Tfw you hate Christians

>tfw you hate Christians
>entire family is protestant

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lol. Faggot.

lol. Faggot.

go take muslim cock you retarded leaf

you've fallen to the dark side user

you're taking a path your family can't follow

have fun in the eternal darkness (a.k.a. hell) you crave so much

I wanna drop a load in God's tight asshole

aww poor you
it must be terrible knowing your whole family cares about you and prays for you

>hates spending time with family
>hates family dinner
>hates giving and receiving gifts
Might as well commit suicide user. This is the happiest time of the year.

your family should kill you faggot

Does it matter that much? You all still believe that Jesus sacrificing himself is the path to salvation. Do the differences in the magic words and rituals you use make that big a difference?

of course you hate christians if you live with protestants or vatican 2 catholics

if you had a chance to live with traditionalist catholics you wouldnt hate christians so much

protestants are not real christians, an you are humongous faggot

muh purgatory

still the best religion in 2016

This picture is retarded. Do you actually believe this?

why do hate christian's, faggot?

You're not alone.

Far right-wing atheist reporting in.

Pauvre petit anglo de suis entourer de bon Catholiques...

because he is a faggot rare flag guy

only good thing about luther was his attitude towards da joos

But what if you meet a nice Protestant girl?

This girl literally lists "decorating for Christmas" as a hobby

>tfw Quebec
>have the canadian flag on pol

On est les vrais Canadiens, Bubba...vous etes juste des fakes Muricains...