Remember when nobody took this degenerate website seriously?

Remember when nobody took this degenerate website seriously?

kek you must be one of those retards who actually believes Sup Forums has any influence on the general poulation


>cartoon frog on CNN


t. Sup Forums

>got presidential candidate to rant on about cartoon frogs and white supremacists like some senile cunt off her meds
>had no impact on the election
yea nah cunt, pick 1

>not seeing an obvious MSM plant / False Flag to throw off the Internet from saving kids from sex trafficking

lurk more you fucking faggot

Yeah I remember 2004

i told you fucking faggots it was disinfo
i told you every fucking day every fucking thread
now look at you


>Believing any Internet conspiracy is real

Go outside faggot

>telling people to go outside

kys faggit

>Spread spirit cooking nonsense; making a massive upswing in latin american support for Trump/downswing for Hillary
>Spread actual fake news about Hillary drafting our daughters (53% white women voted for Trump)
>Democratically voted in polls in lefty stronghold websites to demoralize them
>Trumps spokesperson literally thanks Sup Forums for their help

Maybe he'll actually get laid instead of blaming niggers for all of his problems.


Dude is hot

What a waste

This site made a meme become the president

>few thousand guys posting frog pics on an anime forum changed the election because a few people in the media used pics of pepe as a way to make fun of Trump's supporters

This place really is full of untermensch isn't it

you know I'm right though.

>go outside
>get assaulted and robbed by a gang of niggers
such is daily life of an average american

>Remember when nobody took this degenerate website seriously?

I remember when this place was the asshole of the internet and the most fearsome place in the world.

And the adm was a cute cat girl

lol get a job loser

>brings guns
>shoots nobody and surrenders immediately

Look how fat the cop is

No wonder they kill everyone, they can't even run.


Somehow we stole the stole the threads of fate from Moirai. KeK truly is a powerful God.

Everyone just stopped clarifying they were pretending
and some people think they're in a special place

False flag or not, really speaks volumes of whos trying to trick who

>Remember when nobody took this degenerate website seriously?
yes and every day I wish for a return to those innocent, simpler days

> if it wasn't for Sup Forums I wouldn't be living in DC lol- (at least it's not NYC)

Delete these side threads
Help clean Sup Forums up


Lol, go back to stormfront fagboy.