USA fighting with UK, Russia and France against Germany: victory

>USA fighting with UK, Russia and France against Germany: victory
>USA fighting on their own in Vietnam: defeat

Can America only win a war when they have allies doing all the dirty work for them?

Can Germany ever win a war it started?

>ignoring that France lost that war first.

Wrong, sausage man

We had Australia in 'Nam. They lost the war for us. Too busy bantering.

>USA fighting on their own in Vietnam


To be fair USA was only moping up France's mess. Not really a self-preservation situation.

France literally lost a war against Brazil over lobsters

How the fuck do you do that

Why waste your own resources when you can waste other's?

the allies cheated

dont be butthurt kraut it was guerilla tactics and their well versed tunnels that did us in there the French were more or less in the open for you

France lost in Vietnam literally right before we went there.

More like france ended up considering lobsters not being worth starting a war over

>this picture
France lost in vietnam too, that's nice bait though

Can Germany only impregnate their women when they have shitskins doing all the dirty work for them?

It's funny when killing 100x as many troops is considered a tie let alone a loss. I don't care, wasn't my war.

USA didnt lose Vietnam. When they withdrew they had like 90% of the country under control. and handed it to South Vietnam. Then North Vietnam invaded and took it all after USA had left.

so much ignorance

Russia broke the German army. Not the Americans like we see in Shittywood, not the french résistance, not the British aircrafts. Not the russian army itself which was terrible but russian attriction just like it did for Napoléon.

Yeah, just like you didn't lost in Afghanistan or in Iraq. Right ?

that makes it even worse
china and nk were non-countries just out of a civil war

Not being able to fulfill your objective is a loss, no matter the K/D ratio as that only matters in video games.

Could of killed 2000x the enemy troops and still loose if you cant decapitate the enemy and do what you went over-there to do.

France lost to those same rice farmers too.
In fact they lost to them conventionally.

Fuck this baitposting.

Political leadership didn't know what they wanted to do. The military did fine, but they weren't allowed ti attack North Vietnam. How can you win if you can't fight the real enemy? As long as North Vietnam could sit there, South Vietnam would never be secure, short of a permanent US presence. It was all pointless. But the military did not lose, not at all.

With unlimited manpower. A land war in Asia is suicide because of soulless Chinese.

without allies to hold their donut stuffed hands America has never won a war. ever.

>triggered the post
kek americans everyone

Check out this red coat

>US defeated by the Vietcong.
>what is a stalemate.