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Come on in boys, get some cocoa and hang out with us.

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PS video


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Shitty OC, criticism and tips appreciated, still learning how to into GIMP


how did you get the outlines?

That was actually a mistake. I had cut and pasted the figure a few times and moved them to the sides and was trying to figure out how to color and blur them and I did the filters > alpha to logo > neon (I think) and got those. I thought they worked so I just went with it

/r/ dump of beautiful women in modest clothing or traditional garb


Alright I'm back boys.

People last night wanted me to take out the tacky tigers from my first image so I did it.

Also a few spergs were criticizing me for putting "some rando" across from Evola.

That's Corneliu Codreanu fuckwits.


For the eternal anglos and the spergs I made this version with Bowden.


I've got a few, I'll get you a Mega link in a bit.

Fresh OC about the kali yuga just like i promised last night.


repost of my favorite one.


Can i have a guide on how to make similar wallpapers?

oh shit im glad the fashy threads are still going

t. wannabe fashwave musician


Just want to thank you all, I really love this aesthetic

Here's a quick guide from last thread:

>be you, polack on pol
>cut the fucker out and paste him on new canvas
>duplicate the fucker like 5 times or something
>colorize the layers in a variety of neon colors
>mess with blending mode and opacity while slightly changing the placement of the bottom layers to create the ghost sensation
>use render - fog and neon color the fog
>okay when you have the correct fonts don't just use them in their own layer, but go to create - logo and pick neon
>right what you want and the color and a new thing will be created

>alien encounter
>mistral (the drive font)

Tool: GIMP gimp.org/

for neon text

> filters > blur > gaussian blur
>colors > curves > set channel value to ALPHA
>make line more vertical until the text becomes round
>layer >layer to image size
>filters >alpha to logo >neon
>choose color & set effect size to 23 (effect size depends on size of text, more for big text, less for small text)

scan lines (looks like old tvs)
>filters >distort >video

darker scan lines:
>new layer
>bucket fill black entire layer
>filter - distort - erase very other line
(for photoshop version: photoshopcafe.com/tutorials/scanlines/scan.html)

That's all you really need to get started. You'll be able to figure out the rest through trial and error.

pic. related my first trial, no bully pls.

Decent color, pleasing softness, celebrating dead leaders that are poisonous to the uninitiated is masturbatory. But at least it makes you and the choir feel good right?

Your color is shit and "bundle of sticks" means faggot for a reason. Try developing a new symbol.

I made a pastebin here: pastebin.com/ufX6Ei6C

Can we get this in the OP next time?

This is a comfy thread and you are not being comfy. pls leave thx

I love these threads

Evola was not a Fascist.

You did it!!! From Seven Samurai. Greetings from Krautland.




Good one.

>t. wannabe fashwave musician
please make wavey versions of gregorian chants


Can anyone do music here? I want to bump some
F A S H T H E T I C in my neighbourhood


this stuff does not have to be capital F fascism. The whole point of it is to give artistic license to any and all anti-modern ways of thinking.

>F A S H
You have no idea how autistic you are being when you use this.

What's your point?

Evola liked a lot about fascism just not the proletarian, socialist, and petty moralist aspects of it.

Read Evola's essay on Codreanu and fascism viewed from the right.

Lads I'm going to need C&C for this. I'm not quite happy with it yet.

Can somebody post a thread theme?

How about this?



i need to learn more of this shit. its so awesome.

The fuck. How fast this is evolving...
Love it. Do you know the concerts where 20000 of them are singing traditional national songs?

It's my 1st time please be gentle

fucking degenerate newfags

get off my board rieeeeeee

Italianon here, I've made a couple of OCs in the previous thread


fantastic work user.

Love the eyes but I think the bridge and the flames are too much. Adds too much clutter.

Try Xurious "The Second Coming".

Really cool. The Baltics are still one of the few sane places left honestly.

This is one of my favorites but the shilling...

This thread is so great.



Fresh off the GIMP block, it's big, not sure exactly how I should size it.

do you guys want vaporwavey stuff or more Blade Runner-oriented retro shit

this is better without text imho.

bladerunner pls.

this would be very useful in Romania.

the deviantart watermark.

Wanted to make something Metal Gear relater but I'm on my phone...

The aesthetics are great and all but where is the music? Give me good fashwave or vaporwave to listen to.

Give me some cool twitter headers

Look no further than SKYDAS for all your fashwave audio needs.



May I suggest the latest vaporwave subgenre? Hardvapor: a gritty take on the genre that often deals with East European imagery of post soviet era. It kinda reminds me the iconography that is going on in these threads




Made a Beslan one

This one didn't turn out nearly as well as I had been hoping. Hit a dead end. Any suggestions?

We really need to make a fashion trend of this (as traditional and conservative as possible despite the neon/electro feel). We've been looking for a distinctive style for a long time.

I can see the headlines now:

I think the whole Synth, new retro wave, Vaporwave trend as been ours since the beginning.

It was born on the internet.

It has the right amount of longing and has been used by us forever.


Just whipped up a fresh wallpaper, will be out putting more as I get situated with the style

>props to anyone who can recognize the quote

Perfect BASED dingo.

I updated Spurdowave BTW, making it more square and compacting the image's contents. Actually like this version better.


is white nationalism/Trump/Spencer winning?
is the pendulum swinging for Europe/USA?
Is there hope for a NSDAP style shift in power? Or is this movement just a stint in time that will be run over by the unwashed masses, in an inevitable decline of classic European civilization? I want to believe things only go up from here but it is difficult

Don't like how this turned out. Feels sort of empty.
Wanted to do something more America focused but realized halfway through I didn't have a clear enough vision. Mainly just wanted to do something with the phrase "Native Americans - Beware of foreign influence"

Fuck trs

t. honda civic nationalist

wew forgot that damn pic

>tfw you were listening to a jew and a down's syndrome sufferer the whole time.


Didn't this faggot take down "With Open Gates" because he didn't want his song being used for wayyycism?

Looks like his shit got fucked by some SF shitskins.

Thank you Kek.

Fixed the spelling.

Fixed it.

Rate pls no buly

justice is served. hopefully is redpilled now

great messaging!



I have no idea what I am doing

Is gimp or photoshop better for this mememaking process?

First attempt, just randomly trying shit

sick memes boys

the invention of another meme

keep em comin!!!!!

photoshop is better, however GIMP is all that is required really. Looks good, id change the text to be neon or have some sort of glow though

>keep em comin!!!!!
Fresh OC



Collect them all in one place.

fuck me that is niiiiiice