Not ice-blues on suicide watch

>Not ice-blues on suicide watch

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>Blue = 50-75%
>France 48% = Blue
What did he mean by this ?

>what did he mean by this

Swarthy French on suicide watch!

How come there are a couple of areas in Southern Italy that are like 80+ blue?

Russian master race here

Superior Hyperborean genetics holding out in the midst of a swarthy wasteland.

More like shitskins
French are fairly fair, not as fair as Finns or Nords tho

Whatever you say, ya swarthy, sweat-stinking, ape-looking French!

>35% white american with negro blood coursing through his veins calling me ape-looking


This is the biggest case of slidding thread I've seen today. OP isn't even trying to hide it.

blonds have a low genetic

We need you France so we can laugh at you.

It is the average of the entire country you fucking retard.

xaxaxaxa turks whiter than gayreeks

Turks ARE mostly Greek

sub-humans BTFO

how will southern europe ever recover?


they're nearly identical to armenians genetically. they have a lot of overlap with greeks but they still have a lot of differences

I have hazel, do I avoid the gas chambers?

>Turkey 18
>Greece 17

It's it strange how everything that's not just brown brown and more brown all originates from one specific area of the world.