Hey Sup Forums, I'm a Jew. AMA

Hey Sup Forums, I'm a Jew. AMA

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Shoo shoo joo

I'm Danny Trejo. AMA.

Is (((it))) fun?

What do you think about Mein Fuhrer, Hitler?

how much would you ask for killing a non-jewish man?

Are you a zionist?

Do you believe in Jewish superiority?

Nope! Blacks are the REAL jews and we all know that most blacks don't read or don't like to read at least.

No, remove kebab

Adolf Hitler had good ideas, but executed them improperly.

Why are you larping as a new on the internet?

Yes, Israel has a right to its land more so than the Muslims there right now. We've been in and out of Jerusalem for the past 5k years

I'm Hitler, AMA

Kek. Even autocorrect hates you

Why did you change the laws in the US to make it illegal to AyouA? Emphasis on the last A.

Wanna see my menorah?

What does prolonged helium exposure smell like?

I've never touched US laws.

No idea.

Why do jews promote anti-white hatred when everyone sees ashkenazi jews as white?

I'm white.

I can't speak for Jews as a whole, but I'm redpilled.

Disgusting stereotype. We are told not to kill.

How bad is nepotism within the Jewish community?

Whenever someone attacks Jews for being """white""", they spin it as antisemitism, and conveniently omit the race of the attacker, which makes people believe its was a Nazi.

I have ancestors that lived in different parts of Europe. What gives me the right to move back to those old villages/cities and forcibly remove the current residents at gunpoint?

Zionists are all liars murderers and thieves that deserve to get nuked

Do you recognize that a disproportionate number of jews (relative to population) are in positions of power?

Is that a metaphor for your petzel?

It's the same as anyone else who owns a small business, except jews own all the big businesses

What's your name?

We're considered whites by the libs, kikes by the right. Feelsbadman

Your country has a right to wage war, as do all countries.

why is always a burger larping jew?

are you guys wish to be real jews?thats why you voted drumpf??

Yes, it's because of our higher IQ.

My name is white. Noone would know I'm a Jew if I didn't tell y'all.

Want to see my menorah?

nah, show nose, with timestamp

So you're a Jew-ISH Khazar.

My issue with that is that you fuckers are in all the high offices of power. Tyranny of the minority disguised as the majority.

I don't have a big nose. It's around average

Most of the right love Jews. Your view has been distorted by Sup Forums.


Where do you hide your Jew gold?

We wuz Jews n sheit isn't a meme for a reason.

A bank, but I do not own any physical gold.

Not in my area.

>I do not own any physical gold.
Please tell your people to stop shilling gold to sell to the goyim. Fuck Peter Schiff.

I'd buy gold had Trump not won. The market is likely going down because of the end of QE.

hang yourself

Note, my last post isn't a suggestion to buy or sell, simply my analysis.

No, thanks for the advice though.

Why are jews pieces of shit, and will you be a helper when the day of the rope comes, or will you swing with the rest of your roaches?

We're not. We're simply smart people. And my moral veiws say do not kill, ever.

What do you think of people like George Soros who seem bent on destabilizing countries for control and profit?

Soros is pure, unedited, evil.

3/4 of us are Jews, you must be new here. Catch up.

I think I read that you are a zionist. Do you agree with the tactics that are used against the Palestinians to see those ends? What do you think should happen to those people?

Palestine broke the NAP first

So you're saying they should be exterminated then?