Pepe is a symbol of a revolution

>pepe is a symbol of a revolution
What a fucking faggot

Sargon is the best debater on YT, have more respect!

Surprised he has a kid

Already had my rake in hand as I clicked this thread. Wtf is it with leafs? Why are they such cock-juggling faglords?

He makes some good videos sometimes.

He is really shit at debate.


We got it from you

He actually got someone pregnant?


Nope, kid is from the wife's first partner (notice how it's not marriage?)

Dating a single mother is pure masochism. I feel sorry for him.


Real talk: do you guys like him?

Nope, he's eloquent I'll give him that.

One of the few leftists who hasn't lost his mind.

>muh british accent is eloquent
No. He's a blubbering leftie repeating leftie points such as muh welfare, knowing damn well the consequences of it.

>Sargon of Acuck

>muh british accent is eloquent
If it isn't a monotone it's eloquent for a kiwi.

Racemixed sarcuck of mywifesson has no education and job but he still makes videos about reading dumb articles and then yelling over them.
Wonderful performance, such post-gamergate youtube eceleb.
Sperging over sjw's patreon accounts, while taking patreon cash.
B-bls gib monne!

Pretty sure he gets a fuck tonne from doing those videos. So not really no job.

a country who didnt fight for its existence doesnt know a thing about revolutions.
you are good at other things. so shut up and watch


His job is like literally an E-beggar, that will do an awkward performance if you drop a coin.

>a country who didnt fight for its existence doesnt know a thing about revolutions.
>Was colonized by the French.

So you don't know anything about revolutions?


Yeah, he and all those other youtube personalities are fairly intolerable.

>What is the beta-uprising
>What is trumpism
Yeah, no revolution..

>my partner's son
just doesn't sound as good.

>welware is inherantly bad

>It's another divide and conquer thread
Will Sup Forums ever stop playing into the Jews hands?

Would still be wife's son Pierre.

It means he's taken on her bastard (she not being married to the previous guy).

Ah, I misread it. I thought the daddy was bitch's ex-husband and Sargon is just her partner now.

>another thread about this cuck

No worries mate.

Welcome to nu/pol/

And the bust of some old sumerian king will always remain a symbol of a guy that's raising his wife's son.

>implying he's wrong

Thanks for your input, Sharty McFarty.

You watch Jewtube too you a faggot too.

*sucks a bbc(big brown cigar)*
>pepe is a symbol of a revolution

wow, everything sargon ever said is now revoked

and? is there something wrong with being a faggot? ;)


>Quadroon of Mossad

How's the dole line at centrelink lookin these days?

I hate Sargon of Akkad so fucking much

>I'm a leftist, but I'm a cool one guys because feminists suck! Hail Trump but remember I'm not a conservative! Feminists guys!! Am I right??

How many times can you say feminists are retarded and The Young Turks are cunts and end up with half a million subs?

Sod off

Good that you agree

He'd only be a cuck is the step child was spawned from a relationship were he was cheated on

Catch rats on Sup Forums here

He's okay I guess


going for the low hanging fruit -antiSJW rhetoric can only get you so far.

also he is dating a single mother.
i put him in the same group i put the amazing atheist it.

average modern male.

Not true

Pompous accent, not too smart or original

Badass Ancient warlord name.



I like him, didn't really care much for politics or the election until i started watching him. He was like a jumping off point for me, and i still watch him whenever he uploads anything.

the fuck. Is this real?