What does Sup Forums think of Martin "Pharma Bro" Shkreli?

IMO he took advantage of loopholes in the gov't. Did nothing illegal. Made into a scapegoat.

Scum, but scum I can respect in a skeezy way

He's a wigger and that's all I need to know.

He played the game by the rules. It was a shitty move, but I'd have done it too. Not a fan of his musical tastes though.

The man is an absolutely awful human being.
That said, he'd be welcome on Sup Forums.

He's a self-serving prick but his troll antics are pretty funny.

The same things we thought ever time we were asked this question.

I don't even fully understand what he did with the drug pricing thing, but at least I'm not some faggot who hates him for something I don't understand.

Hes based. Highlighting the flaws of the current system while still benefiting off it.

He brought big bad pharma to the spot light

annoying attention whore tier faggot that spams and pays people to spam anything that can get him notoriety online to maintain his 15 minutes of fame that is well past due

he is quite literally the biggest faggot wanna be in the world

myspace girl tier like for like friend for friend wanna be celeb cunt

Here's the short version of things. He increased the prices of an important drug massively (that he had a monopoly on). Insurance companies foot the bill and he uses the funds to do a ton of research. People who don't need the product virtue signal about how bad this increase is. It actually funds a ton of significant research without any cost for the average person who needs the medicine.

Hey there are plenty of welfare queens taking advantage of loopholes and doing nothing illegal either. Are you going to applaud them too?

>What does Sup Forums think of Martin "Pharma Bro" Shkreli?
huge faggot



quality twitter troll

In the sea of corrupt businessmen and men in finance, he is but a guppy. It's sickening to me that he's come to embody corporate greed an immorality when there are people who have done - and continue to do - far far worse. And make billions doing so.

I think he needs to stop attention-whoring on Sup Forums

I think he's legit autistic

he's a bored narcissist who likes negative press

Kike in Albanian clothing