What happened to Black-Americans ?

They were so close Sup Forums, what happened????

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De-segregation and welfare. Then the war on drugs.

LBJ and his """""Great Society"""""

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Can someone red-pill me on war on drugs? How is that a problem? How is it a problem to persecute people for breaking a law?

Social Degeneracy. If they just held themselves up with dignity instead of embracing the ghetto culture and not moving out of the hood they would actually be decent people.

>throwing people in prison for being too physically close to a plant that grows from the ground, as a weed

that's a great question. basically all the "war on" actually were just excuses for the federal government to expand its power based on emotional pretexts. War on Poverty, War on Drugs, i'm sure there are some others.

My understanding is that it made otherwise (((harmless))) amount of drugs a federal criminal offense and put thousands of blacks in prison, breaking up the family and then replacing the imprisoned black with daddy welfare. Now that black has been in prison with a bunch of others, can't get jobs and now a shit ton of blacks became ultraniggers and haven't really looked back since. Correct me if i'm wrong anyone.


camera phones happened, no more staged photos for negroes, they always been shit

This. The great giveaway killed all ambition, motivation, and creativity in the exact same way communism did in Cuba. The handful that fight it are outliers and to this day, generations later, young black men can rarely find the focus or drive to become anything other than what pop culture wants them to be.

To continue, it's important to note not all was well with the black community before the war on drugs and welfare. Those two definitely made the situation completely untenable and now we have to live with our own South Africas, but, even before that White Flight existed for a reason!

Dressing up nogs in suits and putting them in front of a camera didn't make them better moral men.

It was a temporary act. They've reverted to their natural nig noggin' state. They cannot handle the free market of ideas and they cannot compete in a society that requires a high intellect to dominate.

liberals removing the fathers from black communities so they dissolve into retards.

everything turned for the worse in the late 60s, thanks to hippies, free love and their socialist agenda

First I think it was the breakdown of the family, mainly because no birth control. Welfare followed and it went downhill from there.

i agree moonman moonman, but we can't just brush off Sowells and the relatively safe neighborhood, Harlem, that he grew up in. There might be a cap to black social development but we sure were close to it back then.

Do you retards not realize that when you make these comparisons, it's like taking a screenshot of Malcolm in the Middle, and using that wheelchair nigger as an example of a "smart" black kid, then asking what happened?

Niggers were just as much shit back then, and Jewish propaganda was well under way. Don't be a fool.

It's sad

Young black men back in the 60s seemed like they really just wanted to integrate and be part of American Industry.

Then BLM happened.

On the left, you show muh magic niggers.

On the right, you show typical niggers.

Niggers gonna nig, even the magic ones. Look at Cosby etc.

Tulsa Oklahoma

That's wrong.
The free market was good for blacks, its the current socialistic ideals that were propped up that fucked black people over.

As detroit raised taxes, it became more impoverished

but it simply does not stand up to the data. crime and delinquency may have been higher to white communities but they are quite a bit lower, correlated directly with single parent households.

Nonsense. By the 60s it was over for any chance to prevent a South Afrika situation.

gangsta rap happened, now who made it happen? Who would do such a thing and think it's a good model for society.

Why was desegregation bad for them?

> Sowells
Large std to the right. Not common.

When the cities were controlled by white men (not the jew etc.) and the negros had the fear of god things were much better.

Still not enough to control the negro natur but still.

Jim Crow ended. When a noose and a strong whip hand are hanging over a nigger's every move, he tends to behave.

Cosby dindu do nuthing, seriously

The accusations only came out when he spoke against BLM & such

Seeing as Denzel recently bashed the (((media))) im sure something will come out about him too

They were always like this, we just didn't have to see it.

It was a pipeline to white areas that invited niggers to shit up our communities, rather than deal with the repercussions of fucking up their own. In other words, niggers gradually got a pass to chimp out without actually taking any responsibility. They know now they can fuck up everything they want, and the white infrastructure will protect them.

The only way we can make niggers any bit tolerable is by making them know full well they beneath our boot. They need to be segregated and oppressed as much as humanly possible.

because putting groups of people with disparate achievements and abilities together harms everyone involved. Sowell talks about that alot. He straight up says nogs are not capable in their current state of competing with white kids in school.

mixing two groups of unequal ability and behavior always ends in conflict.


That was three decades before the 1950's. The pattern has been that the more slack Whitey gave the negro the more degenerate and violent they became.

Full House. Praise Kek!

I wonder the same thing, I suggest you read the Moynihan Report from 1965. blackpast.org/primary/moynihan-report-1965

Lol yea, indicted in PA courts = dindu nuffins

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Every city ran by niggers is corrupt as hell also. Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, LongListHere

God damn Cassius was based before he got all that brain damage

The welfare state. LBJ literally designed it as a system to trap blacks in a cycle of poverty and state dependency so that they would vote Democrat. The black poverty rate was plummeting a few percent annually before the "War on Poverty", now it's been flatlined for five decades