Ameridumbs rekt

ameridumbs rekt

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it gets worse

>US 50% white

Americans have more people who are likely to run away from police vehicles.

We are getting there and as soon as we are we are going to need "American cruisers" too.

we know we live in a police state dumbass your not arguing anything

>Ignoring brightly painted SUV right next to American Cruiser

europoor please go

You learn to check every crown vic and charger twice. They still have super dark tint and lights mounted it's still obvious...

you are an idiot if you think today a police state comes in form of jackboots

At least we don't have government vans driving around the neighborhoods scanning peoples' homes to see if they are operating a television without a license.

(We also can't get arrested for denying the holocaust happened)

they're used to take down niggers

it used to be much easier here in NY, police cars have orange license plates. Then they changed the regular civilian license plates to match the police plate colors

guarantee they did that on purpose so it's harder to tell from a distance, because it used to be even at night an unmarked car 100 feet away you could tell from the reflection on the plate

as forif an unmarked car pulls you over you are well within your rights to not comply without the presence of a sergeant in a marked vehicle, so you can request that and normally they will just cut you loose because it could take a really long time for the sarge to get out there

lol nice one

You make a valid point to some extent but understand that under our social environment cruising around certain places in vehicles like the one on the left isn't a very good idea.

The whole 50/54/56/60/63% white meme is true. A lot of our major cities are >25% white.

Regarding traffic violations, you have to understand our nation is built upon driving more than any other country, it has to be enforced more, and almost everyone has to drive, reducing the quality of the average driver. I agree that enforcement is too petty overall though.

Unmarked vehicles aren't the majority but yeah fuck those guys

"violations" are called breaking the law, which needs to be punished. Clearly some nigger made this image when he found out there were rules and laws put in place to govern society and that it couldn't just roam around stealing and raping as it pleased and run when it saw a marked car

>Britain calling out other countries for being police states

Also the black, steel wheels w/ center caps.

Having stealth police cars following me all day to try and extract fines is far worse to me than a literal meme


>dodge charger

yeah, maybe if you're blind and deaf

>cuckmobile vs hotrod

I feel for you :(
Yet many of your ancestors or relatives chose this future

You have them as well.

Seriously. Europe invented the Police State.


it's much easier than that
>crack window
>you have not expressed to my satisfaction you are a police officer, I would like your sgt to be present before we proceed

really nothing they can do about it, if you request it they have to oblige since police lights and even badges can be purchased by civilians, just insist you don't believe he is a police officer until a marked vehicle with a sgt arrives

Who the fuck wants to be like Europe?
Pollution is illegal
Trucks are illegal
Guns are illegal
Freedom is illegal
Christianity is illegal
You can't even carry a knife in public with you

Euros like to cry about American militarization of police because they don't get one simple fact.

We are 50% white. Take out the Sikhs, the Asians, the poos, and that's still like 40% of the population that are basically an insurgency.

We need Shariah police.

That's such a massive exaggeration its pathetic, you see 100 marked cars to every one unmarked and the rare occasion you do get pulled over (3 times in my life and I'm 35) its for something stupid like a blown tail light which always ends with "just get it fixed'.

My ancestors were starving potato farmers. I never chose for multikulti to be my culture or my future.

>90% white police vs. 60% white police

no shit

European police use undercover cars and hidden cameras to catch speeders and too, dumbass.
Second part about muh fines are taxation is butthurt lolbertarian shit that isn't worth addressing.
>inb4 bootlicker

only stupid people get tickets. The last time I got a ticket was at least 7 years ago and guess what? I was a stupid teenager doing stupid shit.

>waaaahhh they caught me driving like a maniac with an undercover car!
>fucking police state!
Nope, pay the idiot tax and move on with your life.

Half the time the "laws" they are enforcing are BS citations for driving over the artificially low speed-limit and not paying the kikes for some rigged insurance plan. If they want to be respected by society they need to stop fucking with working whites and start cracking nigger skulls.

everything you need to know about brit vs US police is summed up in one vid. the one where it takes 15 brit officers to take down one nigger with a knife. yeah you guys can afford 15 officers & your no harm policies when you have like 2 niggers in your entire country.

You understand they just park near certain roads with speed detectors, right?

America is never meant to be white sooo....

that europe cruiser is gay as fuck