Why does Sup Forums give a fuck weather other races are getting white women, admit it if your angry your a looser...

why does Sup Forums give a fuck weather other races are getting white women, admit it if your angry your a looser. so what its their choice maybe a gook has a better job or the black penis is better what does it matter. the white race is dyng because many of you are neet pussy ass niggers

>maybe a gook has a better job
The girl in the OP with an Asian guy. He does a much better job at fucking than 99.999999999999999999999% of white men.

Shitty b8

yes im sick of these stupid post where you guys post a mixed couple, and then you proceed to bitch and bitch, fuck off

also fuck neets, they shouldnt have opinions. none of them have accomplished shit. before they start bitching fuck a few bitches and get your ass off the computer

I'm a maximum chad, and it still pisses me off.
I don't wanna live in durk durkastan in 30 years and watch my grandchildren have to deal with nigger bullshit at every turn.
The Asians that can pull down white pussy, I'm more okay with.

white girls fuck dogs
and your oicture is of a tranny

who said their fucking sand niggers. no one is fucking sand niggers that is why they rape. also real niggers arent responsible enought to hold a job that white women is doomed to poverty fuck them

its bobbi starr you faggot

i fucking hate bitching, man up get laid if not your not cut out then you sink and die. their are over 8 billion on the planet. the brown have outfucked everyone. but their poor as shit. take their women and do whatever the fuck you want. who cares if they fuck other races, fuck it none of you are pure white anyways, and people who arent even white with white skin pretend to be white. fuck it all to hell

its too late bro. its too late. just have kids with high iq and you will always be on top of the world. fucking shitskins wont improve till 3rd generation at witch time you will be miles ahead

Fuck off /r/asianmasculinity

im not fucking asian. i hate all of your pussy bitching thats it

'white women are getting fucked by black men and they love it. but guess what they still all mary white men

We're the ones who end up paying for the bastard kids.

then your an idiot for marryng a whore


i don't really care if other races date white girls. if you put the time, effort, energy, and resources into courting a girl and she accepts, then i can respect that.

white men dating other races is a different story, because they are betraying their culture and settling for less. we already knew that girls don't care about their culture unless their male superior declares that they must, a woman without a man has no compass.

and white men who complain about this while not even trying to court females, along with any other race who indulges in this kind of behavior, belong in the trash can.

It's called taxes.


>the white built all this shit

He means through tax for more gibs, you fucking mongoloid

dude thats a whole other issue related to welfare reform and immigration reform. also its not white women having single kids as much as the epidemic levels in the black community

fuck off sheepfucker

this is their parents fault. also bluepilled normies, these people will always be lost and always exsist

>i don't really care if other races date white girls.
>white men dating other races are betraying their culture


Nice try

m8, 'm a married working man with a decent life, but coalburners are traitors to the family, tribe and nation.

Women are the most valuable assets of a society. Every woman going for the bbc is a women who isn't having white kids. That in itself is a problem.

It's funny though why black chicks aren't craving the white cock, on every level it's a smart choice for a black chick to marry white guys but they still go for single motherhood and low level thugs.

>I don't wanna live in durk durkastan in 30 years and watch my grandchildren have to deal with nigger bullshit at every turn.

i dont care as long as the blacks arent niggers or shitskin muslims. look it sucks but your not going to change anything bro, the goverment has fucked you especially know that the uk is a fucking shitskin country. sorry bro


sorry bro, i do feel for you. the shitskin problem in the uk is beyond fucked

race mixing doesnt really bother me as much as the dyng culture. but yeah nigger genetics and shitskin genetics really fucking suck

I'm retarded. What did he mean by this? Aside from the obvious eradication of certain races.

Welfare, jackass

i told you welfare reform is nesessary, listen to thomas sowell on how welfare is the reoson these nig nogs are fucking having kids with one fucking parent

We're 87% white m8.

You and the French are in a far worse situation right now.

he means the retards will be killed off and replaced. but this was before we started giving them rights and shit. before we were rascist and fucking murdering asswholes, so it would have gone that way but muh civil rights

oh yeah but here their not walking all over the streets they have their own neighberhoods and work. fucking idiot french are fucking accepting them. also you are 87 percent but they are on every street corner and you fuckers allow sharia wtf is that shit

no mexican is raping white women on a weekly basis here. if a mexican does that they go to jail and get killed by the white supremist in jail. so here its a little different

Kek! Whites were so lazy and entitled that they had to import slaves and low wage laborers.

It's the reason now why people would rather an immigrant. They will show up and work hard.

White people will do about 30 minutes of real work, take a 3 hour lunch, and then bitch at you about how they're being discriminated against when you fire them and they can't pay back the loans they took out to attend ITT Tech or whatever worthless school they attended.

I guess the problem lies in the cold reality that white people are the only people who get shit done without resorting to sub-human behavior.

Yeah, Asians sort of have their shit together, but Japan is full of pedophiles, and Chinese people are among the grossest and tyrannical people on the globe.

The death of the white race will ultimately lead to the end of the world. Even civilized non-whites are generally more violent, dumber, and generally terrible.

KSA has some cities that look like their from the future, but they still act like barbarians when the mood hits them.

So, if you want whites to die out, I guess that's fine, but the inevitable backslide of the globe into 3rd world conditions seems like a waste, but that's just me.

No, niggers represent 3% of this country, and pretty much all live in south London.

The Bangladesh live in Tower Hamlets, East London

And the Pakis live up in North West London, Bradford and Luton.

They are in their own communities, and Islam is 4% of this country.

We don't have sharia law, but there are some Sharia courts, which is retarded.

More importantly, this country is growing in terms of Conservatism/Nationalism. The average Joe i pretty much hating on muslims now, and is pretty newbie on Sup Forums in terms of being redpilled.

Thanks senpai.

I wonder if the civil rights/sjw bullshit will eventually be our undoing.

who said i want it to happen, but all the white women are indoctrinated in this jewsish fantasy of mixing cultures. people of color who assimilate understand they have shit genetics and work to improve. but the immigrants 1st generations outfucked everyone. china will sorta be the leader of the world from know on. sure their perverts but witch race isnt at this point

Well in that case, no one is getting raped here either. They are technically, but not like how you're projecting it. You're either reading too much of the same shit circulating on Sup Forums, or you're getting confused with mainland eurocuks

also, do you not realise how many white women get raped by nigs in US cities?

i hope you all hate muslims and vote them to a minority, yes fuck the sharia courts wtf do they even exsist wtf. also the mexican neighberhoods are safe. try going to a paki neighberhood with your girl and not getting ugly stares

nigs are a different thing, people are aware of the nigs and usually stay away. you have a climate moslty sweeden, where they are just chillilng walking down the street and a mob of men lift their skirt and try to finger them wtf, or they are walking home and are getting scary stares, also germany. you guys have sharia courts wtf

Your bullshit isn't going to fly here Reddit user.

they do

the average joe stopped voting in 1997, because they thought the country lost hope. that was until the politics with internet became a big thing in 2014. people looked up fact and saw that we're still nearly 90% white, and how fucked europe is, and how repulsive muslims really are

again, most people here have always been ''racist'', but they just become the dead majority, and stopped voting.

no they're voting again, and if you look at BBC propaganda, the kikes are going all out. Programs with racemixing are getting boycotted etc

also, for some strange reason, jews are flocking away from this country as they're apparently becoming ''scared'' since there has been bigotry with the likes of Farage and other nationalist becoming big

lol yeah sweden is fucked. they have feminist parties etc, and one of them said that they want to turn sweden into an interracial matriarchy

also, most people in britain won't stand for shitskins in general. a normal chav would lash out at a shitskin

I always saw people's problem here with race mixing ( those who arent just blatantly racist) is that it is something that appears to be pushed onto white females, and mainly white females.

And if I were a white guy, i could see how that could really piss someone off.
Like whats so wrong with white people that the powers that be feel that the white race needs to be diluted and ultimately result in white genocide.

Personally I dont find anything wrong with race mixing if it is done out of genuine love between the two, but even that can be put into question, what with the whole race mixing agenda being pushed.

i got banned from some of the sub reddits due to being rascist, its funny what will trigger them. also im against multicultirsm

>interracial matriarchy

right as long as the color people are assimilated and know american culture they are fine. but when you try to get a shit culture and a white women that pisses me off. stay loyal to the country and you should be fine,

I don't understand how you can push someone into race mixing when it's ultimately their choice at the end.
Seems like it's all just bitter anger that some white women prefer black men.

>Tfw half Mexican
Nothing is being "pushed" on white people when it comes to race mixing, almost everyone has a preference when it comes to race and sometimes that happens to be a race they're not part of. Or god forbid someone like someone else for who they are, and not their skin color. Unless you're outright racist there's no problem with it

dude all i see of the uk is shitskins walking around doing nothing but looking at women. fucking poor sweeden did they fuck themselves over and germany too wtf sharia law really. i hope you have people keeping shitkins in their place. here the mexicans are standing up but we got trump know so shit will work out fine. the illegals are the big problem here mexicans have always been here but assimilated then came the illegals

why does op care what the fuck 4chins thinks?

dude i dont care but every fucking day their is a picture of a black guy and white guy and its pissing me the fuck off deal with it, also most of the people commenting are fucking neets that shouldnt even have an opinion on shit

yes this is true, many people have a prefrence. this is what im tryng to say. who care who fucks who. im against fucking multitculrism. people come here and refuse to accept the national sentiment and want to live like their home country

Well you should just get used to it.

Whos the grill


Nope, I live in an area just outside London.

It's rare because it is a community where there are some shitskins knocking about, so my town is like 80% white.

Thing is, even here in this town, shitskins are in their own world, and hardly knock up withes.

People here hardly mix unless it's a mega nu-male, or a total aged out fat whore whos been fucked by a million chavs

this is a problem tell the shitskins to assimilate or get the fuck out. here mexicans are actually respected because some actually live like americans. also they are christian so they live by christian values not shitskin muslim asswhole pedophile values

The nigs (jamaicans) here in my suburb are pretty civilised, and go to school and library etc. ain thing is, they don't mix with whites in terms of relationships. they just stick to their own.

meanwhile, ghetto nigs in nigger London are getting aborted let, right and centre

Women are easily influenced by the media and trends and fall for the were all equal meme.

The fact is some of us are smarter than others and others are stronger

>Whites owned slaves
>Whites owned

i think the bigger picture is fuck mutlicutirsm and leave race mixing alone. just dont have a white women mary 1st generation immigrants. and make 1st generation learn the language and culture. fuck their culture if they want to live with us


ha women cops

I cam see why race mixing would have problems in other countries but pretty much any mexican/white couples is very American. The only Mexicans that act and identify as Mexicans and not Americans are the mexican/mexican couples straight out of Mexico

yes very true, these are the scum that must go communist sympathizers they are