Ready for the revolution?

Ready for the revolution?

I'm ready for liberals to hang from streetlights if that's what you mean. I don't care who does it.

>Me gusta

You have to go back

How are liberals, the anti gun people, going to revolt against the people who have lots of guns and know how to use them?

I cannot think of a single commonality and I studied Russian history and especially the Revolution at university.
Journalists remain as utterly useless as they were in John Reed's day, though.

Are liberals actually implying the US is equivalent to 1916 Tsarist Russia right now? "Too close for comfort", give me a fucking break.

>Monstrous WW1 that has shaken Russia
>Several lost wars by the tsarat
>Russia was the capital of terrorist attacks
>Widespread communist movements across the world
>Communist sympathies among the army

Yeah, no

Be liberal

Hate guns

Internet tells me I must support communist revolution.

Couldn't even pass a USMC PFT qualifying for a third class rate with the female standards, but that doesn't stop me.

Will base actual battle tactics on paintball and Call of Duty head glitches.

Buy guns with capitalism.

Take to the streets, this is it.

Get shot by fit men who actually know what they're doing.


Rothschild is attempting to stir up Bolsheviks again. Yawn

Looks like they're expecting next year to be even worse. I don't see how the meme magic this year can ever be topped, but we shall see.

You'd still be hiding in your basement, too afraid to witness it firsthand

no you



Nah seriously come at us bros you have failed to make the white straight male the Kulak of 1917 so take your little BLM movement and your little Islamist movement and your little Feminist movement we will stick them straight up your candy asses.


good to know the economist literally knows fuck all regarding history


Not at all. But if I was, what difference does that make?


I said I don't care who does it as long the job gets done.

the revolution is coming

Well from where I am in in my trench, the world seems remarkably similar to 1917, I just hope I don't get gassed tonight.

lol get fucked kid

Except it's coming from the other side.
What sentiments are there worldwide nowadays?

>A fucking leaf

The only thing you can smash is Maple syrup into your mouth m8

He can also get his ass smashed by his bf's big black cock.

You won't be so mean after you get rolled over by russia, and come begging canada for help

Russia ain't gonna attack us or the butthurt belt.
And you're so irrelevant that nobody would even bother sending aid pleas there.

But Poland is a lot stronger than Canada. What could Canada do? Send multicultural brigade to enrich russians?

>le "history repeats itself" maymay

If you kill us, we win.

Leftists were hated in America because William McKinley was killed due to a anarchist and Luigi galleani sending bombs to rich and powerful people. Which led to the red scare

I really think left radicalism led to animosity and I want to see that repeated

Bring it commie faggots, there are plenty of waiting to shoot your sorry asses.

Considering Poland has been meeting it's NATO defense requirements, they've got us behind them


>Lenin's takeover

You mean where a small far left group took control from the moderates and liberals? Where they ostracize and imprison those who aren't zealous enough? Where they are violent and hateful? Where the rest of the world fears and hates them? Where the rest of the world ignores totalitarians as long as they get rid of the radicals?

You're being lied to.

So far everything they predict is the exact opposite of what happens.