ITT: Prove you are white


Can I just post a picture of my pay stub?

That'll do

family owns business, i joined the military to boost family income, left military after 8 years move back in with family after college on gi bill.. now own multiple peices of property with family. nothing more white then family with successful shit and a red neck side with meth problems you dont talk abouti.

Okay... is there a new form of nipple recognition software I was not previously aware of?

Minorities don't own 10mm or paid off Escalades on stock wheels.

ITT: Post your face so i can save you on my folder.

Lots of creepy fucks on the internet anons, stay safe.

I have been waiting ages to post this

here have a face.


I can read cursive.

You got issues


Do you shave your nippels?
My nippels are hairy as fuck
Shoulders too

I'm 100% with a bit Jewish blood

100% white

most people on Sup Forums are too young to have developed chest hair

>Long single strands of hair around the areola.

Sorry to break it to you faggot but you are mostly a hairless Asian.

>pink nipple
pick 1

I dont get the pink nipple thing
it's clearly a nordic phenotype thing, not something present in all whites

it's just a meme, made to make south euros sad and inferiority complex'd

Good arms my nigger, gotta work on the neck tho.

You are all in my bed :)

underage detected

My mother can cook better than your mother

fucking degenerate

I don't know about white, but i'm european.

Is op a pubescent 14 year old?
I thought chest hair like
was normal.

Are briefs comfy? Might start wearing them since I've always worn boxers.

>have a dad
>know my dad
>dad still lives at ho-
Oh, wait. ;_; Well I see him every few weeks so maybe it still counts.

Check that white man's earlobe

Is this supposed to offend me?
>1 post by this ID

slavs are not white.

I'm 21 and I have literally no chest hair whatsoever

A bit tight. I get mines on eBay, from China for about £3. Just a preference, loose ones are ugly.

Here I am


Based eyebro

American white male here Sup Forums

Is my nipple pink enough bois

Yes of course but where are the hairs?


That's a breast and I know it. Post more

U caught me
U like hairy tits?


No! I do not like hairy tits! That was a nipple tbf

Wow, that is a sexy nipple.

>Little dick
Am i white enough?

stop posting porn


My friend says that you are definitely a man


I'm as white as all of you, r-right guys?

Tits or gtf...

Wait. Nevermind.

Hello brother

Nice dick there ma'am.

I like mayonnaise

Post feminine penis


Yeah but what is your eye color

I drink several glasses of milk a day.

White is right

>America is 2% jew
such a (((coincidence)))

>His countrymen have anything but pink nipples
I never knew some people considered this a proof of whiteness desu. Neither did I know having blue eyes is considered special until I ventured to Sup Forums because everyone I know has blue eyes and most have blonde hair.

I would suck on that for hours on end :^)

I'm a stealth jew

>72 percent jew
nope, get out dirty sandnigger

Noice :^)

Is Cape Verde rare?

Narrow clavicles/10


Ffs only Sup Forums tells me to fuck off when posting nudes.


That's a very feminine pussy.

dafuk is that supposed to mean

Put sharpie in pooper, otherwise fake.

I might suck your dick :^)

He means you have great dicksucking lips :^)

Put my dick in your pussy otherwise fake.

>tfw blue eyes and pink nipples/bellend
>"b-b-but muh 60%" shouted the Spaniard/Italian/Greek/Balkanite in dismay

poopoo-slavs and turk-rapebabies BLOWN. THE. FUCK.


Quit smoking

Stop browbeating him! Can't you see he's sexy?

You got bits of toilet paper all over your muff miss.


I watched this shit as a child and i loved it. Proof enough?

>tfw you have the face of a man but the shoulders of a 7-year old girl

Wtf is that?


The question was are you white, not are you gay.

Am I white

Designated shitting toilet


This isn't the dick I asked for.

He is pretty attractive. I just don't want him to get lung cancer.

nohomo tho

Post booty


only a white person could wear that. you are good to go

>implying I'm not fapping to your gorgeous Viking legs :^)

>4 chest hairs

Your jelly amuses me keep it up

I can't help it I still see balls