Eagle Scouts report in

Andrew Jackson Council reporting in.
Also, how has our beloved BSA affected your politics?

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Mississippi fag. West TN council here.

hasn't affected it one bit.

District of Portola here in the OC




Indianhead Council (Saint Paul area). Doesn't exist anymore since it merged with the infidels in Minneapolis.

Scouts made me want to protect nature more whether that means conservationist in the conservative sense or bleeding heart liberal.

The shooting guns was pretty neat too.

Middle Tennessee.

Boy oh boy I wish the mormons would just stop with the political nonsense and let this organization grow again.

sam houston area council here. socially liberal and fiscally conservative. As long as you aren't interfering with anothers pursuit of happiness the gov't has no right to tell anyone what to do.

>Eagle Scout

Hahaha nerd. You probably got the Disabilities Awareness and Public Speaking badges.

I was in for 4 years and only got Star. Me and my friends just talked about pussy and lit stuff on fire

Crossroads of America council (Indiana)

The Jewish kids in my troop fulfilled just about every stereotype. I moved away and never finished my eagle.

Should add it made me deeply pro gun and pro environment

I didn't join scouts until I was 14 and still managed to do some nifty stuff.
Went backpacking in New Mexico, slept in a qunizee overnight when it was below 0, competed in a biathlon, reloaded shotgun shells and .30-06 rounds and fired them, and spent nights in the wilderness under my own shelter. It let me get out of the city which I enjoyed.

Nothing wrong with either of those.

>Me and my friends just talked about pussy and lit stuff on fire.
Well shit. So did we. We still managed to get the merit badges and complete our Eagle projects.

I fucking loved Philmont

Circle 10 Council here in '06.

Taught me that people are stupendous idiots without leadership but a force of nature when properly instructed/motivated. Also that every activity on earth can be self-taught and that reliance on others is caused by laziness and ignorance and is not a hard reality of life.

Very well said, user.

Southwest Florida Council reporting in.

I think BSA helped instill values in me, which helped me steer clear of degeneracy, even when I lost my faith.

>Me and my friends just talked about pussy and lit stuff on fire
So did I. You can do all that and still get your Eagle :^)


/OrderOfTheArrow/ Here? What did they give you to eat for your ordeal? We got rice crispies for breakfast with no milk or sugar, and peanut butter and bread sandwiches for lunch with water, we split a bunch of logs for a camp

The admonotion is "aholton" btw

Scoutmaster here. Been trying to lay low and not molest boys for now. thank you spankbank. Fuck #pizzagate

Thanks friend, may many eagle palms come to you.

Theo Roosevelt here, made me even more of a hard lefty then I ever was.

Also agree with everything said about people/leadership

Nice. Here's my scouting checklist

>Hiked Philmont (twice)
>Sailed and lived on a boat for a week in the Bahamas
>Jambo 2013
>Hiked and Kayaked through the Everglades a bunch of times
>Survival Camping under a hand-made shelter (loved it so much I did the merit badge 4 times)
>Scuba Diving
>Slept under the Saturn V at Kennedy Space Center
>OA (Vigil)
>Ceremonies Master for OA Lodge

And a bunch of other stuff. Scouting truly made my school years amazing.

Grand canyon council and they have us a hardboiled egg and a piece of ham on bread. We moved rocks for Camp Raymond.

Posts like these remind me why I'm proud to be a Jackson, not to mention a Davis, related to Jefferson

They actually fed us pretty well. Breakfast was a boiled egg, orange slice, grits, and a stale piece of bread. Lunch was bread, a slice of chees, and grits. Pre-ceremony dinner was grits. The only problem is I hate grits. They had us smash concrete and arrange it into OA-themed designs on the banks of the camp river. Pretty cool.

>The admonotion is "aholton" btw
You're not supposed to say it out loud you nigger.

Also, does someone have a BSA Pepe? That would be pretty cool

Delmarva here. Got my eagle a decade ago.

I just started volunteering with a troop during some weekends to help a friend who is a scoutmaster.

Pretty chill desu. Kids seem pretty based for the most part so far.

My troop disbanded a few years ago. :(

My patrol did really well. I think there were 9 of us as Tiger cubs, two moved away early on. Of the remaining 7 cubs, 6 stayed on to become scouts, and 3 of us made Eagle.

Some of the merit badges today are ridiculous. There's shit like animation, game design, and environmental sustainability.

Mid America coucil reporting in

We got a couple of pieces of bread and a slice of cheese to make a sandwich out of. We got word later that our scoutmaster put in a good word to let us have an apple as well. Good man.

I forgot about that shit, we got a cheese sandwich.

I fucking hate the niggers in my council.
They merged my council with niggervilles and shut down camp Paul Bunyan because it was too "rugged" for the city kids.
There was a giant contest over the new name and "water and woods" won FUCKING WATER AND WOODS.
I refused to take off my old patch when my eagle ceremony was held.

Garden State Council Eagle Scout reporting.
BSA is good, but it needs to be more militaristic. We need to keep out faggots and fedoracucks, punish retards that don't come in in full uniform and rifle training needs to be mandatory.

It brought me into contact with older white people in my community and my contact with them led me to admire them rather than scorn them like I was taught to do in (((school.)))

There are lots of new shit badges, but they added cool ones like welding, chess, composite materials, and cryptography too.

Hard boiled egg, two slices of bread and bottle of water. Then an apple later on.

OA fag reporting. All I got was an apple and a cheese sandwich and I hate cheese so for me it was just an apple.

Its become a baby sitting program for autists. I remember when I first started I got the shit kicked out of me more than once playing capture the flag or flag football then came the helicopter moms and rules. When I got my eagle most of the camp outs were lock ins and drive up style camping.


Are dindus unironically this retarded?

Not sure how new it is but blacksmithing is badass. They brought back tracking I think too.

>Look up Mid-America because I thought my uni was in it
>See list of districts
>See this

Eagle Scout here.

Don't believe it's ever mattered in politics. Helped me get a job once, though.


I got my Eagle and OA in Arizona.

>The reason my troop got shut down

No kid wanted military style training when they joined so they all left the first few months from when they joined.
One leader wanted to slacken the rules but the others didn't let him. Thank God for that I would rather see my troop die than a bunch of screw offs join.

They did, but it's a bit different than the compass, tracking badge of yore

They had that 10 years ago when I got my Eagle. Did it at winter camp, it was fucking fun. Actually inspired me to include a smithing forge in my planned retirement compound.

circle 10 here. if you don't have triple crown you are a filthy casual

Yes they are once they merged my lake area with niggertown all the shit when downhill.
My first redpill

Colorado fag here

Passed the board of review back in May

I still need to get my paperwork done to have the ceremony

Any advice my bros? I've been putting off the ceremony because of life

Literally this. My Troop was originally a small one with only like 10-15 guys in it, I'm from a small town. Only 4 other guys came in with me in my year. Later on my town got cucked by development and a bunch of young families full of numales and Indians started coming in. The Troop was doubling in size every year. We'd always play a game after each meeting and during the winter we'd stay inside and play Steal the Bacon. Whenever the helicopter cunt moms came in and saw their boys having fun wrestling for the knot and being boys they'd sperg out and demand that we be moar safez plz." When I first came in, the older guys would fuck with us all the time, but it made us stronger and we learned how to not be autists because they would call us out whenever we were autists. When we got older and less autistic, the older guys were like our brothers. They taught me how to not be a friendless autismo and helped me learn to navigate through high school.

One of my least favorite memories was when I was SPL. The Cub Scouts would always have this picnic thing every year and we would show up and help and talk to the Webelos and get to know them for when they came in the following year. This shitty Portuguese kid that I hated with a passion showed up like an hour late on his shitty BMX bike wearing baggy jeans and a flat-brimmed Playboy Bunny cap. I was livid and I freaked the fuck out on him and demanded that he take it off. It was weird though, his dad was an Eagle with gorillions of palms and a really nice guy. He probably realized his son was a fuck-up and thought BSA would help him. It definitely didn't.

Laurel Highlands Council reporting in.

I knew the flag burning shit was bullshit from the start. Also I like guns but I like nature, so I'm a conservationalist when it comes to some things.

Also fuck neo-boy scouts.

These pussies out here gettin eagle without camping in sub-zero weather, or shooting a gun, or hiking for anything but requirements.

You gotta live this shit man. Its not iust something to put on a resume.

Miitary fag here. Was in multiple councils, got my Eagle in Iceland (direct service council)

>Thank God for that I would rather see my troop die than a bunch of screw offs join.

Same bro. I'd rather have a troop of 10 devoted, non-degenerate guys who are in it to do tough, rugged outdoors stuff than 50 autistic faggots who are allergic to tree bark.

My troop was originally the former, but turned into the latter just as I was turning 18. I miss my old troop.

Was their old council called Crackhouses and Homicides?

Same user. We had a fantastic scoutmaster, but then everything went to shit the older I got.

We had a scoutmaster that wouldn't show up to meetings, then we got a scoutmaster that did show up to meetings, but he treats the troop like a business.

Then we had this anniversary thing, and it caused old fags from when my Dad was in the troop to join, and they made it worse than when my Dad was in the troop.

Like, people in the council heard that they were back in the troop, and they were taken aback.

I'm just glad I got eagle before I became too fed up with everything.

national capital area council here, Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow, did SeaBase and Northern Tier.

here's a picture of "Heart Attack Hill" from my NT trip years ago

Great Lakes council for me in MI. Eagle scout too. I'm surprised to see so many of them on Sup Forums... I wonder what that means.

All it did was reinforce my being as an upstanding citizien.

My scoutmasters were all middle-aged/older white guys and I loved it. All of them were great guys and taught me a lot. All the troops around me were fucking Eagle mills with kids getting Eagle at 14-15 and picking up trash for their Eagle Projects. Every single Eagle in my troop built something for the town. Most of us in our troop didn't get Eagle til 16-18, because our scoutmasters wanted us to spend time actually learning stuff instead of signing requirements off for retards who struggled with square knots.

I teach the composite materials badge.

Pretty fun.

Sounds comfy.

I just wanna go camping with my old scout bros though

Wtf is Cruz doing

>Me and my friends just talked about pussy and lit stuff on fire

Holy fucking feels user, you're bringing me back. Good nights with my buddies playing Manhunt and gathering round the fire and talking about all the bangable sluts in our grade. Those were the days. God damn I miss being a teenager sometimes.

Stop user.

You're making me feel.

Also /r/ing a feels guy in a scout uniform

I'd say there's a lot of Eagle Scouts on pol, me included. Anyone know why?

My eagle scot project was Billion Grave similar to this:blog.billiongraves.com/tag/eagle-scout-project/

Adults in our troop were impressed with me. Favorite merit badge was Astronomy. I had a good counciler for that though. Others got a bad one. Scoutmaster did a great job though squabbling among our adults led to it breaking down a bit just after I left. I hear it's better now though. I might try to get more involved soon.

Just fucking do it.

Troop 221. Memphis. Made Eagle in 2003.

It hasn't, really. I didn't think about politics at all when I was in Boy Scouts.

Same here bro. Growing up American is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I miss my old, beautifully white town.

Every summer we did a week long trip as a troop. I remember when we did a 50 mile canoe trip down the Delaware River (the beautiful northern parts, not the diseased shitwater down by Philly. We'd canoe to the side of the river, set up camp and play whiffle ball and talk about who the best looking qts were in our grade.

We need a Pepe and Wojak scout version.

Central Phoenix Eagle Scout reporting in

Scouts is definitely redpilled. Stupid den mothers fuck it up. Im a conservative democrat.

Probably because the BSA is associated with traditional values and it's almost entirely made up of young white guys. Then, remember Sup Forums is similar, as it's filled with young white guys who stand for traditional values. Perfect fit for us.

Did anyone else attend the Summercamp in SW Virginia in the late 90's, early 00's?

I miss the old days too. What went so wrong? When did the we decide to become such pussies? It's like after 2011-2012 there was a switch and being the biggest faggot imaginable became the new standard.

Our troop hiked 100 miles to camp every year.

Shit was tight. Just 7 days of walking on the road, bonding with your bros and listening to music

We've had these threads before. Lots of scouts on Sup Forums.

Texas Gulf Coast Council reporting in.

It has made me more patriotic possible a bit nationalist


when tying a fucking knot became the difference between star and life

I don't remember exactly where it was or what it was called, but it was very, very close to a military base. We slept in a hangar overnight before we got there.

I remember the military losing a plane while we were there and there were jets and helicopters flying low over the camp all week long.


> hope to get your eagle badge and learn how to do great things in this world
> discover your parents are selfish pieces of shit

Well there goes that eagle badge.

What year did you guys get your eagles? Also what was the most bad ass camping trip you remember?


Two weeks on boundary waters, we didn't see any other people for the whole trip.

>tfw made it to Star rank with easy route to Life and Eagle but pissed it away being drunk and stoned on weekends instead of scouting

I regret doing this more than anything else in my life. I let my parents and grandfather down so much I sometimes feel if I offed myself that it would have been more justifiable than the disappointment I gave to my family.

Circle 10 represent.


We went on a camping trip where it snowed almost the entire night. It went below freezing and it was the coldest I've been in my life, but damn if it wasn't fun.

Also there was a camping trip where we camped next to a stream, and it rained so hard it flooded and the tents were all waterlogged.

I hope to fuck I find people who like to go camping later in life.

Hmm, I dunno. Can't think of any military bases in SW Virginia. I went to Camp Powhatan in the mid 2000s.

My dad told me the only thing he wanted me to accomplish was my eagle. I honestly would have an hero'd if I didn't get it. I wish I would have gotten it sooner, he died before the ceremony.

Scouts is best at age 15-17 when the men youve moved up the ranks with becomes a thinner but tighter group because most will have inevitably dropped out by then. Its here that you truly bond and the outings become more special.

Its also what is so shitty about being in a troop because there is a clear divide between autistic 12 year olds and your group but they become the majority and ruin it for everyone else.

Aloha Council signing in.

Don't think it's affected it much. Got mine in 2014 so I'm pretty recent.

I guot up to life scout.

around 13 I stoped caring about merit badges and started caring about pussy. kari. kirsten. holly. bangin bitches was my new sash.

I got mad respect for the guys that stuck it out and did their project. but life to eagle is a 3 year grind.

I did all the cool shit. I went to philmont. but I was way more into banging whores.

We burned down a campsite at a jamboree one year hahahaha they didn't let us come back for the rest of my scouting career.

Also there is a show on netflix called meateater and they mention that sometimes being miserable is real fun because you can always go to a movie but you look back at the times where you were with your buddies all cold as fuck or wet and cold and laugh about how much it sucked.

Baden Powell Council in Upstate NY here
Joined the OaA in 2008 and made Eagle in 2012.
I miss the good old days of weekly scout meetings and monthly camping trips.

Minnesota here (Not saying my Council).

Mine's signed by Dubya.

Anyone here staffing at Jambo 2017?

Dude, that's so fucking true. 2012 was the year that it started going downhill for my troop too. I think it was Obixnood and his faggotry that created a generation of numales who all reached scouting age by 2012. The Bush years were the best of my life. I wish I could be a kid again and reach go through my teens under Trump.

Damn, that's pretty based. We'd always drive because we'd do a big trip a month before summer camp. Summer camp was fun as fuck. Going to badge class in the morning then eating a shitty meal from the mess hall and loading up on giant boxes of candy and soda from the General Store and going back to play cards with your bros before dinner. Good times.


I hate you. I wonder if I can send my letter back and get trump to cross out Obamas name and sign it with a gold pen.

I bet they let you talk too

warm orange flavored tang and cheese sandwiches

I feel you user. Father died right before I became a Boy Scout, told me to get my eagle, go to college, and make money as a scientist.

I remember in my initiation we had bread and butter and a glass of milk for breakfast and lunch