What does Sup Forums think about mentally handicapped people? Like folks with down syndrome and autism etc

What does Sup Forums think about mentally handicapped people? Like folks with down syndrome and autism etc.

Should we kill them at first diagnosis(before or even after birth), or let them be a parasite on their family and the society?

Looking after them helps to teach us about empathy. A concept that went over your family's heads along with many other concepts, one would imagine.

There are workshops and the like that employ them to do jobs, the kind of jobs that if you can only get that job you should legally qualify as a retard such as making boxes and sorting nails. The people in those workshops get paid and pay taxes in turn, meaning they are probably contributing more to society than you are.

empathy is for pussies, survival of the fittest, etc.

kill everyone you meet until someone else kills you.

The measure of a society is found in how they treat their weakest and most helpless citizens

Empathy is everything wrong in western civilization, its the reason we have rapefugges and niggers in our countries.

in the labour camp with them!
Let them make weapons and uniforms in exchange for being alive

Also sterilize

If we can detect their illness while their still in the womb she should kill it. He would never be happy nor his parents since they had to take care of him their whole life

I went to high-school with some kids with pretty bad autism. They all managed to graduate while half of the niggers did not.
Severely Autistic whites > average nogs
Mild autism isn't even really an issue, they are just kinda weird but normal people

People with down-syndrome are literal subhumans. They can't think, act, or survive without constant supervision. Its best just to abort them or put them down.

You know what's actually retarded? That you think about killing mentally handicapped people instead of killing reptilian overlords.

Where is your empathy for the family members whose lives are perpetually ruined because they cannot do anything but devote their lives to keeping these handicapped people alive.

How does their endless sacrifice to help support someone who cannot possibly ever live for themselves nor provide any kind of benefit to society not deserve empathy?

A chain is as strong as its weakest link.

So you saying they should be put in institutes where nurses take care of them for the rest of their life?

since they can't procreate, there is no need of killing them; eugenics on handicapped is applied already: you are allowed to abbort pregnancy if the child is to become a retard.

empathy with the wrong folks. First your own people then the world. Not the other way around.

Germany is about to collapse.

>wew, this many edgelords in the comments

Of couse we, as a society, have to care for them and help their families. The end. NEET bux on the other hand should be abolished.

(thanks to the Hooton Plan)
and Nizer -- What to do with germany

kill before birth. if they're already born and are happy with the way they are then let them live.

The autistic guys in my office are great. These faggots keep to themselves, do all the busy-work and never complain. Keep autists for menial tasks but kill the downies.

My brother has downs. It's a fucking nightmare. He can't cook, he can't use public transport, he can't read and can barely write his own name. He can't even tie his own god damned shoelaces. He needs supervision for everything. He loudly and incoherently speaks to himself constantly (not kidding, I'd say 90% of the time he is awake he is blathering to himself about nothing).

He will be a burden on my family until he dies. I love him, but he has affected my life in an very negative way.

Genetic modifying and abortion should happen, its the most humane to do

They are a burden and ruin otherwise good families and divert attention to 1 personen ruining the upbringing of other children in that family

Autists can live if they have some kind of redeemable talent. If not, all retards serve as slave s until death

almost all humans serve as slaves.


enslave them or use as canon fodder

don't you all see that all of us are slaves?

My sympathies with you user. Glad you care for him, sad situation though.