Majority of people vote for Hillary

>majority of people vote for Hillary
>Trump wins

>american """democracy"""

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>Majority of Italians are shitskin
>Claim they are white

>Italian """"genetics""""

Not a Democracy, bait, sage, etc etc

Oh yes this bait again.

I know for a fact you have been told time and time again the difference between a republic and a democracy.

Why the fuck do you refuse to accept reality?

>48,05 %

gtfo desu

I love these threads. We used to have to leave here to mine salt, now it's delivered.

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>throw pieces at the enemy
>take all their pieces
>get queen taken and king corned and checkmated
>b-but we had more pieces

American "democracy"

I hope all of you are saging

i thought you had your own buttfuck to be hurt about

Not how it works here.

Le bait thread.

>implying america has ever been a democracy

>51 counties of 3141 counties should decide the president
>not counting millions of illegals who voted
>electoral college wouldn't be discussed if Hillary won


Republic, numbnuts.

>Trump won over 3,000 counties
>Clinton won 54

Really makes you think

Because it really matters what foreign countries think of the US election, right?

Does Trudeau even allow you to make mean comments?

I'm going to report you to him.

Shut the fuck up you Nazi sympathiser

A fucking leaf! :^)

Hello Pedro. Hows the wall coming along?


>Trump Rally in Fayetteville, NV 12/6/16
>Pence Rally in New Orleans LA 12/3/16
>Trump on F&F 12/2/16
>Trump/Pence on Hannity 12/1/16
>Trump Rally in Cincinnati OH 12/1/16
>Trump Speaks at Carrier in Indiana 12/1/16
>Thanksgiving Message from President Elect Trump 11/23/16
>A Message from President-Elect Donald J. Trump 11/21/16
>Trump Objectified 11/18/16
>Trump ditches press pool to get steak dinner
>Trump Meets with Obama 11/10/16

>Martha Raddatz Starts To Cry Over Trump Victory
>Best Of The Young Turks Election Day Meltdown 2016
>The Truth about Trump Protesters
>SJW Meltdowns
>Trump Saltmining
>Clinton landslide

>Trump Victory Speech 11/8/16
>Donald Trump projected president on CNN
>Donald Trump projected president on Fox News
>Putin congratulates Trump

>Donald Trump on Getting Revenge

the majority of people didn't even vote

how can you say which America actually wants?

its not democracy
never was
its a representative republic

Majority of people voted for Trump in the states he won and that is how our elections are decided

Hillary lost. Just reminding you. She lost. She did not win.

>majority of CITIZENS vote for Trump

ftfy pastabender


>government steals and redistributes wealth

>>majority of people vote for Hillary
>aka the extra 3,500,000+ sanctuary city shits at California who voted with their "green" cards

It's very embarrassing

This and also even if it was

trump gets the mageority when you subtract the 1,000,000,000 votes from dead people the 3,000,000,000 votes from ilegals and how blacks are olny worth 3/5ths of a human and a vote

get fucked wop


at it again commie?

The majority of people didn't even vote, you retarded spaghetti nigger.

Trumptards will never be able to cope with the simple fact that a majority of voters voted AGAINST their candidate.

OP is baiting faggot, sage etc etc

The thing I hated most about this whole campaign is that liberals were so fucking smug because they thought they had such a moral high ground and that the rest of the country was behind them.

It's that whole "right side of history" bullshit SJW pull out of their asses. I wasn't necessarily a Trump supporter, but god it felt good seeing liberals eat humble pie.

Obama even encouraged illegals to vote. Go fuck yourself.

Democracy is a meme, bro
It has never and never will exist

Nobody cares about what the majority thinks.

The people voting for president isn't even a concept in the constitution, it's just a nice thing that each state decided to do. They could cast their votes by lottery if they wanted.

Here's your (you).

>California and New York don't get their way
>Everyone else should bend to their will

>liberal """democracy"""

I believe this is one of the reasons Trump won. People were sick of constantly being belittled and called some sort of -ist or a bigot for simply having their own opinions.

The pendulum is swinging back. People are done being demoralized for having their opinion.

Actually it does. If you factor in all the wasted third party votes, Hillary would have won easily.

Nail on the head.

This. Good fucking God. Sage.

If the queen had balls she'd be the king.

>majority of states vote for Trump
>he wins

working as intended

I kind of respect the whole republic voting system because of representation, but you faggots really need to stop touting that baseless 3 million illegal votes number.
Show some fucking proof or shut the fuck up

We are a representative democratic republic. At least do 1 minute of research before shit posting ya fucking shit skin wop


ho lee shit

it's probably closer to 5-10 million.

>Be Italian
>Get Prime Minister nobody voted for

There's nothing wrong with any of those things. Recognizing differences in people which create problems and wanting to avoid those problems is basic common sense. Hopefully this idea of forced diversity and self-destructive pandering to minorities will become a thing of the past if Trump does well.

Each state should be represented as their people voted.


When she was surpassing in pop vote by 1.5 mil it was 2 mil illegal votes.
Now that she's past 3 mil it's 5-10 mil illegal votes.
Nice evidence

The only thing that matters desu fampais

Not all republics have an electoral college.

>the united states is a democracy

all that pasta is going to your head abdul

Italy is the new Canada.

America is dead. Hillary won fair and square.

What is a Republic?

Does your mum know ur postin'?

so, what you're saying is that out of the millions of people who are aware of the issue with illegals voting, their estimates vary?

not sure what you're trying to say here. there's at least, at LEAST 12 million illegals. at a 40% turnout rate you've got at least 5 million votes. who knows how many voted multiple times, how motivated as a demographic they were considering the racially charged nature of the election for them.

you saying that you've heard someone say different numbers at different times doesn't mean that illegals don't vote, which is an absurd and untenable position.


do you know what a 'source' is? do you know what 'proof' is? what are you disagreeing with here?

1.minimum 12 million illegals. mostly in sanctuary cities.

3.which resist voter ID laws and in which anyone, ANYONE can vote.

4.democrats have made this part of their political strategy - import minorities and pander to illegals, in order to secure a large voting bloc.

5.this election featured people believing unironically that trump was hitler but for spics.

6.the veritas footage indicated that the democrats have been bussing people around to vote for a long time and their attitude is 'fuck ethics, fuck the laws, lets win'. you disagree or argue with ANY of these? if no, then illegals voting follows as the inarguable logical conclusion.

THERE is your proof. 7 points of unquestioned, widely accepted, uncontroversial facts that add up to a single conclusion.

source? let me know what you're uninformed of and i'll try to help you.

democracy and republic are not mutually exclusive morons

USA is both a republic and (pretends to be) a democracy(but is really an oligarchy)

republic = head of state is civilian
monarchy = head of state is roalty

democracy = rule of the many
oligarchy = rule of the few
autocracy = rule of one

This should be the first post every time this shit thread is made.

Again, until you post actual proof, that means fuck all

How hard is it to understand why we have this system?

It was so unfair that no-one complained until they lost
Some folks will never get it

What bullshit rules did they agree to that got a pawn up to the 8th rank?

Terrible image macro.

Nigger and spic voted for GiB me dat . Aryan voted for God emperor Trump. And day of the rope is coming for fags like YOU.

that IS proof.

god, your mind is broken.

It's said a dozen times in every one of these threads, but we're a republic anyways, and both candidates knew that winning the electoral college, not the popular vote, is the goal of a presidential campaign.

>majority of states voted for Trump
>Trump wins
>federal republic working as planned

really makes you think

Did you fall off the wagon again Robert?

>55% voter turnout
>majority of america

It's a constitutional republic, faggot.

The people elect representatives within their congressional district to represent their votes and ideas. That representative then votes on bills on the behalf of his people. If that person pisses off the people enough, that person won't get voted in again. The representative also elects in the EC. Hence it is a republic.

If we were a democracy, we would run by mob rule, and no matter what happens if the majority want something, they will get it.

Yeah she did great in states with zero voter fraud protection flooded with illegals voting in multiple districts multiple times.

America was designed as a Republic, not democracy. Idea of majority's tyranny and stupidity was actually taken into account. Leftists are doing their best for decades to destroy what helped make America superior to so many others.


if you don't vote, then you don't care, if you don't care, you don't count.

From the people who change governments every year or two, you wops should really shut the fuck up.

fuck off mexico.

Tho somebody needs to get rid of the shit-tier dahnald meme and make it for normies.

>Fails to mention over 3 million illegals voted for Clinton.
>Does not count the dead people voting for Hillary
>Trump actually GAINED votes in WI

Italy is whiter than your disgusting country will ever be

"a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch"
you're either a republic or a monarchy, other options include theocracy and military junta

so yes, you are a republic, that's good, you get a +

"a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives."
you're either a democracy, oligarchy or autocracy

if you're NOT a democracy then you're either an oligarchy or autocracy, which is it?

>California votes counts less than any others

While I agree that Trump won, because he played by the rules, and the rules were decided before. I also believe the electoral college is bullshit and should not be a way to elect someone in a democracy, why certain areas have more votes per population? Who is deciding this?, in a real democracy every vote should count the same, however like I said, Trump won, and that result should be respected.

>20 states should have more power than 30 states
>51 counties should have more power than 3091 counties
>232 electoral votes should have more power than 306 electoral votes
Simple Majority would be disastrous here


>majority of people

>About half of the ballots in heavily Democratic Detroit, which overwhelmingly supported former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by a two-to-one margin in the Nov. 8 presidential election, could be tossed out of the ongoing recount because the number of voters and the actual ballots cast don’t match.
>The problem isn’t unique to Detroit, and it casts a shadow over the accuracy of the election

To anyone who responds to this. Tu quoque is not an argument