Saudi army officer admits he is atheist and that islam is shit

>tactical beheading inbound

>Sup Forums thinks atheism is bad
>doesnt realize that sandniggers can get redpilled too

Place your bets on his mode of execution-

Public beheading

being used as a toilet by indian workers

Dicks in butthole because Islam is gay.

He should have uploaded that video after leaving the country. I say public beheading.

*tips jellaba*

So he's more redpilled than 90% of Sup Forums.

The absolute madman !

Clock boy?

Unlikely to end well for him

You're going to have more "refugees" now. How that make you feel? Tired of being cucked yet?

A cheeky public beheading

fpbp as usual

i hope we get HD video

also dont forget 60fps on that

This guy is a brave hero.. That is all.

He'll just find something else to durka durka over.


A cheeky choppie?

so he can get into yours kek

cage lit on fire for lulz

>Why do atheists act outspoken and preachy

>Guy comes out as Atheist in Saudi Arabia

>Everybody jokes about how he's dead

Really electrifies my neurons.

leaving for germoney

trips of bad fortune

but this being in saudi arabia you know that it will happen

the punishment for this in the koran is death

Audibly kek'd

Wow, give refuge status to that brave man.

No, only muslims can be refugees.