Since all you Trump voters only see white people as human perhaps this will put things into perspective for your small...

Since all you Trump voters only see white people as human perhaps this will put things into perspective for your small idiot racist brains


that statement is so fucking stupid that all I can do is to leave this picrelated here

What's "WWC"? White whale cock?



Also, Not sure, but I think White Working Class?

World Wrestling Championship. They rely heavily on affordable health care due to the dangerous injuries they sustain in their brawls. That said, repealing ObamaCare would actually lower their premiums.

>overwhelmingly WWC
What did Tech N9ne mean by this?

>White whale cock

Holy fuck I lol'd

Please inform Mr (((Krugman))) that he appears to be defending against the idea that any attempt to revamp Obamacare is racist in purpose. This is known as a straw man.


Go get a fucking job and buy your own insurance you lazy fucking nigger.

How the fuck do the US fail in something Mexico had decades ago?

One post by this ID, stop posting now.

Obamacare fucked over the working class. They're paying more and getting less. What would a fucking leaf or some rich smug twitter shill know about this?

Oh, Krugman. Lol.

>29.8 million lose coverage

which they can easily get again through Trump's new cross-borders system, and at a cheaper rate.

>overwhelmed by the white whale cock
So many white people in this country, the WWC is overwhelming how can Jews even compete?

It's as if you don't listen to Trump or republicans.

No one is saying to have no HCS

Fuck Obamacare, I just want to go back to paying $150/mo for healthcare instead of $375/mo.

>a canadian shilling for obamacare on Sup Forums

what the fuck are you doing with your life?

Why do these morons think we care about race. It's about the government leaving us the fuck alone.

Oh wow 16 million useless whites will lose coverage. People still dont get we hate everyone equaly.

>tfw cucked by WWC

The thread literally just started you butthurt piece of shit

How many whites will save money on their inflated taxes and private healthcare cover premium hikes?

Implying Mexicans wouldn't prefer treatment in the US.

Didn't a woman have a kid outside Imss cause of waiting line?

Oh look, another dumb Canadian faggot.


I am trying to make you see sense

All you care about is muh whites yet revoking Obamacare will kill many of them. You are so hateful you have become blind

White Wrestling Club

stupid leaf go focus on your own countries problems obamacare is a mess we need open state insurance more competition better prices/coverage

Its all people on the left care about, so obviously that is all we think about. Projection, narcissism and a little bit of autism to keep detached from reality I would imagine is the thought process they use..


and replace


I'm one of the few Trump voters who actually supports universal healthcare however Obamacare is severely flawed and not the way to do it. Now if the Republicans actually had a feasible plan to replace it beyond "vouchers" that won't fully cover the cost for 90% of people that'd be great.

Even Trump himself has voiced support for universal healthcare in the past:
>“If you can’t take care of your sick in the country, forget it, it’s all over... I believe in universal healthcare.” - 1999
>""We must have universal healthcare...I'm a conservative on most issues but a liberal on this one. We should not hear so many stories of families ruined by healthcare expenses..." - The America We Deserve book
>"TRUMP: “I am going to take care of everybody. I don't care if it costs me votes or not. Everybody's going to be taken care of much better than they're taken care of now—the government's gonna pay for it. But we're going to save so much money on the other side. But for the most it's going to be a private plan and people are going to be able to go out and negotiate great plans with lots of different competition with lots of competitors with great companies and they can have their doctors, they can have plans, they can have everything." - 60 Minutes 2015

Does this fuck stain understand the premiums those 16 million are paying are unaffordable or that insurance companies themselves are pulling out of marketable cause it's causing them to lose billions? Jesus Christ

I never said is perfect
It's functional don't screw over the working class and most of those cases are usually because the high demand of the IMSS

>You make a product/sell a service

>You must compete on price/service so people buy your product over competition


>Lobby government

>Government passes law people have to buy your product or they go to jail

>Charge whatever you want for your product

Krugman is joke tier economist

He made a speech at my college, the trading club i am a member of heckled him until they threw us out.


>listening to or even allowing this "economist" a platform

>make a meme watermark
11/10 content and delivery


Time to blitzkrieg into Poland I mean Canada.

white women of color

check your privilege

Okay. It's still shitty health care

Range ban when?

Women With Cocks

ITT: personally attacking OP in order to hide the fact that there's no rebuttal to his point.

top kek

>thinking Obamacare actually worked
Get out faggot

>implying it won't be replaced

Somewhere along the line the left took to calling welfare sponges and retards working at McDonalds the """""working""""" class. The people who actually do work for a living are starting to catch on to (((their))) newspeak.

Still a shitty system. Healthcare needs to be overhauled completely before we can pull this off.


Now since when does lack of healthcare kill people? Also we're reforming healthcare in America, making it better not getting rid of it

Fuck em

> 16.6 million whites will not be forced to buy health insurance that covers fuck all

How about we work to lower the cost of health care so health insurance won't be a necessity? Or is that kind of thinking to far outside the box for Paul "Break-your-windows-to-help-The-Glass-Industry" Krugman?

2/3 of coutry is white
>2/3 of ACTA recipients are white


white working class enrolled because they are forced to

Fucking kek user, you deserve a (you)

60 posts in and I still have no clue.

Best bet is white whale cocks I guess.

If people insisted they pay cash for routine health care and prescription drugs while utilizing insurance for catastrophic purposes only, health care would be fixed in a month.

The equivalent to how people use health insurance now is if every time you put gas in your car you submitted a claim to Geico.

>Why is the cost so high!?!

White Working Class

took me like a minute senpai

dude people were forced by fucking law to adopt that garbage. its not an improvement to have people covered when theyre forced at gunpoint to be

why should poor people have healthcare?

Paul Krugman is a dumbass academic with no real world experience who can't predict shit. He said the markets would crash if Trump won. I'm looking at 19.5 fucking thousand on the DOW right now.

A more realistic description would be how most "poor" people use the emergency room instead of regularly seeing a family doctor

Instead of taking your car to the local body shop to fix the ding you got in a parking lot, you decide to ship it back to its original factory for repairs.

women with children
aka worthless single mothers

>raised premiums
>raised deductibles
>nearly all insurance companies left the market
>people forced to pay for useless coverage or get fined


honestly poor people should just be banned from hospitals in general. Who cares if they die? there are literally billions of them.

there are less than a billion whites

if you're poor you're a nigger, even if you are white.

hop into the gas chamber, kike

no youre not fucking retard

nigger is for blacks only. kill yourself civic nationalist nigger

>he's rich he must be a kike

back to tumblr, libshill. just because you have zero work ethic doesn't mean everyone does, nigger.

>the poor are just downtrodden whites, we should tax the rich and help them out
sorry ctr, but your socialist propoganda wont correct this record.

>minorities don't have insurance
we already knew this

>saying a word means something specific is being a socialist

you are a socialist if you think the poor deserve anything but disdain.

krugman :^)

Haha so now these kikes are pretending to give a fuck about white working class? The very people they've been shitting on for fifty years?


jesus christ you're literally a kike
or maybe just an athiest

go correct someone elses record, shill.

Tfw work in medical billing
Tfw try to explain this
>But Trump is bad

We didnt say only whites are human.

Just niggers aren't.

World Wide Cocksuckers. An international faggot club.

Krygman hasn't been correct about a goddamn thing ever. He consistently shows he knows nothing of economics, or Trump's plans. It's rather embarrassing.

>Paul Krugman

He is always, always, always wrong.

If Krugman says repealing Obamacare will hurt whites, then you can bet your ass that it will be great for them.


Not sure but I think that's a form of strawman: no one gives a shit which "group" of people are affected by Obama-care repeal. "People" want Obama-care repealed because it blows.

a FUCKING leaf xddd

Meh, I got my insurance. Good luck everyone else.

i remember a great ytmnd with that comic from years ago

>10% of the population loses coverage
>50% get their premiums lowered
Sounds good to me familia

Wow Krug, it's almost like white people dont fucking care about your identity politics garbage.

Krugman is supposed to be a fucking ECONOMIST, but he is just an ideologue hack who spews out garbage that fits his own political ideology.

>possessing the faculty of logical thought processing

Fuck drumpf

Your'e still shit, you fucking Leaf