Jewish names

How do you guys always spot Jewish names? I understand Goldstein is 200% Jewish but I don't know any others. Can you guys please expand my Jewish spotting vocabulary so I can spot them when they do stuff.

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I grew up in (((Jew York))) so my Jewdar is off the charts honed to perfection.
But ultimately, it just takes practice in spotting patterns.

Any name that
>ends in "sky"
>has a "tz" sound
>has a name straight out of the Old Testament

There's no easy system, but keep practicing and you'll be able to spot the Shlomos from a mile away.

Thanks mate.

Names that end in:

Or contain:
Gold, Diamond, Silver

Among others...

Dude, all of the obvious "Jew" names are obvious. What's really important is that you learn that their influence goes way beyond anything you imagine. Naturally, they have bred with basically every type of person so they can look like anything, sound like anything, act like anything, it doesn't matter. Anyone can be a kike.

Lots of normal sounding names are also related to kikes. Consider this, Central Europe is basically a den for the Khazarian Ashkenazim Satanists that rule the world. European names can also belong to kikes and actually look up some of these names and you almost always see Ashkenazim being connected.

Here's an example- Trump's great grandmother was named Katherina Kober. Does that sound "Jewish" to you?

Well it's actually an Ashkenazim name. Makes sense because she lived in Bavaria, one of the most kike'd parts of Europe.

Yeah they like those shekels. Thank you.

add -ski and then complete /thread/

It's basically any German name that doesn't denote an occupation or place of birth

Almost anyone named Seth.

Don't forget -bladt


>Katherina Kober. Does that sound "Jewish" to you?
It absolutely does.

I think, as other user noted, that it's -sky in the case of the Jews.
The Polish have the -ski names. Isn't that true?

Just like the Jews took German names, they also took Polish ones too.

Download (((Coincidence Detector))).

I can spot names that are likely to be Jewish. I also know the meaning behind a lot of surnames.

It's because I'm a fan of onomastics. That's the study of names.

I find it fun to know the history behind names, a lot of names have interesting stories behind them.

Start onomastics as a hobby and soon enough you will get a vibe of names that are associated with Jews.

There's really no 100% method. Some Jewish families in the past were straight up ASSIGNED random surnames, because they didn't have one and the government started requiring that people have surnames.

Any name surrounded by a bunch of parentheses usually sets off a red flag for me.


This. To OP: I just google names of people and read the history of their surnames.

This. Really useful!

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My name is Goldstone which is a variation of Goldstein

hot damn

Then there is also the case of the Spanish (Sephardi) Jew names.

Or English names like Miller or Fisher that can be.


-ski is 50/50 chance
german names are 50/50 chance

they often have weird german sounding names

nice plane

The (((Silver-Bloods))))! This explains everything.

roll for it, faggot

>The Polish have the -ski names. Isn't that true?
It's true, names ending with -ski, -wicz, -cki or something like that are polish. It's difficult to distinguish jewish names from polish if you don't know the language. Jews in Poland usually got their names from things like flowers, prescious metals, a city or a region. So for example the name "Poznański" is jewish, because it's derived from the name of city of Poznań - it's essentially a manufactured name that was literally bought. But a name like Wisniowiecki is completely polish. So identifying jews by the way their name ends can sometimes be misleading.
However in america people with polish sounding names usually are kikes anyway, since so many of them escaped from eastern europe;.
t. kike spotter pro

So he cant remember the context of the conversation or the date or even what he exactly said.
But he remember for a fact what trump said 15 years later.
Okay faggot. Sure

my last name is on that list... but... my father told me i am not jewish by blood, so its a lie, Sup Forums ?

Well, you Poles have had centuries of experience in dealing with them

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>Here's an example- Trump's great grandmother was named Katherina Kober. Does that sound "Jewish" to you?
Like 150% jewish bro, what the fuck?

>all of the Polish are jews
Wew lad. In reality even the y being jewish is a meme, it just so happens to be slightly more common among jews. When dealing with these people you need to look at the face.


This thread was more successful than I had imagined it would be. Thanks guys for the info.

Who would have thought it would be so easy to wind Trump up?

(((Neil Diamond)))

Just look at the names of anyone in the Trump cabinet

I already have an interest in the etymology of words. I'll start doing this too.

Green with any suffix of prefix

Nothing wrong with being a Jew. Get over it.

lol, even their names are money (gold/silver)

Also you could couple that with the common first names like: David, Larry, Aaron, Abe (Abraham), Daniel, Sam (Samuel), Gabe (Gabriel), etc.


Being in the Jewish supremacist hive mind is bad. And there are a lot of those unfortunately.



Tfw Jews sunk the titanic

But those are Polish names.


Also words that could be a profession or something and ends in -ers. Like Sanders, Millers, etc.

Also words like Star, Cross, etc.

Redpill me on the jews, why are they so evil?

Shirt and skirt are both derived from the same Old Norse word.


Fig and Raizon are actually also Jewish. We've got a few Figs and Raizons in our company. Ridiculous if you ask me.

Demon spawns from hell. There are many. Jews are one of the human forms. There are no human demons as well.

Any other suffixes?

That's just some sick irony then, because I've been trying to tell people about this for months and no one fucking listens, they're just like "B-but Kober is a German name, the kikes just adopted it!"

Pic related is the kike bitch herself.


Jew names sound Jewish, it just works out that way
Majority of the time it's a co-opted German name or a polish one
No rhyme or reason you just know, then you look and find it to be so

Aren't -berg and -stein names essentially german denoting a place?

I know there are jews with those names but it's not exclusively a jewish name.

Yes, just like -ski and -zki are actually Polish, but for some reason I see them more often in Jews than not.

That's not 100% true though
Plenty of Russian variations of sky that aren't kike names as well as polish and the Jews literally stole stein from the germans

If they sacrifice good content to push some illogical viewpoint you know who is behind it.

Why do you think he silver blood family was so Jewish in Markarth mate?

You are now looking at this post yourself

This has been my experience as well.


I know non Jew poles with a -ski last name. Pretty common in the Chicago area.

Commieshit garbage ripped off from the p40mustang

>mfw always side with Forsworn
Polish names ending with -ski are actually pretty aryan, they basically come from gentry or nobility.

You're forgetting Ben and Benjamin

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>any German name that doesn't denote an occupation or place of birth

Floating parasites.

First, Middle, and Last Name are important. Jews typically name their children with at least one "jewish" name. A firstborn son named "Matthew" would be named after Mattityahu, meaning gift of god. Or they might toss in a middle name like Jacob (Yacob, grandson of Abraham) The last name is often a dead giveaway, though not always, with steins, wicz, witz, berg, ow, or professional names like Diamond, Gold, Silver. Kürschner means furrier, but is anglocized as Kershner. Irvin Kershner was the director of Star Wars ESB.

For instance, Jared Fogle. "Yared" is old-testament shit. Fogle is from Vogle, which is German, Dutch, and Ashkenazic, meaning Bird (i.e. hunter/trapper). Then you cross-reference for the large nose, the near-sightedness, MPB, or pedophilia just to confirm.

But that's wrong faggot. Jewish last names include many occupational names because Goys consistently gave them limited monopolies in various crafts.


Problem is, there are some dummies who don't know and just assume. There were a bunch of retards here who thought the Schulz name was Jewish (it's fucking German) because of Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, completely ignoring the "Wasserman" part that is her Jew side.

Sometimes Sup Forums is smart, and sometimes it's dipshit-tier stuff that's on par with the retard who shot up the Sikh temple thinking they were Muslims.

Just look for these features, regardless of their name. The name is just further confirmation.

If we're going by PIN, then mines "Reuliel Goldberg"

Does anyone have an explanation for the phenotype?

In general I feel like nerdy people are more likely to have a projecting nose and closely spaced eyes, along with glasses (near-sightedness apparently correlated with genes which increase the pre-frontal cortex growth rate).

>dat feel when you have a high IQ yet retain a normie face.

Its harder here in the states because spellings sometimes got changed when they immigrated. Anglicizing was pretty common like Mueller changing to miller, -mann changing to -man, Fischer to fisher, etc.


>shots fired

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Holy fuck their noses are exactly the same. It isnt even a largely correct stereotype, its fact

damn gypsy curses!

Jews generally tend to have some or all of these features more often than the general white population:

>dark-colored, curly hair
>very dark eyes
>an inability to grow proper facial hair, especially on the cheeks and jawline
>a weak jaw
>a large, slightly hooked nose
>eyes that are slightly too small for the face, or too deeply-set, or too close together, or all of these
>very thin lips, often dark in color
>height below 5'10"
>a slight hump at the base of the neck, along the spine
>a predisposition towards chronic congestion
>Tay-Sachs disease


A lot of it is mix and match

Gold stein
Silver berg
Rosen blum

Could also contain


A basic entry level guide at spotting Jews. There are names that dont follow strict conventions though and stem from German or workplace names.


What about -weber?

I'm asking because my great-grandmother's maiden name was Scharnweber and I'm worried I might be (((one of them))).

Also German / Dutch variants. Asscher for example has to do with jewelry, it's a Jewish name but not that many here would recognize it.

Some are really obvious though.

The nose knows
>Sup Forums was right again

Get in the fucking oven kike

Fook laddy

Nice plane

nice plane

Oh, I forgot one.

>a strange kind of sneer they all seem to do when they try to smile, which always just radiates disdain and dishonesty

Do you take pleasure in screwing goyim out of their hard earned shekels?