"If we could achieve gender equality, the GDP would grow 26%"

wtf I support treating women equally now

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how the hell does that even work?

I thought spreading fake news against the rules on Twitter now.

Women starts working as much as men.

By taking away maternity leave

Because right now when women get paid their employers only give them 23% of what a man earns and then burns the rest of the 77%. If we just stopped burning the money because of the patriarchy we'd be richer as a country. I hate men sometimes.

i think that she's sort of claiming that if magical currency somehow appeared and was given exclusively to females eliminating the "wage gap" without having any sort of effect on the economy outside of statistical measures, the GDP would grow


>be CEO
>only employ women
>make 26% extra revenue

Why has noone thought of this?

its comedy


They're using that word, but they don't know what it means

They mean:

Gender equity

and doing the same jobs, like construction work, garbage collection, security, engineer and so on

>they actually want to get paid as much without doing the same jobs
>meaning they want to be paid more for the same jobs
>meaning they actually want to be made close to unemployable by asking for ~20% more for the same job with no upside for the employer
>yay we fixed the wage gap except for all the women who've become unemployable
yes they are this dumb, they didn't think it through at all

because instead of engineers you'd have to hire secretaries for it to work

>Pay women less, but only hire women
>Make a sick profit

Nothing new

i am sick of people with no knowledge on a subject chiming in. Very first thing I did was good this idiot, "does she have an economics degree? Maybe Finance?" nope, worthless.


That includes already employed women, right?

In 140 character please explain where genders are unequal and what economic impact those things have and how.

Its very true, if women worked equally as hard and were equally as ambitious as men the country would grow allot.

Too bad most of them are lazy cunts who take a day off every time they have heavy flow. such a burden

don't forget that they would more than likely support federal government intervention mandating these higher wages as well as attempting to prevent """equally qualified""" female candidates from being turned down for a job in lieu of a male

it'd be better if they thought less desu

Women are not men, stop falling for the equality jew, we literally evolved to have those differences.

The official feminist response is they're so sexist they consider women not value for money even at the reduced pay rate.

That every business owner in the world is so deluded that they're missing out on complete market domination due to their sexism.

Because women dont actually do as much work as men do or else the jews would have done it.

Feminism is a cancer.


Even if they take on the same jobs, they'd be more costly to employ

One example: building janitors wanting extra protection because they're in danger of getting raped

Women did not evolve to be engineers, it's that simple. People both liberal and conservative need to stop trying to fight evolution. Traditional gender roles existed for a reason, it's because they're close to what our natures predispose us for.

thats right goyim.. we need more shekles ... the illegal immigrants is not enough

wtf i hate the gdp now

Because women WANT to work on oil rigs, down mines and in remote locations for the high pay. Because they WANT to work dangerous jobs like undersea welding!

Grrrrrl power!

Or we could make it decline by 25%

Let's see what happens when your service waitress jobs are the same as the guy who works on the oil rig! Or when teachers have electrician or plumber salaries!

wtf I love pulling nonsensical imaginary stats out of my ass now

And they can, where are you getting the delsuion that they arent or are not?

>if women were as good as men the economy would improve

Well duh.

I think even leftist would support putting this turbo jew into an oven

wouldn't it lower GDP because companies would be losing more money? because right now it's financially cheaper to only higher women...that's what they believe right?

they DON'T fucking want to you moron, because if they wanted to they fucking would.

buts its more than that. it would mean not only every CEO (including female CEOs) feels that way, but every board of every corporation agrees with that sentiment (including ones with female members).

the reality is that leftists dont think about economic implications because they're too obsessed with the victim/oppressor mindset and never considered "hmm, does this 'statistic' really make sense from an economic perspective?" Instead, they just think "of course, men have been keeping women down forever, why should today be any different?"

Every first world person believes women should be treated fairly and equal, it's the rest of the world that is fucked up.

This whole femnazi fantasy that first worlders are out to oppress them and shit needs to stop. We did it okay, we achieved equality. Now go to fucking Africa and fix their shit and stop freaking out over titties in video games you spoiled first world morons.

Also being treated equally doesn't automatically make people equal. It's just being polite.

I would like this one fact checked

Not taking into account that women seem to hate engineering and math. Also you won't see any of that if your an average non business owning person.

If we import 6 million Syrian doctors and lawyers our GDP would grow 99999%


how do you even find these tweets?

is she trolling? i can't tell anymore

I saw it retweeted by some anti-SJW account kek.


I follow her, she's the biggest lulzcow of all the jewrnalists, she's outstandingly dumb, she's a kike dyke who spends her time defending shariah law.


Great, where do we start? The abolishment of Affirmative Action programs which give women an inherent advantage in applying for schools and jobs over men just for having vaginas? A complete restructuring of our educational system so that it doesn't reward girls for being girls and punish boys for being boys? A crackdown on female pedophiles and sex offenders, as well as female criminals in general, to sentence them the way men are sentenced instead of just getting a slap on the wrist because they're women? Repealing the practice of alimony and no longer forcing men to financially support women they no longer have or want anything to do with and who can support themselves perfectly fine for no other reason than "they're used to it?" Actually looking at child custody cases fairly instead of giving the children to the woman by default almost every single time? Holding women accountable for their failures and ceasing to artificially propel them to success at our own expense? Where exactly do we start with combating gender inequality, you dumb fucking cunt?

She's the poor man's Rachel Maddow. Also, even the internet doesn't believe the wage gap myth anymore.

Where does that number even comes from? How do you calculate something like that? How does it even work?

We already have strict laws against sexism and actually discriminating against women is fucking suicide for a company.

Then assuming they just want to flood the job market with women isn't that going to decrease competitivity by having people inadapted for certain jobs shoehorned into positions they can't uphold and generally speaking increase unemplyment rates?

Also how is staying home and be a housewife a bad thing? What makes these retards think that women are happy to work 6/7 from 8 to 8 for jews and never see their families?

Men also did not evolve to be engineers. Nothing has evolved into anything because there is no evidence for evolution actually occurring whatsoever.

Obviously companies paying workers more money to do less work will benefit the economy. Many such cases!

this stupid on multiple levels. she doesnt understand math, statistics, or reality

The value created by housework and being a mother is not included in GDP so if a shit ton of women entered jobs that are included in GDP it would increase. amazing fucking economic illiterates

The economy grows because more people are part of it, she forgets that this would depress wages, result in more dual income families out of necessity, and all round reduce the quality of life for kids and people as a whole. But apparently the ONLY indication of a successful economy and the country is the GDP.

>Men also did not evolve to be engineers
you're wrong, we evolved to build shit, that's part of how we survived and thrived

>Nothing has evolved into anything
Oh you're actually retarded, my bad. Reminder that even creationists believe in evolution, they just don't believe that evolution is responsible for creating separate species.

if we didn't incinerate women's wages how would we keep inflation in check ?

engineering is a practice that came out of men's minds. how could we evolve to do something that we ourselves invented?

I hate this kike so fucking much. Words can't express my disgust.

>unironically not believing in evolution


I like how she is arguing that, if we built Heaven, then, aside from building Heaven, there would be a one-time increase in money. It's the most Yiddish perspective possible.

Fucking kek. There is no hope for feminists and liberals. You can sit them down, show them facts in black and white, cite sources and their first response will be to cry sexism. You will never convince a feminist that she is not oppressed.

If we send most black americans back to Africa crime would go down 60%.

Wasn't this being done in the early industrialist era? Factories would hire women and children instead of men because they wouldn't complain about being paid jack shit.

This. We need to make women feel good about being women again, hitler had some good speeches praising traditional women and they overwhelmingly voted for him.

Cohen -> Kohn


Caesar was a liberal and also he wasnt that bad

somebody reply you and your partner shouldn't have been allowed to have a daughter together

see what happens :^)

Why are there so many 8 year olds commenting on politics?


QUICK Sup Forums

wtf we should let eight year olds vote now.

Child >"He can't be as bad as caesar,right?"


Fucking find the data yourself.

But where would we spend all of that extra money ?!? :-) :-) :-)

mmhmmm mmhmmm mm mm

I TRIED user
>women earn more degrees than men
>working women hold more degrees yet get payed less
>more women in college than men


This makes no sense! there isn't even enough jobs out there!

What the fuck does that even mean? So, businesses start paying the mythical 26% wage gap, and this makes their profits increase somehow, increasing the GDP? Or is this some magical GDP computed as the sum of incomes for all workers? Because if that's so, we really should just raise minimum wage to $10,000/hr and print money to make it up. GDP skyrockets a million percent overnight!
>the money has to come from somewhere

If we could return women to the kitchen, unemployment would drop to zero

Wait, do you actually believe that 26% bullshit? Since we're on Sup Forums with a larger character limit, explain it.

Seriously, that's how I know they're lying. No 8 year old would give a shit or even know about Caesar, and if they did know who Caesar was surely they wouldn't be able to see any similarities or differences.

What happens when they 8 year old grows up and sees that tweet and goes "I never said that"

The Jews and their lies. Martin Luther was so right.

My sides

what if
now hear me out
we took women out of the workforce so that men could do their jobs without women breathing down their backs and wouldnt have to pay to have their houses cleaned/childcare
its almost like housewives are more economical than two working parents

I-is that pic, real?

I just love social media. Not only do I get to read uneducated, uninformed "hot take" opinions from strangers on topics like law and political science, I occasionally get to hear what their sycophant pre-teens think about about a particular trial or elected official as well!

74 minus from a plus a hundred is 26 duh.

How can he shill for MGTOW and homosex without castigating women?

>insert random assertation here
I swear women debating is like reading a madlib made by a pothead


Johnson, throw her Christmas bonus into the fire too, I feel a draft.

Really wish CNN would fire this woman, they have a lot of stupid people, but she's the worst.

You get 26% back, but you don't nearly make as much because it's women that are doing the work.

Women stop having periods, so 25% of month, higher productivity, also not annoying coworkers during that week.


no, GDP is a measure of how much value has been added to products going through the economy over time.

so basically if i give you a bit of wheat for a dollar, and you turn it into bread which you can then sell for 2 dollars, you have contributed 1 dollar to the GDP. the GDP does not increase if you trade things, only if you actually produce value. well at least that's how it's supposed to work anyway.

i don't understand how the woman in the OP thinks women being paid what they're currently being paid would increase the GDP, let alone that much. do we have hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, engineers, computer scientists and so on just locked in our female rape dungeons or something?

she probably thinks "value added" works if you assume all of that value is going to be added in service jobs or secretary roles kek.

yeah mate you took a premade patty, put it on a grill, took it off, put some fries into a bag and then put the patty between two buns and gave it to me. that's totally worth $15 an hour right girl? i mean after all you're making the gdp raise by 26%!

she doesn't even know what a GDP is. how do these people even get verified?