Is she autistic? She shows some sign of autism imo

Is she autistic? She shows some sign of autism imo

he does too

No. Spend more time looking at people and recognizing them, and you see something else.

Pure dumb.

She's just simple minded. Probably happy too

I think she is very cute ^.^

>everyone is autistic

Why are people so retarded? None of them are autistic, not even Barron.

kill yourself beta cuck



I thought she would be cool, but she's a complete airhead.
Trump's other kids are smart and you can see all sorts of great interviews with them, and follow them on twitter.
With Ivanka there's just nothing there. It's just ''muh children'' and ''check out these 10 tips on how to hire better! :DD''
Just goes to show that sex is not a social construct. She was raised just like the guys.

>tfw you will never be alpha enough to have a hot daughter and have her look at you like that even as an adult

You will never have a daughter. Period.

Please dont say that. I will have beautiful children!

His children will probably be ugly. He doesn't have superior scandinavian genes we do.

Neither does Trump or Melania.
Ivanka is a mix of Germanic and Slavic genes.


Choose one

I was of the impression that she had a rather high IQ and was in the habit (or following someone's advice/instruction), of "hiding her power level", an expression that to the best of knowledge is a Sup Forumsism that somehow unfortunately relates to videogames. All that bullshit having been said, you really think she's "simple minded"?



>Is she autistic? She shows some sign of autism imo

Go home Rosie, you're drunk.

And ugly

Is OP a faggot? He shows some sign of sucking digg imo.

She probably does have a high IQ, however unless you subscribe to the IQ meme then you'll know it's mostly meaningless

this, digits confirm

Kutt ut, vær så snill.

I mean

If we DON'T go by general intelligence as it can be measured by IQ, there is really no other metric I can think of where you can say that Ivanka is dumb or unaccomplished


it's a joke. like all the hitler and racial realism posting. imbecile.

Kek has spoken?

*sugging intensifies*

tfw no autistic QT gf

It's a spectrum. Autism is from 0-100. Wiing to bet most people aren't at zero.


Just reply to the post you sperg
No need to screenshot it

>Be American
>Get vaccinated
>Gain autism
>Get shot

Maybe Donald is out for revenge after not wanting to be part of the pedo cult elite lead by the CIA so they handicapped his offspring which has doomed them in the end since they're going to be dismantled soon.

it's worse than relating to video games, it relates to dragon ball Z (same as it's over 9000)