If multiculturalism is such an inherently bad thing then why is Canada, one of most multicultural places on the planet...

If multiculturalism is such an inherently bad thing then why is Canada, one of most multicultural places on the planet, one of the nicest, cleanest and friendliest places you can live in?

because there's more than one variable in the world.

Canada's a dump

Because you aren't looking hard enough

Because we AREN'T multicultural mate. Canada is 80% white. Problem is, a decade ago we were 85%, and 2 decade ago we were 90%.

So diversity is on the rise and everything's staying great. Where's the problem?

>everything's staying great.
What country are you looking at because it sure as shit isn't Canada

and it will only drop more

>one of the most mulitcultural places

leave the big 3 cities

>why is Canada...
>one of the nicest, cleanest and friendliest places you can live in?

This meme needs to die. Canadians are none of those things.

Our media is a state controlled hugbox. What would make you think you'd ever hear anything that runs counter to the narrative?

not 60% white yet

because your country is still mostly white. Wait a few decades and see how it is then

it's probably closer to 70 t.b.h.

Cause it's Asians and whites, high iq people

Let me know how great it is with niggers and muslims

Look it's a leaf in burger clothing

When I was in Canada some bearded faggot called me fascist when he heard I speaking in russian with my friend. He followed me and cried about ukrainians and faggot rights. I wish i could punch him.

Toronto or Calgary?

Canada is really different from province to province.The big cities are the multicultural hubs, the small cities not so much. It's also less populated in the small white cities, sometimes you'll feel like you're in a ghost-town.

>he's never been to Toronto
Canada isn't multicultural. Toronto and Vancouver are multicultural, and they're both shitholes where no one can afford to live and migrants make entire sections of the cities unlivable by destroying them. When anyone tries to fix these festering shitholes by renovating buildings or cleaning streets, liberals shout "Gentrification!" and so those places get left shitholes.

But I can tell OP is from one of these kinds of cities. People who come from them, after all, usually tend to laud them as multiculti paradises, because they've never stepped one meter out of their safe zones near the university campus they attend.

tbqh familia, I'd call this a /thread.

He might've been a hohol. We have quite a bit of Ukies here.

Yeah, Toronto, how do you know? Are you that faggot?

Checkmate atheists

Fuck you Ivan. Crimea is rightful ukie clay.

I'm Alex and I love to spend time on russian Crimea beaches.

Our local ymca had to cover up the viewing area of the pool because shitskins complained about having to see women in bathing suits.

Aleks my boi

You've never been out of Vancouver, Toronto or to a lesser extent Montreal, huh? Its still very very white. As for your 'beautiful multicultural enclave' these are either nicer middle-to-upper-class neighborhoods or suburbs whose worst scum are edgy teenagers who sell pot and other drugs and think they are 'gangster' when they are in fact cozy coddled middle-class millennial OR they are awful, smelly, decaying mess filled with blacks and latino. Those aren't what I'd call nice neighborhoods.


Edmonton, Southwest

Forgot to add: and then you got the shitskin neighborhoods and I don't think I need to explain anyone who come here what a fucking mess those places are.

That's just the capital cities that are multicultural, and they are crimed ridden shitholes.

Toronto is on track for it's most gun murders in over 10 years. Where in 2005, it was named 'Year of The Gun'

It's to bad we don't have some real gun smuggling going on, those numbers would balloon!

Fug, I thought Alberta was a bastion. This will end badly.

Nah man, Southeast Edmonton and North Calgary are 100% sand nigger now.

Multiculturalisim is not an inherently bad thing.

Cultures are not identical. The effects of adding people from one culture is not the same as adding any other culture.

The outcome of adding loads of chinese to Vancover is very different than adding loads of Somaliis to Minnesota. American, yes, but culturally very close to Canada.

Canada is multicultural as it combines English with French, and a little bit of the rest of europe, plus whatever party is going on in the north part of America.

By comparison, central african countries are heavily multicultural, with many tribes coming into cultural contact and trade. And they're miserable failures, both pre and post colonial.

Multiculturalisim shouldn't mean blindly thinking that mixing all cultures is some sacred holy good. I contend that behavior is bigoted because it ignores the cultural attributes of the cultures that are mixing.

You guys are more multicultural than us desu.

Please go DT Toronto and vist China town and tell me if you want Chinese in your city.

Please visit Markham and see how fucking nasty indians and Chinese keeping fucking shitty and nasty. or somalis in young and finch trust me we are full. we need no more migrants also Koreans at young and finch keeping it fucking nasty .

Honestly, on the west coast I don't mind asian immigrants. Their parents really put in the effort to have their children integrate in to canadian society, more often than not abandoning their asian heritage.

Population Density.

Yeah i think thats just you tho. I hear alot of west coast do not like asian immigrants, they see them as a very big problem. imagine not feeling your in canada anymore when all you see is Chinese characters around, shit pains me every time I gotta pass through Markham. Now they are infecting pickering pretty fucking sad, alot of people are moving cause of it.

The most ethnically diverse countries are shitholes. Diversity is not a virtue.

What should canadians expect immigrants to do? Learn English and French to fluency. Have a job. And be a part of Canada. Anything else?

>Learn English and French to fluency
Its more like an 'or', really. French is a bitch to learn and not worth it enough for jobs. I admit it and I'm a fucking frog.

Point exactly .


Just English, fuck the french.

>What should canadians expect immigrants to do?

Learn the safe word before they start producing more wives' sons.

Was he a nu-male by any chance?

Never heard the horror stories in Richmond of strata councils only speaking chinese once there's a majority number of chinese residence in the building?

Am I missing something? How can Russia be homogenous?

Canada's small homogeneous towns full of white people are nice but the big cities filled with cultural enclaves are hell. It is not diverse as economic migrants who have abandoned their own people for greener pastures form their own little ghetto communities in areas, most notably low income apartment complexes.

The cost of living is disgusting compared to a couple miles south, wages are stagnant and low, Ontario's debt is beyond disgusting and people are extremely depressed, especially during winter.

Nothing is nice. Your vehicles rust from the salt, everything wears out quicker in the winter and there is little sunlight.

I wish to live in a nice state like North Carolina one day.

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>new somalia
>an african country
>in fucking europe
>ethnically homogenous

Are you forgetting Richmond, senpai?

Googled. Well he surely looked like photo on dramatica site.

Boy you're going to be in for a surprise. I've heard stories of Canadians that felt shellshocked once they started living in the states.

Bro thats is why we don't need anymore asians here they need to fuck off.

Listen up you faggots, as the great drake has said no new immigrants, The more come the less Canadian Canada gets. They come here, huddled in their small groups and act like they own this shit. FUCK OUTTA HERE FAGGOTS.

Because Canada only lets in rich people and quickly deport illegals.

Canada sure as hell isnt multicultural. Maybe in the sense that theres multiple segregated cultures that make up this country. But don't be fooled, we dont all magically get along. Especially with the fucking chinks. Cant drive worth shit

If you are posting this Imma just guess your a Chinese ......

Canada's multiculturalism has been almost entirely about different European groups. English, French, Ukrainian, Polish, German, etc.

fuck off you sub-russian scum

At this point canada may as well be a hor. Anyone can come in and fuck it the way they want to, and then take a massive dump on it.


Canadian multiculturalism works.

>one of most multicultural places on the planet
That's Brazil, and it's a dump.
And considering most of their other cultures are Asians it doesn't do as much damage.

Unless you are in BC or china town. Canada has more brown people.

Nazem Kadri for PM when?

I see people getting into fights all the time.
It's filthy. Our rivers and lakes are polluted, there's Tim Horton's cups, empty booze bottles and used syringes lying everywhere on the ground.

The cost of living is very high. Our birthrate is lower than Australia's. Every woman in any city is a feminist, hipsters, hippies, punks, trannies, fat people, freaks all around every city. I'm not even from a big city but downtown here are groups of Asians everywhere and they don't even talk to white people and none of them speak English. Oh yeah, and then there's our high taxes, crumbling infrastructure, weak currency, banana-republic tier economy, our embarrassingly inept PM, voter apathy, political correctness...

We like to paint this picture of being a holier than thou land of freedom and love, but we're actually just pathetic.

>trust me guys I know better than you do
How do you type while rubbing both hands together?

Oh yeah and the Chinese have us by the balls.

I'm 50/50 german hung-aryan and live in Kelowna m80

>all these false flagging burgers
l o v i n g e v e r y l a u g h



Mexico is not ethnically diverse lmao. Everyone there is either white or brown like Italy or Japan.

>Canada is 80% white.

Do I tell him?

>one of the nicest, cleanest and friendliest places you can live

This is an american meme. Canada is considered clean because the majority of our land mass is uninhabitable. The parts that are habitable are terrible.

Yeah sure.

Tell me fucking what?

"Nearly 6,264,800 people identified themselves as a member of a visible minority group. They represented 19.1% of the total population"

fuuuugggg i was planning on leaving TO for Calgary

btw I grew up in a very multicultural area of toronto, and frequently walked around late at night without any concern for my well being
random street violence is exclusively an ameridumb problem

Fuck this country. I just was at the #1 university and got lectured because of all the piece of shot cultures we have to deal with. We should not be accommodating people.