we not growing our children like Sparta? We could have super warriors instead of weak faggots

bullies are usually closet faggots and the one's who get bullied are usually obvious faggots, they're perfect for each other and while they're fucking around normal people aren't bothered

Bullying only arises in unnatural social environments. A voluntary society solves this.

let the victim stand up for himself without a authority figure fucking things up.

Bullying is human nature, especially in kids. Seeing as single mothers don't know how to properly teach their child(ren) the concept of self-defense, the bullying "problem" isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

this, both bullies and bullied are generally shit, just let them fuck each other

The only problem is punishing kids who stand up for themselves. If we let kids handle their own problems without threats, young lives would be much better.

And if they don't want to stand up for themselves, sucks for them fampai

>Allow the bullied to beat the shit out of bullies
I'd love to see a bully try to maintain power when he gets knocked out and sent to the hospital legally by 3 nerds who sucker punch him

Bully the losers all you want, but take the beating when they rise up and get revenge

bullies are not the problem. the problem is the school system punishes people for fighting back. This creates a situation where only the bullies can fight others since they generally dont care about the rules while good students are afraid of punishment so they do nothing but take it.

Encourage it on minorities.

I bet bullies are disproportionately black.

yeah they always have been since desegregation and niggers who dont bully are bullied themselves

By manning the fuck up, I don't know, they attempted to bully me many times for being fat and uncool, I just ignored stupid remarks which usually led to physical confrontation ending with their shit rekt, then bullying was no more until another retard got the same idea. Otherwise cameras, in place of study students shouldn't be entitled to privacy, suddenly no bullying, lying or cheating on tests.

they're probably disproportionately bullied as well.

All of these.

A - it's self defense. Don't want to get fucked with? Learn to fuck someone up.
B - Stop trying to get other people to solve YOUR problems
C - Someone kicks the shit out of their bully? Praise them, they've shown that they aren't a beta male who gets pushed around.

Keep kids from having access to social media until they're older
Teach self defense

Make some Doom maps and listen to Marilyn Manson.


>How should society deal with the bullying problem, Sup Forums?

Teach people to band together. I was never bullied in school because there were always people to have my back. I never had to fight or do anything, the only times anyone tried to shit talk me someone else who liked me would tell them off.
Never had to pretend I was anyone that I'm not, I just did what I liked and was nice to people. People will get your back if they know you're a kind and good person, they won't let you get shit on.

The people who seem to get bullied are the ones that don't have any friends or anyone to get their back.
So you can either learn to be so strong on your own that people just won't fuck with you because they know you'll fuck their ass up, or you gotta get help.
Make friends with whoever you can.

If you're weak and you can't make friends then what the world is trying to weed you out, since you have no place.
The world does not get any easier.
You'll just end up being a leech on society that gets subsidized housing and shit while you work at McDonalds and burn your life away playing F2P online games and jerking off to anime.

Yeah its funny until you bully some kid into shooting up school

Germany would be the one to fag up the thread from the gate
Nigga kids need to be picked on and fight each other
>grow a spine or be trampled on
Maybe a lesson your country should fucking learn faggot

the teachers should be the bullys , not the students.
Introduce military style schooling in all public schools- teachers will be hard on students with the elimination of peer bullying in exchange for authority enforcement.

Right between the eyrs, like trump says. Now stop this slide shit and get back to digging wikileaks

By teaching people to stand up for themselves and deal with their battles in the best possible way that they can.

hit him in the fucking face. If not, wait until he's not paying attention and slam him over the back of the head with a chair or something. No one will fuck with you after that.

Bullying is good. It rids children of anti-social behavior, and forces them to step their game up.

>remove bulling from school
>people don't learn about human interactions
I guess I will have to bully my children.

weak should fear the strong

Also this

>But Muh dirty fighting
Yes, because there's rules and an honour system to having a physical fight. You want to fuck someone up? Do it, it doesn't matter how, just do it.


Man the fuck up or crawl into a hole and die.

We have allowed our children to become pussies with zero tolerance rules. We should mandate a no enforcement rule for physical attacks and let children learn to defend themselves.

Bullying is natural and it's the only way for people to man up.
Safe zones are cancer

open carry....any type and caliber

quit the "it takes two to fight" mentality in schools. Parents need to quit raising such pussies.

Bullying is a necessity to train humans for the real world, i.e grow thicker skin. The bullying industry has been dying out lately hence why Tumblr, SJWs, and "safe-spaces" are a thing.

Teach children to defend themselves instead of running away

>Be me
>little spic in kinder
>This retard in the classroom is always being a faggot.
>Scribling shit
>Stealing shit
>Talking shit
>We cant do shit because i am literally in the retard classroom.
>One day the retard goes too far.
>I have this original USA Army backpack that father bought me from across the border in one of his business trips.
>Love the backpack, loads of pockets , camo is 2edgy4me, and it carries all my things.
>Retard scribbles "puto" on it with permanent marker when i wasnt looking
>Try to contain my anger, think for a way to get my revenge without anyone noticing, as attacking the retard was off-limits.
>My little spic brain comes up with a great plan
>Wait for bell when we are allowed to go to recess.
>Tail the retard as we are going down the stairs (We had huge as tits steps with rails every 50cm so we could go alone).
>As he approaches the stairs push him with all my fucking might.
>Retard goes flying and screaming as loud as it fucking gets.
>He flies down like 5 steps before crashing hand first into the ground.
>Now the screams of surprise become a huge wail of pain.
>Try to contain my laugh as the retard is screaming to the top of his lungs.
>They call their parents and take him to a hospital.
>I never see him again.
>Later reveal secretly to the group that i pushed the retard.
>A girl gives me a kiss
>Shit was nice

Repeal truancy laws

teach every kid to gang up on bullies and beat them up if they try it

I don't like bullies, luckily i was a crazy bastard when i went to high school. In Kiruna way up in the far north where i just fought them to submission. They were actually very scared of me.

I remember joining first grade at 7 years old, everything was scary. One day a bunch of kids came shouting and i joined them, they were shouting like fatso and a lot of stuff like that but i did not know what a fatso was.

So i joined them shouting fatso and a lot of stuff relating to that.
Then suddenly i saw a fat guy crying and i suddenly understand what i was doing.

I quit instantly, and wondered am i bad person. So helped the fat guy, and then i got so angry i could not believe it. I wanted to kill everyone but i did not.

I quickly realized there were bad people everywhere, i was brought up in a protected environment so i did not realize thee were bad people around.

the problem usually deals with itself desu

i don't understand how bullying is even a thing

>bullies are usually closet faggots

where the fuck did this meme come from

or is burgerland really that full of homosexers

There are many kinds of bullying so it's delicate how we control it. It's not okay to bully kids for something they can't control, like being disabled. But if somebody is acting unacceptably they need to learn from experience. If a child thinks it's okay to be a weeaboo in school, bullying will prevent him from talking about anime on job interviews.

Lol stupid, I was a bully in highschool if you look at it like that. We picked on guys but this was always because they had signs of cuckness and betaness.

It's almost like a bully is your best friend trying to straighten you up. By rattling your cage.

Now there are also bullies who just terrorize people out of hatred and don't respond to respect. That's a different story I guess

>MFW My dad never gave a shit if i got into a fight,just so long as i did not throw the first punch.

A discipliner for ever kid, who is allowed to beat the shit out of them

I used to be very involved in something called J. Krishnamurti, which is about truth and world peace. I was never a Sup Forumstard other than agreeing with tyranny. Im not sure if these are Sup Forumsacks with this mentality but mine was on true non-violence. I have just gone through 8-10 years of living in a society where i was not allowed to do anything other than embrace the narrative of the left. If i said anything that resembled that we must all pull our own weight to get along or have responsibility to get along i was attacked. It took me an enormous amount of energy to hold onto my beliefs through what i perceive clearly as tyranny. I had alot of hatred put on me merely because i was honest. Because i was honest i was blamed for alot of what more hateful Sup Forums type people are about. Im not really understanding where this mentality is coming from. It would do nothing but create an environment of nigger-tier coercion like we already have. To see that the society is corrupt and ambition and ruthlessness does not mean a person is anti-social or hateful or unstable. What we have right now is an environment which does not even allow such a philosophy. If you are ambitious and just equate that with intelligence you are wrong.. To say that anyone who does not accept the traditional view of success and ambition would create a communist like environment of tyranny. Im tired of being black balled. To me this is just not the intelligent response to the problems we are facing in this sick world.

A bit of bullying can be useful

>or is burgerland really that full of homosexers
No. they're just way over-represented in media. Not every social circle has two lesbians and a black tranny.

Bullies are the older brothers of the schoolyard. Necessary. The real problem is: WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THE BTFO NANCIES who don't shape up and fight back.

>literally murdering retards
Never change Mexico.

Violence. It is always the answer.

If someone you barely know is disturbing you on purpose, you don't have to show restraint or honor in my opinion. Teach him/her a lesson they will appreciate the rest of their life.

There was never any bullying in my school, maybe it's a British thing but we'd all give banter back and fourth without getting butthurt about it.

And the only physical fights were between wannabe tough guys trying to prove how hard they were by fighting their rivals, if anyone picked on someone younger or weaker than them they'd get the shit kicked out of them by all the other big lads jumping at the chance to show how hard they were.

I think this might have also been helped by the fact that everyone had a knife lmao, so if anyone did take the banter too far or anyone got ganged up on and was seriously scared they might have pulled a blade and stabbed someone.

So my solution is to give all kids knives and no one will take anything too far. An armed school is a polite school.

Let kids handle it, don't punish kids for defending themselves.

This is a good way to raise a son.

If you were a white guy and you had that mentality over the past 4 years you would be in prison with all kinds of draconian and exaggerated crime enhancers and sub crimes. You would then most likely be singled out for being racist as most of the dudes in jail and prison are now wiggers without any strong racial indentity.

grow a pair

What's the problem? I was in high school 2009-2011. There were no bullies and besides a group of niggers the only time I ever felt threatened was when I was getting too chummy with someone who didn't like me. I guess it's a nigger problem like everything else in this country. I live in OK so niggers make up like 3% of my town's population.

Also, pretty well written greentext.

I am not a millionaire but he seem's pretty proud of me

Quit being a fucking cuck. Bullying is society's way of straightening out faggotry. However, what really needs to be dealt with are the niggers at school who sell drugs and bring in their tribal-gang bullshit. That should be priority one, as we can't civilize these savages when they are too busy wondering whether or not they need to chimp out or not.

Thanks for creating a future Trump voter.

this is true

It depends on what your definition of acceptable is. You speak as if we are all unified on what is order. Most people over the past 8 years would have said to lick black ass is order and get cucked and there is the tyranny and bullying involved. If you are a young ambitious white guy that has your own view of order without any humility then you are merely doing what any other thoughtless person has done. There are alot of white guys now who have this attitude without an ounce of intelligence. These are the same guys who in the past were saying that anyone who doesnt accept political correctness is disordered. Would you say it is correct to bully someone who was a very serious and intelligent person because they thought the society was sick? Because it sounds like a form of communism we are encouraging. Not very smart.

Teach them to fight/get big

Also bullying helps you man the fuck up

t. Someone who was a turbovirgin who got beat up everyday by the sporty kids before I started lifting and fought back, initially made mistakes in the fights but defeated them eventually, earn't their respect and now good m8s with all of them

does that pic has a background story or just a stock photo from a "bulin cuckboi" google image search.

>got beat up everyday
don't lie, nigger

Im kind of curious as to what Sup Forums thinks of this.. Im not trying to sarcastically stir up problems. It seems like we are just speaking from instincts.. which is another loop hole in Sup Forums's logic. I have just spent the past 8 years being black balled like holy hell by wiggers that want a pat on the back from dindus all because i had a philosophy that the society was sick. I was very thoughtful and intelligent about it, i did not take sides. I was threatened by nogs on a daily basis, hell where im from the police side with nogs, the cops are like wiggers. I guess you could say im out of touch with society but one of the only reasons i embraced Trump was because i was tired of tyranny. I used to explain myself very well to people just like the ones in this thread and they would say i was sick and disordered and needed to be bullied. This terrifies me.. I dont want any more communist esq. tyranny. Nobody deserves to be oppressed. I tired of stupidity and violence put on my person by hypocritical people.

Rape your bullies. Prisoners do it and it seems to work. Assert your goddamn dominance.

thank gd this unfunny clown got cancelled

On a slightly related note, how did Sup Forums feel about this movie?

Corporal punishment.

Bullying, that's a paddlin.

Put schoolchildren in dangerous situations where there is a small possibility of death and let them take responsibility themselves for not dying. Create dangerous situations where cooperation is required, this is how people find and define their social roles and leaders emerge.

In the chaos of traditional school life there is no pressure to maintain the groups social cohesion as a whole. Modern schools are like mini rat utopia experiments.

kill all niggers and mongrels

This so hard, I wasn't afraid of the bullies, as much as they hurt, what terrified me was the punishment that would come from standing up to them, and going to a teacher is for cucks.

So I just took it until puberty hit me like a truck and suddenly I was a 250 lb, 6'2" dude and no one wanted to fuck with me on the off chance I decided "fuck the rules"

Gas the kikes


>a paddy wants to paddle

Confronting rivals and dealing with social issues when you are a kid and nothing really matters prepares you to deal with confrontation and problems that actually matter later in life.

Battle Royale

KMFDM not marilyn manson. Come on user get it right. Also basement tapes.

This only works when we exclude all the other forms of bullying that aren't mainly physical violence. What happens when name calling, pranking and humiliation every 10 minutes, on a daily basis, becomes the norm for poor one-eyed brow Steve and his overweight greasy ass? Treated like shit by people you're forced to deal with every single day gets a toll from anyone, and there's so much a person can take before they break or... snap, so, if "as long as you don't throw the first punch" isn't even an option, what would your simple minded average joe dad would have to say when his son choses to deal with his bullying problem by falling grades by skipping school, self loathing himself on a depressing rollercoaster where the ride never ends? What would your dad in all his mighty wiseness would have done in his place? If your answer is "Man up! don't take shit from them!" is your answer, you don't understand the magnitude of his problem, as it would imply he had the skills to deal with them and prevent bullying from long ago in the first place.

Stop raising pussies. Also listen to your kids and not be a pussy yourself and fix the problem when it actually happens instead of ignoring it..

>name calling?
Ya i can talk shit too.

Put it to you like this,my speech skill when i was in highschool for all "picking a fight" purposes was 95% success rate.I could get someone to hit me no problem.

>MFW you never learned the art of talking shit as a kid.

Forgive him. Somehow NOBODY knows of KMFDM, even when referencing to the shootings. It's the most unknown known band i ever heard of, it's mindblowing.

ban girl bullying

encourage boy bullying


I was always told to fight back.

I went to male catholic prep school all my life though so grew up in a Tradional bubble.

In middle school for instance the Brothers and Teachers would encourage kids to fight it out. They would deal with bullies if it got serious or it was disruptive during class but foremost they would encourage the students to stand up for themselves.

I like that philosophy. you don't do anyone a service by shielding them from reality. In the real world there is no teacher or parent to run too when someone's being mean. Being "nice" and coddling may make adults and kids feel good in that instant but it's not always right and if done to the excess can be a great disservice to a child.

Some times the only right thing is to be "mean" and tough on a child. No its not easy but that what it takes to prepare a child for adulthood. Being overly sensitive a child's feeling and foregoing these life lessons is selfish. They don't don't call it tough love for nothing.

In the end it's a balancing act. And unfortunately we've swung way to far to the "nice" side.

bullies are necessary

Allow students to conceal carry

Call it what it is, Leaf.

Nigger Aggression

he didn't?