Brit/pol/ - Are Nige edition

>Battle for Brexit: No need for second vote on Article 50, head of Supreme Court suggests ahead of crucial motion tonight - live

>What does tonight's Article 50 vote mean for Brexit, which MPs will support it, and what happens next?

>Labour: MPs entitled to Brexit details

>Live: Brexit court case & MPs debate EU exit

>Meddling Tim Farron tells EU Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt Article 50 CAN be revoked

>MPs told they WILL get vote on final Brexit deal but WON'T be able to block EU exit

>Pro-Migration Report Admits British Workers Will Enjoy Higher Wages After Brexit

>Brexit Referendum Not Legally Binding, Supreme Court Told

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Tories are cucks.

>10 years for piracy

>Meddling Tim Farron tells EU Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt Article 50 CAN be revoked

Can this waste of life just fuck off already?

How long do you reckon it will be until the nonce shows up?

What do you think of cyclists Sup Forums?

Btw first for Jeremy Vine on Radio 2


>faces so ugly they look photoshopped


MPs who voted no today despite their constituents voting leave:

Graham Allen, Nottingham North - 65% Leave
Chris Evans, Islwyn - 58% Leave
Paul Farrelly, Newcastle-under-Lyme - 61% Leave
Barry Sheerman, Huddersfield - 51% Leave
Angela Smith, Penistone and Stocksbirdge - 61% Leave

Plaid Cymru
Jonathan Edwards, Camarthan East and Dinefwr - 54% Leave

Pic related was 2015's GE results in those seats, strong UKIP base to build on for 2020 when we oust these traitors.

Tim Farron should hang for treason!

Guy Fawkes did nothing wrong

What's gonna happen with Scotland? Will they get on board the Leave train eventually?

>Bolshevik rape babies.

Will someone please ban this fucking nonce already.

What happens here?


Yes, we're slowly sorting ourselves out.

Was there already a thread about this? MPs voted for Brexit to go ahead.

Not sure what it exactly means in Britland, can someone explain?

they have no choice.

if they want to choose the eu over England later down the line, that's up to them.

Me on the left




A cheeky song to lighten the noncey atmosphere

lol they don't have a choice.

>libdems beating us at LOCAL politics

What is today's vote's relevance with regards to the Supreme Court case that is ongoing?

>Are Nige

What exactly IS his endgame?

I mean, if he could have a perfect yet realistic world, what's happening?

Also, old woman I know at the Library apparently is a friend of Nigels mother.

>Graham Allen, Nottingham North - 65% Leave

Well he's a fucking idiot.

It means that they cannot stop us leaving basically.

it helps

Yes they can, the Commons vote wasn't legally binding either, unfortunately.

>65% Leave
>still vote no

way to commit political suicide, retard

Nothing is legally binding, you know what else isn't binding? The peripheral and central nervous system so they had better respect the decision of the people if they want to keep the two attached.


Basically House of Commons have backed the invoking of Article 50 by Theresa May by 31st March 2017, but if the appeal in the Supreme Court fails, they MPs will be forced to vote again?

Separate sovereign countries throughout the world separated by race. Each country competes economically and athletically and is generally one big bro club. We work together to populate the solar system.

do you run

Why are there so many nonces in the alt-right?

Mate, I was just explaining to you the legal side of things. If they want to keep their careers, they better respect the people who elected them. I get it.
It seems that Millennial Woes, Molly and Milo weren't included in this years youtube rewind video. What would an alt-right youtube rewind video look like for 2016?

Yep, but they're likely to vote the same way as they did today.

>tfw mum is having another baby
>she's 44

I am fine and well, I am overjoyed at the news about Carswell - 64%! There seems to be an online media blackout on whatever is happening in Rotherham though, paki rape gangs or something? Remember to be dubious of any "official" britpol sites outside Sup Forums, honey honey honeypots. I will try and stay in touch, keep cool britpol.

They will respect it, they are sniveling, cowardly shits they will worship my dick when I tell them to. Oh yes they will!





Bullseye on challenge lads

>watching overpaid manbaby 'entertainment'
No thanks

Member this ?

Neil btfo Abbott
Good times

Such a disgusting, Scottish face. I swear lads, what the fuck is the gene in Scottish women that makes them so fucking ugly?

I say this as a man with Scottish roots by the way.

My mothers son

Basically: if majority of MPs voted against Brexit, they'd have called a snap election and UKIP and Torys would have destroyed every single other party.

>Millennial Woes, Molly and Milo

Good goyim

>is it too late now to say sorry?
>I know that I let you down

am I the only one that sees a not so subtle 'lol 2016 was so shit' jab going on here, or am I just being /tinfoil/?

Welsh birds aint much better either :/

Who could forget THIS

I have two uncles who are younger than me.

Had to leave my 99% protestant town to go to Belfast today lads, so scary not knowing who's a taig and who's not.

Think of le children

>Literally nothing on all the political turmoil
>Like popular 3 memes 5 minutes of nothing

>Portillo's fucking face throughout

Holy shit. That guy seems based as fuck. Calling out black crime stats? Is that especially ballsy for Bong TV?

Oy Veeeeeeeeeey

I like to think that Portillo and Neill have lovely chilled out pints together

College murican here.
Redpill me on Brexit.
Why do you people want to leave the EU? Why is it taking so long?

i member

The revolution will be televised was alright though to be fair.

We're not that blue-pilled when it comes to discussing statistics desu. Literally everyone knows nogs are more violent. The statistics are always released, we don't hide them like Canada.

Neil is pretty good. He gives everyone a thrashing.

Bruv dont go throwing around accusations of taigery willy nilly.

All you need to know

Anyone have a full list of who voted for what in this Brexit vote?

K-keep me posted

It's ballsy for the BBC, but then Andrew Neil is the only reason they still have viewership.

Lurk more and here's a little spoonfeeding

Also he knows he doesn't need to say anything, he knows the Neill's got this one

she's standing on two stumps

>Why are there so many dysfunctional west Indian families

>Redpill me on Brexit.
It's happening
>Why do you people want to leave the EU?
Would you like to be ruled from unelected elites Costa Rica or another non-country in Latin America?
>Why is it taking so long?
Corrupt politicians, media and big business want to keep hold of the gravy train. There is billions at stake for them to enrich themselves and their cronies.





>He's not a tory

>three old men brutally fuck a young faggot

I was expecting a slow pan across for the cast of Murdoch Murdoch.

Although I am surprised that h3h3, filthy frank, idubbz, jontron etc. that whole youtuber clique weren't included.


>Graham Allen, Nottingham North - 65% Leave

What a fucking idiot. 65% leave, 19% UKIP vote in 2015 and you go against your constituency, government, party and country.

God damn it lads.

I'd done my best to keep myself away from anime, I'd only watched a few series, and liked Konosuba mostly because it was a piss take of other anime tropes.

... But all your Karenposting has got me to watch Kiniro Mosaic, my first slice of life anime.

... when does Karen come into it?


Nonce. Anime is for the paedos


It's a weekly slot now

>it'll be nice to find out something

Hahahahahahahahaha based Neil. Truly Britain's greatest son.

Is that a dude?

with the type of content they make im not surprised they weren't in it


episode 3 apparently, i dont watch anime tho

Get like 0% of the references besides pewdiepie
I'm old now at 21

This fucking facial expression.

Tilting her head up, eyes rolled, like shes annoyed at being fairly questioned and she's better than you.

Everytime I see a woman do this I want to hit them in the face with a fucking shovel.

List of 89 MPs where?

>I'd done my best to keep myself away from anime
You can't resist it. It's all downhill from here.

>... when does Karen come into it?
I think it was the third episode.

Lads i just wrote my mums birthday card and got a paper cut on my tongue from licking the envelope and it hurts and is bleeding a bit what do i do?

>t. anime fan
Fuck off fugitive kiddy-fiddler