What is the motive under socialism?


These guys seem to have a solid answer don't you think?

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love of your fellow man

which is impossible when your country is filled to the brim with niggers and spics and kikes who use their every breath to dismantle the country your ancestors built

natsoc is only soc

That sounds very complicated for a society with no hierarchy to accomplish. You'll probably end up having to wait 10 years for a car or something like that.

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In a genetically homogeneous society the motive is to help propagate your society who is genetically similar to you, your extended family. This is natural. Communist ideology wants to abolish the family, the tribe and the nation.

So literally the USSR

Nepotism would grantee that only a selected few and their friends would get those "beachfront houses" and than we're basically in the 1950s soviet era again

Except even worse, because at least the USSR could force you to work, whereas these guys only start working when they get around to it.


So you end up with people only working when they are feeling it. Sounds like needing to get out of bed in the early morning but you don't want to so you just say: " gawd, fine...". Lazy people only like these societies.

Idk goys, my single word answer would be Guilt
Indoctrinated into feeling obligated to help each other and share miseries.

labor camps


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>trophies and time shares

Even their scientific hypotheticals are beta

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1) Fear
2) Hunger

>What is the motive under socialism?
Not getting your brains blown up by your friendly neighborhood commissar is enough of a motive, no?

Yeah, one thing I've noticed with socialists on these boards is a desperate hope for less work in the future. Take, for example how they treat automation. Let's say everyone in the future is working a standard 8 hour working day. Then, automation comes which allows one person to accomplish the same amount of work in an 1/8th of the time.

Socialists tend to view this as a chance to only work 1 hour a day for the rest of their lives, whereas capitalists and fascists tend to view this as a chance to get incredible amounts of work done, leading to massive amounts of wealth and growth in society, allowing us to do things we've never done before.

Another thing is the socialists odd concern with "wastes". They think that every toilet paper roll, every phone, and every car ought to be used by someone, nothing can get thrown away. Of course, the problem with this approach is that the only way to not overproduce would be to only start producing the item when someone requests it, thus leading to incredibly long wait times for even the most basic of necessities. All because they seem to be convinced that we are all going to run out of resources soon (despite all evidence pointing to the contrary).

So basically, it's capitalism under a barter system instead of with, you know, capital.

We did that before, back when we didn't have, you know, capital.

It didn't work nearly as well, because capital is fine-grained and flows easily whereas barter doesn't. Capital also creates incentives barter doesn't--it's both a carrot and a stick.

But under the barter-socialism described, what do you do when "housing upgrade rights" etc. don't incite workers to meet planned productivity goals?

Fucking stupid anti-capitalist socialist morons...

Buddy, if you think "guilt" is going to convince me to work for some socialist ideal despite getting the same rewards either way, you've got another thing coming. Who cares if people think poorly of me, it's not like I want to live in your socialist society anyway, I'll just become a parasitical NEET.

Yeah, you know how Nazis blame "the Jews" on literally everything that goes wrong with society? Well, commies are the same way, just replace Jews with bourgeois (and this is coming from a fascist).

>All because they seem to be convinced that we are all going to run out of resources soon
Classic Marxism USSR included run with opposite motto.