>be australia


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>not sending dykes home for looking like men too

the streets should go both ways


Fake, you queers would believe anything.

Literally a fake news site.

Whats wrong with you aussie cunts?



shouldn't you americans be focusing on your own problems like your third-world murder rate, and widespread poverty?

There's clearly something missing from this story that the kid's family (that went to the media) is not telling.


But, but, Goldenberg...

le fake news jews

I am going to assume the boy is actually a girl

I'm so confused by the headline that I dread reading the article.

It's some tranny shit right?

what do you have to say for your older brother, nz?

This has to be it. Maybe there's some rule that girls have to have a certain length of hair and this "boy" is thus breaking the rules and the parents are being dipshits and leaving that part out.

Can't find anything that says mrctv is a fake new site. Unless you mean (((fake news)))

>that haircut
Literally Richard Spencer

good let this start bleeding further and further into our culture so I can finally fasc out

I looked it up on a real website.

It's a Catholic school.

Haircuts can't be shorter than a 2.

That was normal back in my day too.

He got a Hitler Youth, which wasn't the problem. The problem was that it was a 1.

Back when I was a kid, we used to shave our heads so we wouldn't get confused for private school homosexuals.

Be Australian.

Phone in phony bomb threat to Los Angeles Metro station.

Aye, much better to be a catholic homosexual.


shitty headline, all you faggots don't realize the school is actually PREVENTING degeneracy

>He got a Hitler Youth, which wasn't the problem. The problem was that it was a 1.
one way to get a week off to play vidya, shitpost and fap

That's nothing.


I thought so too. I read the article though and apparently it has nothing to do with this at all, just a school applying some weird dress code rule about short hair...

>Hair: Students are expected to have a natural single colour or shade. Hairstyles are to be compatible with the uniform and not of a radical style. Hair is to be kept neat and tidy. Girls with hair longer than shoulder length should have their hair tied back using white, beige or navy blue hair restraints. Long hair is to be restrained and not to fall across the face. Boys’ hair must be above the collar, tidy and worn off the face; hair ties/restraints are not permitted. Undercuts are not to be visible. Students are not permitted to have shorter than a ‘number 2’ clip. Boys must be clean-shaven.

He's got a Hitler Youth, which 95% of young Australian men have, but he goes to a Catholic school. No HY's or Man Buns permitted.

This is a unique case
Its where you're male but all your male parts didn't develop, so your body becomes an androgenous mess.

>MFW This is a catholic school
>MFW catholic school's have always done this shit
>MFW this board will blame liberal degeneracy for this bullshit
>MFW the real bad guys here are the right wing Catholics down under

>MFW I have no face

It's a white supremacist haircut. That should not be allowed. It is an incitement to hatred and violence.

yeah this, some people are born with some missing parts and it's tricky what to decide to raise them as

Not weird here.

You can't get hair shorter than a 2 or have hipster hair. Part of the uniform. No shaved heads, no beards or moustaches, no dyed hair, no piercings etc etc.

Pic related is the expectation.

>Australian private school being concerned with white supremacy


This is a legitimate medical procedure with intersex being a medical condition where you posses both male and female sexual characteristics. That kid is most likely the result of an extra chromosome or of fetal twins fused in the womb.

This is completely separate from transgenderism and is one of the legitimate medical issues that is being fucked over by special snowflake faggots.

Agreed, there's no way they could have burned that many bodies in just a few years.

>Corpus Christi College
lmao christcucks


Made up bullshit.
Kid is a rotten liar.

Fuck that stupid haircut. All men should have their hair shaven down very short, no comb overs or that stupid /fa/-tier haircut with one side shaven and the rest slicked down over the other side.

this is just schools here, when I was in school people got sent home for having too edgy haircut or coloured hair

this is probably some crusty old teacher didnt like his modern crewcut

yes it probably is but the story is here too

Most clinical diagnoses of "intersex" are not sexual chimeras but merely people with genital malformations. This is such a case, as you would have seen if you had read more than the headline.


oh i guess that makes it ok somehow




In the original source article, it establishes that the issue is completely unrelated to SJW bullshit.

The problem is simply that the school has a uniform policy which prohibits hair that is too long or too short. This kid has their hair clipped to a #2 (the bare minimum), but it looked shorter because his hair is fine. They got a note from the barber to prove it was the proper length, and the school let him back, but asked he wear a hat at all times.

Note - Australia is a country where all schools have uniforms, even the shitty ones.

Yeah same here bud.
Just typical uniform rules.

Our schools had different uniform colours so we could tell who the conniwhackers were.

fake news REEEEEEE

>too long or too short

wtf kind of uniform code is that?

>Australia is a country where all schools have uniforms




what do they do with the cancer patients? make them wear a wig?

impressive autism quoting everyone

Believe it or not one that mostly minorities bitch about because Muh White People Standards

Uniform isn't just clothes here in Australia. It's like in a corporate environment, where it's all about professional appearance and shit. Nasal/lip/brow piercings are also generally verboten.

As for cancer patients, "reasonable exceptions" are made for people with regards to uniform policy when medical conditions are involved. Same reason why people with broken legs/feet don't have to wear the proper uniform shoes and socks.

It's Ashley Rae Goldenberg, AKA CommunismKills. I'd race-mix with her, lovely Khazar milkers.

>people with broken legs/feet don't have to wear the proper uniform shoes and socks.
I'm sure the leftards will get round to that at some time!

>Ashley Rae Goldenberg


I like it.

Haircut looks fine to me. Neat and masculine. Fuck off PC, feminist, communist teachers.

Here's an example of a fairly typical Australian school uniform for boys.

And a somewhat typical girls school uniform.

What a fucking pack of fags

hair / tatoos etc are generally considered part of a uniform

we put cancer patients in hospital

It's about general presentation. Most private schools don't want you looking like a faggot because it is detrimental to that school's image when you are wearing their uniform and not conducive to a proffesional learning environment.

little bantering bastards

are they on their way to shitposting 101? followed by beer drinking 202?

thats fucking retarded. his hair is fine. went to spendy private school with bullshit hair policies, fucking retarded overkill.

>we put cancer patients in hospital
evil fuckers!

you should treat them nice, err noice

>Most private schools don't want you looking like a faggot
because they only teach that in uni?

Reminder: This is because of leftist shitposting.




What horrible cancerous website was that on the link. My hair looks like a gay boys hair now fu.

it does seem strange though, i went to one of the best grammar schools in the country (ironic i know) and had a crew cut most of the time i was there with no problems.

This is the boy's haircut from the side.

DESU he looks like a rat bag.

Catholics are real shit these days, ask anyone who went to catholic school. Fucking nuns bro

Wrong one

it's all about control and forcing people to do waht you want, whilst killing their ambition and will


look up john taylor gatto, has some good vids on the purpose of school

infiltrated on purpose, most of the pedo shit is deliberate to discredit them